VentraIP Reviews 2022 – Why There Are so Mixed Reviews

Fantastic Security Features and a Solid Backup Plan

Let ’ s startle with the basic options : VentraIP ’ south shared host is split into three plans : Starter, Freedom, and Premier. All of these plans are optimised for WordPress if that’s what you’re into, but you ’ re by no means limited to WordPress .
CPU and RAM decidedly “ RAMp up ” ( deplorable ) from the Starter plan ’ s 2GB of RAM, to the Premier plan ’ s 6GB of RAM, and three-times more CPU world power compared to the basic plan. This makes sense, and is like to the way some of the big-name hosts around the global do it. Hostinger does this, for exemplar, but Hostinger admittedly has a much wider choice of plans to choose from .
In terms of bandwidth , VentraIP and Crazy Domains  are the only Australian hosts I tested that offered unlimited traffic on all shared hosting plans. You besides get unlimited databases on all plans ( MariaDB rather than MySQL – it won ’ t make any dispute for most people ) .
The Weebly website builder is available on all host plans, but not good publicised. Just use the one-click installer in the control panel ( cPanel, specifically ) to add it to your hosting account if you need it.

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Reading: VentraIP Reviews 2022 – Why There Are so Mixed Reviews

VentraIP's payment plans
I try to look for missing features so you know what you’re not  getting, as well as what you are  getting. Honestly ? There international relations and security network ’ metric ton much missing .
well, there ’ s no CDN ( Content Delivery Network ), which can help to speed up page load times around the world. That doesn ’ t have to stop you from choosing VentraIP, though. You can sign up for your own bill on a CDN military service like Cloudflare to get the same functionality .
now for some well newsworthiness : VentraIP uses LiteSpeed – one of the most advance network waiter technologies out there. For the average consumer, you just need to know that your site will be fast. For the semi-nerds, LiteSpeed is ( about ) a drop-in successor for the Apache world wide web server, focused on performance .
VentraIP also offers free migration from your old host. Migration is handled by VentraIP ’ s support team .
The hosting geek in me is excited, and there ’ mho more good still to come.

Hourly Backups

VentraIP takes hourly backups of your site automatically using Acronis Backup. My benchmark for backing is Relentless Hosting, because it takes daily backups. sol having an hourly accompaniment feature makes me reasonably happy. It ’ randomness that happiness you get when a ship’s company does something that ’ s a bit bore, but besides amazingly useful .
In addition, VentraIP ’ s backup tool ( called Acronis ) makes it in truth slowly to restore individual files. As you can see from my backing below, you don ’ t have to restore the whole set .
The Acronis backup tool

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Free SSL

More good news, folks: VentraIP offers a free SSL certificate on all plans.
SSL secures your web site by encrypting data sent to and from the server, and you get that little padlock in the URL bar. It gives your customers privacy and peace of mind. Google ’ s been on a mission to encourage every site to move to SSL in the last copulate of years, so I find it bizarre that some hosts don ’ t provide free SSL as standard. Well done, VentraIP, for bucking this tendency .
And there ’ randomness more to love. The free SSL certificate is added to your site automatically. This sure beats the hassle of messing around with upload and renewing certificates.

You don ’ metric ton even need to dip into cPanel to set it up .
VentraIP's SSL settings page


ModSecurity is a security add-on for a web server that hardens it against hacking attempts. many hosts offer security services in the background, but it ’ randomness unusual to have a way of managing it yourself in the dominance jury .
I very like that VentraIP lets you see how ModSecurity is protecting your web site. In the screenshot below, you can see how the software displays late activeness. It has blocked a malicious login, which is great. I ’ molarity less happy that people are already trying to maliciously log in, though, but what can you do ? This is the internet .
The ModSecurity overview

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