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In light of a holocene robbery during the sale of an detail arranged over social media, Regina ‘s top hook is reminding people to use caution when organizing meet-ups with strangers. Earlier this workweek patrol were called to a residency on the 1200 barricade of Retallack Street, where a world was robbed at point and sprayed with bear mace. The location was agreed upon over social media beforehand to conduct the sale of an item. An 18-year-old woman was charged in connection to the incident, while police said they were still searching for the world believed to be creditworthy for holding the victim at point.

Regina Police Service foreman Evan Bray reminded people to be cautious when organizing meet-ups with people over social media. “ We much do customer military service messaging to remind people they have to be careful, ” Bray said. “ Do n’t arrange for a meet to do some sort of a transaction in a situation that you would n’t be comfortable to do. ”

Marketplace safe zones

Cities like Edmonton, Winnipeg and Brampton, Ont. have created social media marketplace meet-up areas, featuring television cameras and designated parking spaces in front of respective police stations. Bray said he was not function of any discussions with officers to establish such an area in Regina even. “ We do n’t want to have the VarageSale signs set up on the presence lawn of the patrol military service, ” Bray said.

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“ I know that ‘s not what you ‘re suggesting, possibly there is some shape to be done there. ”

Safety precautions

VarageSale’s locate lists respective safety precautions buyers and sellers should take before and during a meetup. Among the recommendations, the locate recommends prospective buyers get to know who they ‘re meeting by examining their profile, which is connected to Facebook for confirmation. Buyers and sellers are encouraged to meet in populace locations. The web site ‘s locally-based admins ensure users who join communities actually live in or are willing to travel to that city. Where possible, users are asked to use safe zones established by patrol. “ safe zones are a capital option if you ‘re doing a high-value transplant, are meeting person at night, have young kids with you, or if you just want to feel extra dependable, ” the web site said.

When meet in public is n’t possible, people are asked to consider bringing along a ally or touch outside homes or apartment buildings preferably than setting foot inside. interim, Facebook Marketplace recommends buyers and sellers plan accordingly to stay dependable by telling a friend or syndicate extremity the meet location ahead of time. People are besides encouraged by Facebook to bring a charged cell call along for any meet-ups .

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