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This article is about the university in Florida. For the university in Ohio, see Miami University
The University of Miami ( informally referred to as UM, Miami, U of M, UMiami and The U ) [ 8 ] [ 9 ] is a secret research university in Coral Gables, Florida. As of 2020, the university enrolled 17,811 students [ 3 ] in 12 colleges and schools across about 350 academic majors and programs, including the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine in Miami ‘s Health District, the police school on the independent campus, and the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science on Virginia Key with research facilities in southerly Miami-Dade County. [ 10 ]

The University of Miami offers 138 undergraduate, 140 master ‘s, and 67 doctoral academic degree programs. [ 3 ] Since its establish in 1925, the university has attracted students from all 50 states and closely 150 foreign countries. [ 11 ] With 16,479 faculty and staff as of 2021, the University of Miami is the third largest employer in Miami-Dade County, the most populous county in Florida and seventh most populous county in the nation. [ 12 ] The university ‘s chief campus in Coral Gables spans 240 acres ( 0.97 km2 ), has over 5,700,000 square feet ( 530,000 m2 ) square feet of buildings, and is 7 miles ( 11 kilometer ) south of downtown Miami. The University of Miami is classified among “ doctoral Universities : very high research Activity ”. [ 13 ] The University of Miami ‘s inquiry expenditures in 2021 were $ 375 million, making it the 71st largest research university in the state. [ 3 ] The university ‘s library system ranks among the crown 50 research libraries in North America and holds over four million volumes and exceptional holdings in Cuban inheritance and music. [ 14 ] [ 15 ] The University of Miami ‘s intercollegiate athletic teams are jointly known as the Miami Hurricanes and compete in Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. [ 16 ] The University of Miami ‘s football team has won five national championships since 1983 [ 17 ] and its baseball team has won four national championships since 1982 .

history [edit ]

[18] on the University of Miami campus, March 2020 The iconic U statue, which stands closely seven feet high and weighs about 1,000 pounds, on the University of Miami campus, March 2020 The independent gate capture to the University of Miami campus, May 2022

leadership [edit ]

Bowman Foster Ashe ( 1926 to 1952 ) [edit ]

In 1925, the University of Miami was chartered by a group of citizens who sought to offer “ unique opportunities to develop inter-American studies, foster creative work in the arts and letters, and demeanor teaching and research programs in tropical studies ”. [ 20 ] They believed that a local university would benefit the Miami metropolitan sphere and were affirmative that the university would be a benefactive role of future fiscal support, largely because South Florida was experiencing its now historic state boom of the 1920s. [ 20 ] During this earned run average of Jim Crow laws, there were three boastfully state-funded universities in Florida for white males, white females, and black coeds ( the University of Florida in Gainesville and Florida State University and Florida A & M University, both in Tallahassee ). Like most private universities of the time, the University of Miami was founded as a co-ed institution but not yet open to Black students. The university began in earnest in 1925 when George E. Merrick, the laminitis of Coral Gables, granted 160 acres ( 0.6 km2 ) and about $ 5 million [ 21 ] ( $ 77.3 million, adjusted for current inflation ) for the university ‘s establish. [ 22 ] These contributions were land contracts and mortgages on actual estate that had been sold in the city. [ 23 ] The university was chartered on April 8, 1925 [ 24 ] by the Circuit Court for Dade County. [ 25 ] But by the descend of 1926, when the beginning classify of 372 students enrolled at the newfangled university, [ 26 ] the land boom had collapsed and hopes for a rapid recovery were dashed farther by a major hurricane. [ 27 ] For the following 15 years, the university struggled to remain solution. The beginning build on campus, now known as the Merrick Building, was left half built for over two decades due to economic difficulties. [ 27 ] In the interim, classes were held at the nearby Anastasia Hotel in Coral Gables, with partitions separating classrooms, giving the university the early nickname of “ Cardboard College. ” [ 27 ] [ 28 ] [ 29 ] In 1929, the University of Miami ‘s establish member William E. Walsh and other members of the university ‘s board of regents resigned in the wake of the collapse of the Florida economy. The University of Miami ‘s betroth was sol austere that students went door to door in Coral Gables collecting funds to keep it unfold. [ 28 ] A reconstituted ten-member board was chaired by the university ‘s first president Bowman Foster Ashe ( 1926–1952 ) and included Merrick, Theodore Dickinson, E.B. Douglas, David Fairchild, James H. Gilman, Richardson Saunders, Frank B. Shutts, Joseph H. Adams, and J. C. Penney. In 1930, respective staff members and more than 60 students entered the University of Miami when the University of Havana closed due to political agitation in Cuba. [ 27 ] But none of it proved enough, and the university filed for bankruptcy in 1932. [ 27 ] [ 30 ] The University of Miami survived the early agitation, however. In July 1934, the University of Miami was reincorporated and a board of trustees replaced the display panel of regents. By 1940, community leaders were replacing staff and administration as trustees. [ 25 ] During Ashe ‘s presidency, the University of Miami grew well, adding the School of Law ( 1928 ), [ 31 ] the School of Business ( 1929 ), the School of Education ( 1929 ), the Graduate School ( 1941 ), the Marine Laboratory ( 1943, renamed the Rosenstiel School in 1969 ), the School of Engineering ( 1947 ), and the School of Medicine ( 1952 ). [ 27 ] During World War II, the University of Miami was one of 131 colleges and universities nationally that took part in the V-12 Navy College Training Program, which offered students a path to commissioning as a U.S. Navy military officer. [ 32 ]

Jay F. W. Pearson ( 1952 until 1962 ) [edit ]

In 1952, Jay F. W. Pearson, one of Ashe ‘s long-time assistants, was appointed the University of Miami ‘s second president of the united states. [ 33 ] A charter staff penis and a marine biologist by trade, [ 33 ] Pearson retained the military position until 1962. [ 20 ] Under Pearson ‘s leadership, the University of Miami began awarding its first doctor’s degree degrees and saw scholar registration increase substantially to over 4,000. [ 20 ] [ 34 ] From 1961 until 1968, the University of Miami leased buildings on its south campus to serve as the covert headquarter of the Central Intelligence Agency ‘s JMWAVE operation against Fidel Castro ‘s politics in Cuba. [ 35 ] The university no longer owns farming at the south campus. In 1961, the university dropped its policy of racial segregation and began admitting Black students. [ 34 ] [ 36 ] african Americans were besides allowed wide participation in scholar activities and sports teams. [ 37 ] In 1966, the University of Miami signed Ray Bellamy, an african American, to a eruditeness, making the University of Miami the first major college in the Deep South with a Black football musician on scholarship. [ 38 ] historically, as was common at the clock at most universities and colleges, the university regulated female scholar conduct more than men ‘s conduct with a staff under the Dean of Women watching over female students. Under Pearson, the university combined the separate Dean of Men and Dean of Women positions in 1971. [ 39 ] In 1971, the University of Miami formed a Women ‘s Commission, which issued a 1974 report on the status of women on campus. [ 40 ] The consequence was the University of Miami ‘s first female beginning loudspeaker, [ 41 ] day wish, and the launch of a Women ‘s Study minor. Following the enactment of Title IX in 1972 and decades of litigation, University of Miami organizations, including honorary societies, were opened to women ‘s engagement and inclusion. The Women ‘s Commission besides sought more equitable support for women ‘s sports. [ 42 ] In 1973, Terry Williams Munz became the first base woman in the United States awarded an acrobatic scholarship when she accepted a golf scholarship from the University of Miami. [ 43 ]

Henry King Stanford ( 1962 until 1981 ) [edit ]

Henry King Stanford became the University of Miami ‘s third president in 1962. [ 44 ] The Stanford presidency saw increased emphasis on inquiry, reorganization of administrative structure and the construction of new campus facilities. Among the new research centers established were the Center for Advanced International Studies ( 1964 ), the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Evolution ( 1964 ), the Center for Theoretical Studies ( 1965 ), and the Institute for the Study of Aging ( 1975 ). Under Stanford, in 1965, the University of Miami besides began to actively recruit external students. [ 27 ] With the originate of the 1968 football season, Stanford besides barred the play of “ Dixie “ by the university ‘s band. [ 27 ]
In 1981, Edward T. Foote II became the University of Miami ‘s one-fourth president of the united states. [ 45 ] Under Foote ‘s leadership, on-campus student housing was converted into a system of residential colleges [ 46 ] and Foote initiated a five-year $ 400 million fund-raise campaign for the University of Miami that began in 1984 and ultimately raised $ 517.5 million. [ 48 ] Under Foote, the University of Miami ‘s endowment expanded about tenfold under his leadership from $ 47.4 million in 1981 to $ 465.2 million in 2000 .

Donna Shalala ( 2000 until 2015 ) [edit ]

Foote was succeeded by Donna Shalala, who was named the University of Miami ‘s fifth president in November 2000. [ 49 ] Under Shalala, the University of Miami built new libraries, dormitories, symphony rehearsal halls, and classroom buildings. The university ‘s academic quality and the academician choice of its incoming students besides continued improving, a swerve that began in earnest under Foote. [ 50 ] In the early hours of November 5, 2001, an 18-year-old University of Miami fraternity pledge drowned while attempting to swim across Lake Osceola, the campus lake, while intoxicated. Swimming in Lake Osceola, which was already prohibited by the university, was subsequently made punishable by ejection. Police reports late cited the scholar ‘s perilously high blood alcohol message in conjunction with dropping water temperatures and debilitation as the primary factors in his death, and two brotherhood members who accompanied him were criminally charged with “ negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, and gap of duty to aid and/or rescue. ” [ 51 ] [ 51 ] [ 52 ] In 2002, [ 53 ] the University of Miami launched a modern multi-year fund-raise campaign that ultimately raised $ 1.37 billion, [ 54 ] the most money raised by any college in Florida history as of February 8, 2008. [ 55 ] From those proceeds, $ 854 million was allocated to construction of the University of Miami ‘s Leonard M. School of Medicine medical campus. [ 54 ] On November 30, 2007, the University of Miami acquired the Cedars Medical Center in Miami ‘s Health District and renamed it University of Miami Hospital, giving the Miller School of Medicine an in-house teaching hospital rather than having to rely on academic affiliations with area hospitals. [ 56 ] On September 30, 2004, the University of Miami hosted one of the three nationally televised U.S. presidential debates between presidential candidates George W. Bush and John Kerry during the 2004 presidential election. The debate, which was moderated by Jim Lehrer of PBS NewsHour, was held in the University of Miami ‘s Watsco Center and was viewed by 62.5 million people. [ 57 ] In 2005, the University of Miami introduced a sustainability inaugural, called “ green U ” enterprise, which includes LEED authentication for buildings and the consumption of biofuels by the campus bus flit. [ 58 ] On February 28, 2006, the University of Miami ‘s custodial workers, who were contracted to the university by a Boston -based company, alleged unfair parturiency practices, deficient wage, miss of health benefits, and workplace safety and began a strike, which was supported by University of Miami students who began a hunger strike and on-campus watch in support of the workers. The come to was settled on May 1, 2006, with a wag count union vote that led to the constitution of the University of Miami ‘s first collective bargaining whole in the university ‘s history. [ 59 ] [ 60 ] [ 61 ] The university raised wages for its custodial workers from $ 6.40 to $ 8.35 per hour and provided health policy. [ 62 ] In October 2006, the University of Miami established the Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy. [ 63 ] In 2008 and 2009, an economic slowdown led to a 26.8 percentage loss in the university ‘s endowment and an consort reduction in its endowment income, and the university responded by tightening expenditures. [ 64 ] [ 65 ] however, price from the endowment ‘s negative performance was limited because the University of Miami receives more than 98 percentage of its operating budget from other sources. [ 64 ] In 2011, despite the endowment ‘s operation, the University of Miami was ranked the nation ‘s most fiscally-responsible nonprofit organization organization by Worth magazine in a report issued in collaboration with nonprofit organization watchdog Charity Navigator. [ 66 ] In 2010, the university launched the R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program to educate students on the importance of protecting the marine environment. [ 67 ]

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Julio Frenk ( 2015 until present ) [edit ]

On April 13, 2015, the University of Miami announced the appointment of Julio Frenk, the former dean of the Harvard University School of Public Health and former Secretary of Health for the government of Mexico, as the university ‘s one-sixth president. [ 68 ]

campus [edit ]

coral Gables campus [edit ]

Shalala Student Center looking over Lake Osceola on the University of Miami campus, September 2020 Lakeside Village, a University of Miami residential complex of 25 coordinated buildings, with Lake Osceola in the foreground, September 2020 The University of Miami ‘s main campus spans 240 acres ( 0.97 km2 ) [ 69 ] in Coral Gables, 5 miles ( 8.0 kilometer ) south of business district Miami. Most of the University of Miami ‘s academic programs are based on the independent campus in Coral Gables, which houses seven schools and two colleges, including the University of Miami School of Law. The campus has over 5,900,000 sq foot ( 550,000 m2 ) of building space valued in surfeit of $ 657 million. [ 70 ] Lake Osceola, a man-made fresh water lake developed in the late 1940s, is located at the focus on of campus. The University of Miami ‘s campus field is the Jerry Herman Ring Theatre, named for University of Miami alumnus Jerry Herman, composer and lyricist of Hello Dolly!, La Cage aux Folles, and other Broadway theater hits. [ 71 ] The John C. Gifford Arboretum, a campus arboretum and botanic garden, is located on the northwest corner of the main Coral Gables campus. [ 72 ] The Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center at the University of Miami ‘s School of Architecture holds periodic architecture and design exhibitions. [ 73 ] [ 74 ] exile to the Coral Gables campus is served by the Miami Metrorail at University Station. [ 75 ] The Metro connects the University of Miami to downtown Miami, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Civic Center, Miami International Airport, and other Miami neighborhoods. The University of Miami ‘s Coral Gables campus is about a 15-minute coach ride from Downtown and Brickell. [ 76 ] The Hurry ‘Canes shuttle bus service operates two routes on campus ( a well as to University Station ) and weekend routes to respective off-campus stores and facilities during the educate class ; an extra shuttle route provides service to the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science campus on Virginia Key and Vizcaya station. The university besides has a Zipcar service. In 2018, rap artist Drake filmed the music video recording for his song “ God ‘s design “ at the University of Miami. [ 77 ] [ 78 ]

scholar caparison [edit ]

UM residence halls[79] Year built Room capacity
Eaton Residential College 1954 400
Mahoney Residential College 1958 700
Pearson Residential College 1962 700
Hecht Residential College 1968 850
Stanford Residential College 1968 850
University Village 2006 800
Lakeside Village 2020 1,115
Total 5,415

The University of Miami ‘s chief campus in Coral Gables houses 5,415 enroll students. This group is disproportionately freshman ( 89 percentage of new freshmen live on campus compared with 39 percentage of all degree undergraduates ). [ 14 ] The university ‘s on-campus caparison consists of five residential colleges and one apartment-style caparison area available only to undergraduate degree-seeking students. The residential colleges are divided into two dormitory -style residency halls and three suite-style residency halls. The McDonald and Pentland Towers of Hecht Residential College [ 80 ] and the Walsh and Rosborough Towers of Stanford Residential College [ 81 ] are normally referred to as the “ Freshman Towers ”. Eaton Residential College, which primitively housed only women, [ 82 ] and the Mahoney/Pearson Residential Colleges [ 83 ] [ 84 ] have suite-style caparison with every two double-occupancy rooms connected by a shared bathroom. In addition to these five residential colleges, the University of Miami campus besides has a student residential sphere called University Village, [ 85 ] which consists of seven buildings with apartment-style annual abridge caparison with fully furnished kitchen facilities. The University Village is entirely open to juniors and seniors, but was previously candid to graduate students and students of the School of Law until July 31, 2009 ; after this date, there has been no house available for any graduate students on the Coral Gables campus. [ 86 ] [ 87 ] The University of Miami besides has a series of fraternity houses, opposite the intramural fields on San Amaro Drive, dubbed “ Fraternity Row ”. Sororities are housed in on-campus suites, which do not serve as residences to members. The Lakeside Village, a residential complex of 25 complect buildings, provides scholar house for 1,115 sophomores, juniors and seniors. This $ 153 million project was completed in August 2020. [ 88 ]

medical school campus [edit ]

The University of Miami ‘s Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine campus, located on Northwest 10th Avenue in Miami ‘s Health District, trains 1,000 students per annum in versatile health-related programs. [ 90 ] The campus consists of 70 acres ( 280,000 m2 ) within the 153 acres ( 620,000 m2 ) of the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Medical Center complex. The aesculapian center includes three University of Miami-owned hospitals : University of Miami Hospital, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Anne Bates Leach Eye Hospital. Jackson Memorial Hospital, Holtz Children ‘s Hospital, and the Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center are besides a part of the checkup center and are affiliated with the University of Miami but are not owned by the university. [ 91 ] The heart of the School of Medicine campus is “ The Alamo “, the original City of Miami Hospital, which opened in 1918 and now is on the National Register of Historic Places. [ 90 ] [ 92 ] In 2006, the University of Miami opened a 300,000 sq foot ( 28,000 m2 ), 15-story Clinical Research Building and Wellness Center. [ 90 ] In 2007, the university purchased Cedars Medical Center and renamed it University of Miami Hospital. Situated in the Miami Health District, the hospital is close to the Jackson Memorial Hospital, which is used by University of Miami aesculapian students and faculty to provide patient worry. [ 93 ] In 2009, a LEED -certified nine-story biomedical research build, a 182,000 sq foot ( 16,900 m2 ) lab and an office facility were opened to house the University of Miami ‘s Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute and the Miami Institute for Human Genomics. [ 94 ] The University of Miami has completed a 2,000,000 sq foot ( 190,000 m2 ) Life Science Park adjacent to the university ‘s medical campus that houses office outer space and laboratories. [ 95 ] [ 96 ] The University of Miami ‘s aesculapian campus is connected to the university ‘s main campus by the Miami Metrorail with direct stations at University Station for the main Coral Gables campus and Civic Center Station for the medical campus .

Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science campus [edit ]

The University of Miami ‘s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, which comprises 18 acres ( 73,000 m2 ) on the Biscayne Bay waterfront on Virginia Key, is the only subtropical marine and atmospheric research establish in the continental United States. The school is besides home to the earth ‘s largest hurricane simulation tank. [ 97 ] [ 98 ] The Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, a federal inquiry lab, is headquartered future to the Rosenstiel School campus on Rickenbacker Causeway. The school besides maintains a research facility on the eastern end of Barbados, the Rosenstiel School ‘s Barbados Atmospheric Chemistry Observatory ( BACO ), that documents the summer tape drive of Saharan dust particles across the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean Basin and South America. [ 99 ] The school ‘s origins date back to 1945 when construction began on Rickenbacker Causeway to make Virginia Key accessible by cable car. During the Causeway ‘s construction that class, Miami-Dade County offered the university a separate of the island adjacent to Miami Seaquarium in exchange for it agreeing to operate the aquarium. [ 100 ] however, the aquarium construction was delayed when a attachment referendum failed, so the university leased the land in 1951. In 1953, the university built classroom and lab buildings on a 16-acre ( 6.5 hour angle ) campus to family what would become the University of Miami ‘s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science ( RSMAS ). extra buildings were added in 1957, 1959 and 1965. [ 100 ] From 1947 to 1959, the State of Florida funded the University of Miami Marine Lab on Virginia Key until the state built a separate marine testing ground in St. Petersburg. [ 100 ] In 2009, the University of Miami received a $ 15 million federal award to help construct a fresh $ 43.8 million, 56,500 square feet ( 5,250 m2 ) Marine Technology and Life Sciences Seawater Research Building on its Rosenstiel School campus. [ 101 ] As separate of its campus-wide rid shuttle service, the University of Miami operates a road from the chief Coral Gables campus to the Rosenstiel School, which includes stops at the Vizcaya post on weekdays. [ 87 ] [ 102 ]

South and Richmond campuses [edit ]

In 1946, the University of Miami acquired the former Richmond Naval Air Station in southwestern Miami, 12 myocardial infarction ( 19 kilometer ) south of the chief campus in holy order to accommodate the post-war increase in students. The campus was acquired immediately following World War II and provided classrooms, caparison, and early amenities for about 1,100 students ( by and large freshmen ) for two academician years. In 1948, it was repurposed by the University of Miami as a research facility. [ 103 ] In the 1960s, some of the buildings were leased to the Central Intelligence Agency. The South Campus Grove was a 350 acres ( 1,400,000 m2 ) plot for agrarian research and horticultural studies that was established in 1948. [ 26 ] [ 103 ] For 20 years, the University of Miami used radioactive isotopes in biological research on the South Campus, and buried materials included enlighten animals on the site. In August 2006, the University of Miami agreed to reimburse the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers $ 393,473 for clean-up costs under the 1980 Superfund law. [ 104 ] Its six buildings provide 63,800 sq foot ( 5,930 m2 ) [ 91 ] to presently theater the Global Public Health Research Group, Miami Institute for Human Genomics, and Forensic Toxicology Laboratory ). [ 105 ] The University of Miami once planned to build a south campus on the place but opted in 2014 to sell the 80 acres of land alternatively. [ 106 ] The Richmond campus is a 76 acres ( 310,000 m2 ) web site that was once the United States Naval Observatory Secondary National Time Standard Facility, which already had buildings and a 20M antenna used for very long Baseline Interferometry ( VLBI ). [ 107 ] The University of Miami ‘s Rosenstiel School ‘s Center for Southeastern Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing and Richmond Satellite Operations Center ( RSOC ) have inquiry facilities on separate of the new campus .

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Libraries [edit ]

walk leading to the Otto G. Richter Library on the University of Miami campus, April 2006 The Richter Library ( in background ) with University Foote Green and the U Statue ( in foreground ) on the University of Miami campus, November 2020 The University of Miami ‘s libraries jointly hold over four million volumes, over four million microforms, over 1.3 million electronic books, 138,402 active serials titles, 137,723 electronic journals, and 210,000 audio, film, video, and cartographic materials. [ 14 ] The University of Miami ‘s libraries have a staff of 71 librarians, 33 professional staff, and 76 corroborate staff. [ 108 ] [ 109 ] Four of the University of Miami ‘s libraries are located on Coral Gables campus, including the Otto G. Richter Library ( the university ‘s basal inter-disciplinary library ), the Architecture Research Center at the School of Architecture, the Judi Prokop Newman Information Resource Center at the School of Business, and the Marta and Austin Weeks Library at the Frost School of Music. The School of Medicine ‘s main library, the Louis Calder Memorial Library, is located on Northwest 10th Avenue on the checkup campus in the Miami Health District. The aesculapian school besides has specialized libraries in ophthalmology ( the Mary and Edward Norton Library ) and in psychiatry ( Pomerance Library ). The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science Library is based on the Rosentiel School ‘s campus on Virginia Key. [ 15 ] Otto G. Richter Library houses collections that serve the arts, computer architecture, humanities, social sciences, and the sciences. It is a depository for federal and state government publications. [ 110 ] Rare books, maps, manuscript collections, and the University of Miami Archives are housed in the library ‘s particular Collections Division and in the Cuban Heritage Collection. In January 2017, the Jay I. Kislak Foundation announced that it was making a substantial contribution of rare books, maps, and manuscripts to the university ‘s libraries and to Miami Dade College. The University of Miami renovated a former call on the carpet anteroom, now the Kislak Center at the University of Miami, to house the foundation ‘s donated collection along with the existing particular collections and university archives. The Kislak Foundation collection includes Christopher Columbus ‘ earliest published copies of the letter on the first voyage aboard the Niña, which Columbus authored on February 15, 1493. [ 111 ]

Academics [edit ]

There are presently 2,697 full-time staff members at the University of Miami with 98 percentage of regular staff holding doctorates or terminal degrees in their respective specialties. [ 3 ] The University of Miami ‘s student-faculty proportion is 12:1. [ 112 ]

Accreditations [edit ]

The University of Miami is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Florida Department of Education with programmatic accreditation from 22 accrediting bodies, including the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, the American Bar Association, the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation, the american Physical Therapy Association Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, the American Psychological Association, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the Council on Education for Public Health, EFMD Quality Improvement System, Liaison Committee on Medical Education, National Association of Schools of Music ] ], and the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. The university is a penis of the American Association of University Women, the american Council on Education, the american Council of Learned Societies, the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the Florida Association of Colleges and Universities, the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida, and the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. [ 113 ]

Admissions [edit ]

Undergraduate New Freshman Statistics for Enrolled Students[114][115][116]
  2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016
Applicants 42,245 40,121 38,919 34,279 30,634 32,525
Admits 12,037 13,281 10,557 11,020 10,936 12,266
Admit Rate 28.5% 33.1% 27.1% 32.1% 35.7% 37.7%
SAT range 1310-1450 1260-1400 1280-1420 1250–1430 1220–1410 1210–1390
ACT range 30-33 28-32 29-32 29–32 28–32 28–32

The University of Miami has the most selective application procedure of any university or college in the country of Florida. [ 117 ] For drop 2021, the university received 42,245 undergraduate applications and reported an acceptance rate of 28.5 %. [ 118 ] In 2021, the middle 50 % SAT grudge for University of Miami students was 1310–1450 and the middle 50 % ACT score was 30–33. [ 119 ] The University of Miami attracts students from around the world and state. In 2019, 23 percentage of University of Miami undergraduates were from the Miami metropolitan area, 10 percentage were from other parts of Florida, 51 percentage were from other U.S. states, and 15 percentage were external students. calibrate students were composed of 42 percentage from the Greater Miami area, 11 percentage from other parts of Florida, 28 percentage from early U.S. states, and 19 percentage were international students. [ 120 ] As of November 2020, University of Miami ranks eleventh nationally in compound diversity across racial, geographic, gender and old age factors. [ 121 ] As of 2012, the university reported that 70 percentage of undergraduates graduated within four years, 80 percentage graduated within five years, and 82 percentage graduated within six years. [ 122 ] Male scholar athletes and female scholar athletes have commencement rates of 56 percentage and 67 percentage, respectively, within six years. [ 123 ] [ 124 ]

organization [edit ]

The University of Miami is led by a board of trustees composed of 48 elective members, three alumnus representatives, 23 senior members, four national members, six ex officio members, 14 emeriti members, and one student representative. [ 25 ] Ex officio members serve by virtue of their positions in the university and include the president of the university, the president of the united states and immediate past president of the united states of the citizens board, and the president, president-elect and immediate past president of the university ‘s alumnus association. [ 25 ] Since 1982, the display panel has eleven visiting committees, which include both trustees and away experts, to help oversee the university ‘s academic units. [ 25 ] University of Miami president Julio Frenk, who besides serves as the university ‘s foreman administrator officer, had a 2015 wage of $ 1.14 million. [ 126 ] Each of the University of Miami ‘s 12 schools and colleges within the university are headed by a dean .

Undergraduate & graduate
Graduate only

In accession, the University of Miami has a division of continuing and international education and a course of study in administrator education as separate of its Miami Herbert Business School. A partnership with nearby Florida International University allows students from both schools to take calibrate classes at either university, affording alumnus students at both universities a wide-eyed rate of course selections. [ 128 ] The University of Miami offers a startup ecosystem, The Launch Pad, for its students, which assists students of all majors in finding assistant with starting, build and scaling their own business. [ 129 ] The broadcast besides offers legal aid for scholar businesses in coordination with the University of Miami School of Law. [ 130 ] The ‘Cane Angel Network is the university ‘s angel investor network, which allows university-affiliated investors to fund entrepreneurs with ties to the university. [ 131 ] The Miller School of Medicine offers separate PhD [ 132 ] and MD /PhD [ 133 ] programs in several biomedical sciences. The University of Miami Department of Community Service, staffed by volunteer aesculapian students and physicians from the university ‘s aesculapian school, provides free medical and other community services in Miami and surrounding communities .

attendance costs [edit ]

2018–2019 tuition[134]
School Tuition Total cost
Undergraduate $50,226 $68,458
Graduate school $37,624 $64,776
Law school $52,390 $80,168
Medical school (in-state Florida residents) $40,494 $69,051
Medical school (non-Florida residents) $44,107 $72,664

For the 2022–2023 academic year, the University of Miami reports that the estimated entire annual monetary value of attendance for full-time undergraduate students residing on campus is $ 78,640, the estimated full annual cost of attendance for full-time undergraduate students residing in University Village or off-campus is $ 83,260, and the estimated full annual price of attendance for full-time undergraduate students residing with parents or relatives is $ 69,160. [ 135 ]

Rankings [edit ]

In its 2022 edition of “ America ‘s Best Colleges, ” U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of Miami 55th among all national universities. [ 136 ] besides in 2022, U.S. News ranked the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine as the 45th best medical school for research in the state. In 2021, U.S. News ranked the School of Law as the 72nd best law school in the state. [ 137 ] In 2018, U.S. News ranked the University of Miami Physical Therapy Department one-tenth best in the state [ 138 ] and University of Miami ‘s Department of Psychology ‘s clinical train Program 25th best in the nation. [ 139 ] In 2019, The Princeton Review ranked the university ‘s Department of Interactive Media ‘s Game Design Program 24th best in the worldly concern. [ 140 ] In 2016, the National Science Foundation ranked the university 89th out of 431 research institutions in the number of concede doctor’s degree degrees. besides in 2016, the university ranked 62nd out of 902 institutions in entire inquiry and growth expenditures. [ 141 ]

research [edit ]

The University of Miami is classified among “ doctoral Universities : very high inquiry Activity ”. [ 13 ] The university ranks 71st among all universities in the nation in its research and sponsored programs expenditures, which totaled $ 375 million in 2021. In fiscal class 2016, the University of Miami received $ 195 million in union research fund, including $ 131.3 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and $ 14.1 million from the National Science Foundation. [ 153 ] Of the $ 8.2 billion appropriated by Congress in 2009 as a separate of the stimulation bill for inquiry priorities at the National Institutes of Health, the Miller School of Medicine received $ 40.5 million. [ 154 ] In addition to inquiry conducted in the individual academic schools and departments, the University of Miami has the follow university-wide research centers :
The University of Miami ‘s Miller School of Medicine receives more than $ 200 million per year in external grants and contracts to fund 1,500 ongoing projects. The aesculapian campus includes more than 500,000 sq foot ( 46,000 m2 ) of research space and UM ‘s Life Science Park, which has an extra 2,000,000 sq foot ( 190,000 m2 ) of outer space adjacent to the checkup campus. [ 94 ] University of Miami ‘s Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute seeks to understand the biota of stem cells and translate basic research into modern regenerative therapies. As of 2008, the University of Miami ‘s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science receives $ 50 million in annual external research fund. [ 163 ] Their laboratories include a salt-water curl tank, a five-tank condition and engender system, multi-tank Aplysia culture lab, controlled corals climate tanks, and DNA profiling equipment. [ 164 ] The campus besides houses an invertebrate museum with 400,000 specimens and operates the Bimini Biological Field Station in Bimini, an range of oceanographic high-frequency radar along the East Coast of the United States, and the Bermuda aerosol lookout. [ 165 ] The university besides owns the little Salt Spring, a site on the National Register of Historic Places, [ 166 ] in North Port, Florida where the Rosenstiel School performs archaeological and paleontological research. [ 167 ] The University of Miami built a mind imaging annex to the James M. Cox, Jr. Science Center within the College of Arts and Sciences, which includes a running magnetic visualize ( functional magnetic resonance imaging ) system and a testing ground where scientists, clinicians, and engineers study fundamental aspects of brain function. construction of the lab was funded in part by a $ 14.8 million in stimulation money concede from the National Institute of Health. [ 168 ] In 2016, the university received $ 161 million in science and engineering fund from the U.S. federal government, the largest Hispanic-serving recipient role and 56th overall. Within the $ 161 million in fund, $ 117 million was granted through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and was used largely for the aesculapian campus. [ 169 ] The University of Miami maintains one of the largest centralized academic cyber infrastructures in the area. In 2007, the university launched the Center for Computational Science High Performance Computing group. Since then, the group has grown from a zero HPC cyberinfrastructure to a regional high-performance computing environment that presently supports more than 1,200 users, 220 TFlops of computational power, and more than three petabytes of phonograph record repositing. [ 170 ]

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scholar life [edit ]

The University of Miami is affiliated with 31 fraternities and sororities. [ 172 ] Six of them ( Alpha Epsilon Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Sigma Chi ) have houses on campus. Others have suites, including Alpha Sigma Phi, Beta Theta Pi, Kappa Sigma, Sigma Alpha Mu, and Sigma Phi Epsilon. Multicultural fraternities and sororities include six of the historically african-american organizations known as the Divine Nine and Latino and asian -interest fraternities and sororities. [ 173 ] As of 2022, the University of Miami has 356 student organizations, [ 174 ] including Amnesty International, [ 175 ] Habitat for Humanity, [ 176 ] the Ibis yearbook, UMTV ( an award-winning cable television channel with nine programs that broadcasts on Comcast Channel 96 ), [ 177 ] UniMiami ( a Spanish cable television broadcast ), [ 178 ] the student-run Distraction Magazine, and the campus radio station WVUM, which has broadcast to the Greater Miami media market endlessly since 1967. [ 179 ] [ 180 ] Since 1929, students have published The Miami Hurricane newspaper twice-weekly, which has been named to the Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame. [ 181 ] [ 182 ] The University of Miami has respective student honor societies. Founded in 1926, the Iron Arrow Honor Society ( which besides inducts choose faculty, staff, and alumni ) is the highest honor awarded by the university. [ 183 ] [ 184 ] The university maintains a chapter of Mortar Board. [ 185 ] In 1959, Order of Omega was founded at the university, ultimately blossoming into a home honor society in addition to its ongoing establish chapter at the University of Miami. [ 186 ] It is now a national honorary for fraternity and sorority members with a chapter continuing at the University of Miami. [ 187 ] The university has appointed individuals in respective departments to handle students ‘ problems and complaints called “ troubleshooters ”, and it has an ombudsman to mediate complaints that can not be resolved by the troubleshooters. [ 188 ] Since 1986, UM has an honor code governing student conduct. [ 189 ]

Athletics [edit ]

University of Miami mascot Sebastian the Ibis makes the key signature “ The U ” hand gesture, December 2007 The University of Miami ‘s athletic teams are the Miami Hurricanes, frequently referred to as “ The ‘Canes ” or “ The U. ” The Hurricanes are members of NCAA Division I, the highest tied of athletics sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA ), and compete chiefly in the Atlantic Coast Conference ) ( ACC ). [ 190 ] Prior to joining the ACC in 2004, the University of Miami competed in the Big East Conference. The Hurricanes maintain seven NCAA men ‘s teams ( baseball, basketball, cross-country, dive, football, tennis, and track and field ) and ten-spot women ‘s teams ( basketball, cross-country, dive, golf, row, soccer, swim, tennis, racetrack and field, and volleyball ). [ 16 ] The University of Miami ‘s mascot, first introduced in 1957, is Sebastian the Ibis. The university ‘s 179 extremity march set, established in 1933, is the Band of the Hour .
The University of Miami football team has won five national championships ( 1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, and 2001 ) [ 17 ] and has appeared in the AP Top 25 frequently since the 1980s. Miami Hurricanes football alumni include seven members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, two Heisman Trophy winners, and dozens of players who have gone on to careers in the NFL. As of 2022, at least one University of Miami football actor has been selected in the NFL Draft in each of the 48 back-to-back NFL drafts, dating back to 1975. [ 191 ] Among all colleges and universities, as of 2022, the University of Miami holds the all-time record for the most defensive linemen ( 49 ) and is tied with USC for the most wide receivers ( 40 ) to go on to play in the NFL. [ 192 ] On December 12, 2009, the global sports network ESPN aired a documentary on the University of Miami football broadcast, The U, which chronicles the wax of the program in the 1980s that led to its 1983, 1985, and 1987 national championships followed by program-related scandals that led to the course of study ‘s subsequent fall. The objective, which drew 2.3 million viewers, set a criminal record for the most watch documentary in ESPN ‘s history. A sequel, The U Part 2 was subsequently released, covered the program ‘s rejoinder and its 2002 national championship team, widely considered on the best teams in the history of the sport, followed again by program-related scandals that cost the university scholarships and hurt its competitiveness in the early 2000s. [ 193 ] On December 7, 2021, Mario Cristobal, a former University of Miami college football player and former drumhead coach at Florida International University and the University of Oregon, was formally introduced as the University of Miami ‘s new steer football coach. The Hurricanes play their home games at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. [ 194 ] In 2007, the university signed a 25-year compress for the team to play at Hard Rock Stadium through 2033. [ 195 ] Prior to moving to Hard Rock Stadium, from 1937 through 2007, the Hurricanes played their home football games at the Miami Orange Bowl in Little Havana, which was demolished in 2008 .

baseball [edit ]

The University of Miami baseball team has won four national championships ( 1982, 1985, 1999 and 2001 ). Multiple Miami Hurricanes baseball players have gone on to professional careers in Major League Baseball. Ryan Braun, who played for the Milwaukee Brewers from 2007 until 2020. [ 196 ] [ 197 ] [ 198 ] The University of Miami ‘s baseball team plays their base games at Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field, an on-campus baseball stadium named for New York Yankees third base baseman Alex Rodriguez who contributed $ 3.9 million toward the stadium ‘s 2007–2009 renovation. [ 199 ] The team is coached presently by Gino DiMare, and its baseball-only mascot, introduced in 1982, is the Miami Maniac .

man ‘s and women ‘s basketball [edit ]

The pass coach of the University of Miami ‘s men ‘s basketball team since 2011 is Jim Larrañaga. [ 200 ] The University of Miami ‘s men ‘s basketball team has reached the NCAA Championship ‘s “ Sweet 16 ” three times ( 1999–2000, 2012–2013, and 2021–2022 ). In the 2021–2022 season, they reached the “ elite 8 ” for the first clock time in school history. several Miami Hurricanes men ‘s basketball players have gone on to NBA careers. The head coach of the University of Miami ‘s women ‘s basketball team since 2005 is Katie Meier. Several Miami Hurricanes women ‘s basketball players have gone on to WNBA careers. Both basketball teams play their base games at Watsco Center, an 8,000-capacity indoor stadium on the University of Miami campus .

early sports [edit ]

The University of Miami women ‘s soccer team and both its men ‘s and women ‘s track and field teams host their home meets in Cobb Stadium, which opened in 1999 on the University of Miami campus. [ 201 ]

People [edit ]

celebrated alumni [edit ]

University of Miami alumni include a numeral of outstanding people, including Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Donald Justice, actor Dwayne “ The Rock ” Johnson, musician Gloria Estefan, economist Wendy Craigg, athletes from Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and the Olympics, foreman executive officers of assorted companies, public officials, and scientists .

luminary staff [edit ]

University of Miami faculty include, or have included, a count of luminary academics across disciplines, including physicists Paul Dirac and Carolyne Van Vliet, television receiver evaluator Marilyn Milian, geologist Cesare Emiliani, historian Charlton W. Tebeau, marine biologist Samuel H. Gruber, economist Neil Wallace, sound recording engineer Bill Porter, artist and architect Bonnie Seeman, architect Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, sociologist Lowell Juilliard Carr, constitutional police adept John Hart Ely, administrative law technical Paul R. Verkuil, bassist Jaco Pastorius, guitarist Pat Metheny, artist Walter Darby Bannard, and philosopher Colin McGinn. [ 202 ]

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