Wegobuy: how it works and reviews (2022)

For some years AliExpress has become the reference market to buy in China, but even so, there are things that ca n’t be found on this chopine, specially replica .
That is why more and more people are turning to the chinese version of AliExpress, Taobao, where prices are even lower and the assortment is even greater. But Taobao has a drawback : it is a taiwanese resident-oriented site, so it only ships to postal addresses in China .
The solution to this obstacle are mediator agents, which are nothing more than chinese companies that receive the ordain for you and forward it to your nation .
The most democratic agent is Wegobuy, so today we will analyze if this reputation is absolve : we will see if it is worth buying on Taobao through Wegobuy and what are the costs and differences with other agents.

How to get started: to start using Wegobuy, suction stop here and file .

Why to buy on Taobao through Wegobuy

The prices on Taobao are much lower than on AliExpress, and that makes it identical interest. But, as we said, you ca n’t buy on this site from abroad .

That ‘s where Wegobuy comes in, acting as an mediator in your purchases from Taobao and Tmall .
This serve besides stores your packages for up to 180 days, and this is very utilitarian for those who buy without hurry : a coarse practice is to accumulate packages in Wegobuy and then holy order them all at once, to pay alone for one dispatch .
The chief difference with other agents and Wegobuy is that Wegobuy is registered in the IOSS system and it is easier to pay VAT for european buyers : in purchases of less than €150 the packages will arrive immediately to your home, without having to deal with customs .

How to buy in Wegobuy

The foremost step is to enter the Wegobuy home page. At the top of the page, you can set the language and currency in which the page appears. then you will register as in any other web site .

Search for products

There are two ways to buy. The easiest is to use the search engine by adding keywords : the consequence will show you the Tmall or Taobao products that match your request. note that all interaction with the page is in English, even in searches .
Another choice is to go to the Taobao or Tmall pages and search for the merchandise you are concern in. then, imitate and paste the radio link into the Wegobuy search engine. The platform itself will show you the intersection with all the details : size, colors, specifications…

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Extra services in the shopping cart

When you have chosen all the details of the merchandise you want to buy, you will add it to your basket. You can add several products and pay at the conclusion .
Before paying, you will have to add the nation to which the order is delivered and you can request extra services to the Wegobuy agentive role, for model :

  • Detailed photos: request more detailed photos to the seller. This service has a small extra cost of 2¥ Chinese yuan (about 30 cents).
  • Message to seller: send a message with your request to the seller. This is for example to request that they send you more details of the sizing chart or any details that are not clear in the product description.
  • Fast order process: if you need your order to be processed expressly, with this option it will be handled in 1 hour for only 5¥ Chinese yuan (just under one US dollar).

then all you have to do is pay. In a few days the agent will receive the packageand it will show up equally received in your profile .

Requesting shipment

once the Wegobuy agent receives your order, they will send you 5 photos of the product they have received. If the product you see in the photograph does not match what you are looking for, you can request that the agent returns them to the seller .
When you decide to request that the agent sends your purchase to your nation, you have to go to the “ Warehouse ” section. You will be able to select several items and send them together ( remember that they can store your leverage for up to 180 days ) .
then Wegobuy will give you the choice between different transportation companies. The most used and reliable are EMS, EUB and SAL. You will have to select the different shipping options and pay VAT via IOSS if you ‘re shipping to Europe .

Wegobuy’s review: is it legit?

If you want to know in more detail how this agent works and how its services are, let ‘s analyze it degree by point .

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ( excellent )
Wegobuy does not apply handling fees to the products you buy : they make money with the extra services and shipping. The monetary value you see on Taobao will be the like price you will pay for the product .
Although you will not be able to see the price of shipping to your area until it is in breed, you can make an estimate of costs by clicking on this associate .

Wegobuy ‘s ship prices are a bit more expensive than other agents. But, since you can pay the VAT directly earlier shipping to your country thanks to their IOSS arrangement, the belittled extra cost is more than compensated .

Product information

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ( authorize )
possibly one of the weakest points is the information. There is a lot of information that does appear on Taobao or Tmall that is lost when you see the product on Wegobuy. This is something park in most broke sites .
That ‘s why we recommend you to look at the merchandise sheet on the source page. If you use google Chrome browser you can translate the page to your language and get more detailed information .

Payment methods

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ( excellent )
When it comes to managing the payment, you will have different options. One of the best options is to pay with PayPal, since you will have a greater guarantee of safety on your buy .
You can besides pay by citation batting order, although last when you use this option, you will besides be redirected to PayPal payment ( but as a node, so you can pay without having an account ) .

In some products you will not be able to pay with PayPal, and in that font, you will be able to pay with card or use yuan balance. To recharge balance, you can go to your exploiter profile and load balance in yuan by clicking on your available balance .


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ( remarkable )
Wegobuy offers a diverseness of shipping methods to your nation. The most recommend are EUB, SAL or EMS, but we normally look at the burden when choose :

  • For packages weighing about 2 kg, the best is GD-EUB because it is a system that offers a good price and a shipment in a tight time.
  • For shipments of more than 5 kg, we recommend you to use the GD-SAL system because it’s cheaper.
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Another interesting point is that Wegobuy offers respective extra services when sending the box, such as removing the labels from the clothes, removing the product box, protecting the cargo with wrapping formative or bags, vacuum packing…


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ ( passed )
Wegobuy guarantees a detailed inspection of the product, to treat the software with care and minimize software loss .
But keep in take care that once you order the dispatch from Wegobuy to your home, returns are a rather cumbersome thing, so it is important to make certain advance that what you are buying has the desired quality .
To do this, you can ask Wegobuy for supernumerary photos of the merchandise received, or before that, when buying on Taobao, you can send a message to the seller asking for more information .
If you are not satisfied with what arrives at the agent ‘s warehouse, you can ask them to return the software to Taobao or Tmall .

Customer service

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ( excellent )
This chopine is the most popular in its industry chiefly because of its good customer service. It besides pushes sellers to ship on time and sends you photos of the product when it is received in the warehouse. You can contact Wegobuy by clicking here .
Wegobuy customer service is active 7 days a workweek from 9am to 6pm UTC +8 .
You can besides contact Wegobuy via e-mail. It is best to add as many details as potential, such as the rate number, so they will reply with all the data .

Conclusion: is it worth it?

Wegobuy is decidedly a great option if you need an agentive role to buy on Taobao. You will be able to get unique products, and being able to pay VAT through IOSS is a great advantage.

even therefore, it is significant to keep in mind that the guarantees may not be the best, particularly if you are going to buy technology products, and that shipping can end up being angstrom expensive as the club itself, so you have to do the mathematics before buying to decide if it is worth it .
And, of course, before buying remember to double check if you ‘re satisfied with the merchandise and if it is compatible with your state .
file in Wegobuy

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