USC Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

not only is the University of South Carolina one of the best institutions to attend in California, but it is besides an stimulate place to immerse oneself in the quintessential college know .
Students with a passion for culture, outdoor activities, and diversity will never get bored in Los Angeles, where USC is situated .
The Expo Line is the Los Angeles Metro Rail System and connects the educate to assorted parts of LA, including the Getty Museum ( which houses a brilliant collection of art, sculptures, and gardens ) and the Santa Monica Pier ( a miniature amusement park lined with boutiques, restaurants, and ideal people-watching ) .
While LA may be known for its star-studded sidewalks, deluxe clothing brands, and upscale restaurants, there are plenty of accessible and low-cost options for those living on a student budget.

regular offerings include release yoga classes, pop fly artwork galleries in the city plaza, and entrance to Griffith Observatory .
many students choose the University of Southern California because of the many opportunities available to students – from scholarships and study-abroad excursions to honors programs, research facilities, and high-performing acrobatic teams, there ’ s something at USC for a diverse range of students .
Is USC the best invest to transfer ? The answer depends largely on the program a student is interest in and their academic track commemorate .
Moving forward, we ’ ll review the transfer acceptance rate at USC, the materials required for transmit applications, identify deadlines in the application process, and other programs and opportunities that will pull in the ideal USC Trojan .

USC Transfer Acceptance Rate

For the fall semester of the 2021-2022 school class, the University of Southern California admitted 22.1 % of transfer applicants – that ’ s 2,208 out of 9,988 hopefuls .
From the pond of admit transfer applicants, 1,353 enrolled at USC, amounting to a give of 61.3 %
The huge majority ( 74 % ) of transportation students come from California residential district colleges, University of California schools, California State University, or other California independent schools, with Santa Monica College and Pasadena City College topping the list of most represented mail institutions .
That being said, students transferred from over 330 schools in the 2021-2022 school year, which indicates that it is wholly feasible for an out-of-state scholar to gain admission to USC .
Students applying to USC as transfers may have increased odds of gaining entree to the school compared to freshman applicants, being that USC ’ s freshman student admission pace narrowed to 12 % for the incoming class of 2025 .
This figure is lower than their historical acceptance rates and attributed to a 20 % increase in applications received over the previous year .

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Application Requirements & GPA for USC Transfers

The middle 50 % of accept USC transfer applicants had a movable college GPA between 3.73 and 4.0, making the admissions process competitive for those seeking to attend USC as transfers .
application materials for USC transfers are reasonably standard, including the Common Application, official high school transcripts, and official transcripts from all colleges attended. International applicants must submit english Proficiency Exam results ( if their native language is not english ) .
USC asks transfer applicants to respond to several questions in short-answer format, and there may be other supplementary materials, resumes, portfolios, writing samples, or auditions required, depending on the transportation applicant ’ mho intended major .
All remove applicants must indicate their first choice major on their lotion, knowing that the admissions officers will consider students for open/undecided status or their optional second-choice majors .
It is optional for applicants to submit letters of recommendation ( though some majors may require them ) and, like many post-secondary institutions in the U.S., USC has made it optional for students to submit standardize examination scores as part of their freshman or transfer applications .
According to USC, the most successful transmit applicants demonstrate at least one year of rigorous, full-time coursework with admonitory grades .
competitive applicants enroll in 14-16 credit hours per condition, obtain the equivalent of USC ’ s lower-division write prerequisite ( Writing 130 ), and meet the minimal mathematics necessity by showing command of senior high school school Algebra II or college Intermediate Algebra ( with a grade of C or higher ) .
USC does have an established set of general education requirements, and transfer applicants should show satisfactory progress toward meeting those requirements and performing well in extra lower-division classes required by their desire major .
This is particularly significant for transmit applicants matter to in pursuing degrees in skill, engineer, architecture, alveolar consonant hygiene, or occupation ( as these programs are among the most competitive ) .
Both incoming sophomores and juniors may apply to transfer to USC, and the school does not stipulate a minimum count of transfer units .
however, if the students have obtained fewer than 30 movable credit hours by the end of the leap term, the admissions team will base their decision primarily on the student ’ second high school transcript and SAT/ACT scores ( if submitted ) .
There is a single exception to this policy – the USC School of Cinematic Arts does require that transplant students enter with at least 48 credit hours to participate in the Film and Television Production program .

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USC Transfer Deadline

USC has two separate transplant deadlines based on the programs to which the transfer applicants are applying.

For those seeking entree to the Dance program, all BFA Dramatic Arts programs, all Music programs, the Iovine and Young Academy, and some cinematic Arts programs, the deadline for submission of lotion materials is December 1 .
The transportation deadline for all remaining programs ( or students declaring their majors as open/undecided ) is February 15. Students who submit all want application materials by this deadline will mechanically be considered for USC Merit Scholarships .
For those seeking fiscal aid from USC, the deadline to submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile is March 2 .

What is the Decision Date for USC Transfers?

All transfer applicants who have submitted their dispatch applications by the allow deadline and responded promptly to extra requests for information will receive either ( a ) their decision announcement, or ( bacillus ) a request for spring term grades, by May 31. Notifications of scholarship awards are besides typically sent by this date .

Deciding Whether You Should Transfer to USC

U.S. News ranks USC as one of the top 30 universities in the nation, while the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education list it at # 19 .
Compared to early institutions in California, USC is one knocked out of three ( and the alone populace institution ) to be included in the top 20 .
Students who desire inquiry opportunities will find an abundance of programs at USC, which is recognized among the exceed ten universities providing federally supported research .
The Dornsife College Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship ( SURF ) grants full-time inquiry in any area of study in respective locations across the nation and world, supported by USC faculty members .
The Gateway Scholars Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, is another choice that assists low-income, first-generation USC students and underrepresented minorities in leading autonomous research pursuits .
First-generation college students may find USC as a feasible option, being that the phone number of students who are foremost in their families to attend USC has continued to rise ( 23 % of the most recent incoming class ) and the initiation disburses over $ 640 million in scholarships and help, per annum .
Without a doubt, USC is a fantastic option for students interested in the arts, technology, and external business – programs for which the school is globally recognized .
USC houses six distinct art schools ranging from focuses in computer architecture and design to music, dance, and cinematic arts .
The USC Thornton School of Music regularly sits at the top of the tilt of the United States ’ best music schools and conservatories .
The Viterbi School of Engineering offers 15 unlike minors and specializations in technology to choose from – their Information Technology Program just finished developing a course of study that offers modern courses in advance gull, crippled scheduling, and cyber security .
The World Bachelor in Business is an incredibly unique program where 45 students from each cohort will earn three separate degrees : a B.S. in Business Administration from USC, a B.B.A. in World Business from Hong Kong University, and a B.S. in business from Bocconi in Milan, Italy .
While there is no extraneous language necessity to apply, students will need to pass Mandarin and italian speech classes to graduate .

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RECAP: How to Apply As a Transfer Student to USC

Applying to transfer to USC is a aboveboard work. matter to and eligible applicants should submit their Common Application, high school and college transcripts, and short-answer essay responses .
additionally, applicants should check to see if there are auxiliary materials they should send, based on the program to which they ’ ra practice .
such materials could include audition tapes, resumes, portfolios, or writing samples .
If a non-native english speaker is applying for transplant entrance fee, they will besides need to submit results from an english Proficiency Exam .
optional application materials include letters of recommendation and standardize test scores .
If a transportation scholar believes that these artifacts will provide a stronger, more complete photograph of their ability to thrive at USC ’ randomness campus, submitting them is probably a good estimate ; otherwise, refraining from submitting them will not hurt a transfer applicant ’ randomness chances.

As always, transfer applicants should keep in mind to maintain their high grades at their current institution while awaiting an admission decisiveness from USC .
While USC does not mention a college report or mid-term report as character of the application action, it is constantly potential that the school may request such materials .

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