Learning Exchange

Learning Exchange

What is the VU Learning Exchange?

A collaborative attempt among the Vanderbilt Student Government Academic Affairs Committee, the Office of Faculty Affairs in the Office of the Provost, the Center for Teaching and academic departments across campus, the Learning Exchange seeks to offer current undergraduate students extra tools to improve their command of course material and allow them to make more inform decisions when choose courses .
The VU Learning Exchange began a navigate program in October 2020 with popular introductory and test-heavy undergraduate courses in Biological Sciences and Physics. This pilot program has garnered a lot of interest and support with over 2000 students presently enrolled in the Brightspace page. As we move forward, we hope to strengthen and expand the program to include a wider image of courses and relevant course material.

We would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for those faculty members involved in this work in order to make this singular program possible .

How to access the VU Learning Exchange

To maintain allow control over the distribution of this material, students should individually access material through their personal Brightspace accounts. To access the Brightspace foliate, both students and staff must self-enroll into the course .
Details about the registration process can be found below or on the Faculty Gateway page under Teaching and Learning .
1.Navigate to the Brightspace home page
2.In the navigation bar along the top of the page, blue-ribbon “ Self Registration ”
3.Find the course titled Vanderbilt University Learning Exchange in the list and snap on the naturally entitle
4.Select the “ Register ” clitoris to begin the registration process
5.Your information will be automatically populated in the registration phase. then blue-ribbon “ Submit ”
6.Select “ Finish ” to complete the process
once you have completed these steps, you will have access to this naturally from the Brightspace home page via the Self-Enroll Courses tab .
Visit the Vanderbilt Brightspace Support web site for more data : hypertext transfer protocol : //shayski.com/brightspace /

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How can faculty members submit materials to the VU Learning Exchange?

Given a faculty penis ’ s intellectual property rights in course materials, the VU Learning Exchange can entirely accept material submitted by faculty members. staff who choose to submit materials to the VU Learning Exchange agree that current Vanderbilt students may use the Learning Exchange materials for academic study, to make informed decisions when choose courses, and to prepare for examinations .
Details about how to submit materials to the VU Learning Exchange can be found below or on the Faculty Gateway page under Teaching and Learning .
1.Make certain exams are saved as pdf files. Documents should be by rights titled with faculty extremity ’ mho last name, examination year, and course count ( e.g. Last_2020_OFA1000 ) .
2.Send examination files to Ransford Pinto, Office of Faculty Affairs Graduate Assistant at ransford.pinto @ vanderbilt.edu.

3.Exams will be uploaded to the VU Learning Exchange Brightspace page within 48 hours of submission. All exams will include a covering page with important information about the run and scholar honor code .
4.To position exams on Brightspace, staff must self-enroll on the VU Learning Exchange class foliate .
Contact Ransford Pinto, Assistant Director for Graduate Programs at ransford.pinto @ vanderbilt.edu for extra questions or concerns .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intellectual Property Rights

What is included as a faculty member’s intellectual property rights?
A staff member ’ s cerebral property rights in course materials includes, but is not limited to the postdate : exams, outlines, notes, and PowerPoint slides, to the extent they do not contain materials copyrighted by a third party .
As a faculty member, can I prohibit students’ use of the VU Learning Exchange?
Yes. faculty have the right to prohibit students ’ manipulation of the VU Learning Exchange for particular courses. faculty members should declare in the course of study or other course and/or grant instructions that students should not use any materials in the Learning Exchange for their classify .
How are my course materials protected?
Students can only entree submitted class material by self-enrolling into Vanderbilt ’ s Brightspace page. After staff members submit materials, a embrace document is included to provide information about the staff member who submitted the corporeal american samoa well as information about the course and honor code. faculty are encouraged to provide denotative statements about the use of the VU Learning Exchange for their class to alleviate any extra confusion .

University Honor Code

Is it an honor code violation to use the VU Learning Exchange?
No, it is not considered an honor code irreverence to use the VU Learning Exchange. however, you must individually access the fabric through a personal Brightspace account .
Can I share VU Learning Exchange material with my peers at Vanderbilt or at another institution?
No. It is considered student misbehave to share or communicate VU Learning Exchange materials to others ( within or outside the Vanderbilt community ) verbally or in writing through early platforms, including, but not specify to, sociable media, electronic mail, text, direct message, etc .
My professor won’t let me use the VU Learning Exchange for their course. Can they do that?


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Yes. If a staff member declares in the course of study or other course/assignment instructions that students should not use any materials in the Learning Exchange for their class, students must adhere to that particular course policy and any unauthorized use of the VU Learning Exchange would potentially violate the Honor Code .
If I’m currently enrolled in the course, can I share that information with others?
If the student is presently enrolled in a relevant course, and improperly shares VU Learning Exchange materials with others, it is an Honor Code misdemeanor. If the scholar is not enrolled in a relevant course, it is misbehave that will be addressed by the Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity .

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