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The Wavenet Training Room Addition at HGTC is nestled in what was a large outside breezeway in the middle of the admissions + auditorium construction on campus .
The presidency at HGTC had the adopt criteria : they wanted the summation to keep within the like linguistic process as the existing build and not to appear as an addition ; they wanted it to have an “ inaugural depression ” appeal for prospective students ; they wanted a level of transparency from one court to the other ; they needed the space to be very flexible and affair as a multi-use space ; and they wanted it to have more energy and interest than their typical spaces .
The basal design concept was to very focus on association between at heart and external. The solution was to create two opposing glass facades, which blur the limit between inside and exterior. The two glass facades provide transparency and ocular joining between the two courtyards on either side of the addition. To further reinforce the connection, the existing outside build up façade is used as the modern department of the interior wall creating a continuous brick plane from outside to interior.

The outside of the accession takes cues from the existing build up to allow the addition to blend within its context. Brick to match the existing build was used for the solid facades and treatment of fenestrations mimics the existing openings. To accentuate the quad as a “ first gear impression ” entrance point for the college, blue cove fall is used to accent the transom charge of the glaze. furthermore, a wide wall graphic with the college ’ sulfur branding picture can be seen through the glass at all times.

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The primary function of the space is a big aim center. however, it is besides a multi-use space, which can be configured in respective ways for many types of functions. When needed, the space is divided with translucent, movable panels. The design of the quad is set up on a grid, reflected on two planes, to demarcate circulation and activity areas. The grid is articulated with a change in floor design and a serial of floating ceilings. The grid sets up a datum for intuitive means of reconfiguring the space. The “ evacuate ” areas demarcate circulation, and “ positive ” areas demarcate activeness areas .
The department of the interior invention of the space is visionary in its use of material, color and alight. To far reinforce the power system language of the quad, cherry wood ceiling panels are used and are mimicked below on the floor horizontal surface with solid and patterned carpet tiles. A monochromatic use of blue is used to accent the outer space. Blue is used in the carpet, partition panels, furniture, and cove ignite. The lighting is very versatile for the diverse functions and drug user controllability integrating dimmable linear lighting, can downlights, and ambient blue stress fall .

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