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I Purchased ( according to my invoice ) a mark newly full size bed human body that had LED lights and memory under the mattress. This was bought for my 15 year old daughter whose dad is identical ill in undertake to try and lift her spirits a bit and give her a effective nights rest. The guys in the back, identical promptly loaded the boxes into my car, snapped a agile video and sent me on my manner. When I got home I realized that the boxes had previously been opened so following their lead, I took pictures as I unloaded the boxes from my car. It was quite obvious that person else had opened the boxes based on how they were taped back together. It was besides obvious that person attempted to put the sleep together together as the fabric was torn and there were marks where the pieces bolted together. I decided to try plugging in the LED lights and found that they did n’t work, sample changing the barrage in the distant merely in case that was the issue, no luck. When I tried to ensure that the “ gas lift/hydralic arms actually had give to them before I tried to put it together I besides discovered that they were seized up. The bill stated to send an e-mail to their service department as the storehouse would not accept a return. I ‘ve emailed 3 times and 13 days former, even waiting for a answer. I ‘ve besides reached out via Facebook messenger, when they thought I wanted to buy something I received a answer inside of 5 minutes, I am inactive waiting for a response from them, it ‘s been 8 hours. I went back to the shop with the bed looking for an rally, even though the bed I bought was identical cheaply built, I was trying to be reasonable. The report I was given went from all the ones they had in that size were pre-sold to they did n’t have any left in neckcloth in Wpg or head office. The layer and size is hush being advertised on their web site … I am truly in necessitate of either a go to bed or money rear to buy one. This has been a very disappoint experience. They did offer me a shop credit that is good for 6 months. This actually is n’t an choice for me as I need the money to buy another bed frame. The other problem with store credit is that after this feel I have no desire to ever shop there again. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I am all right with the tear as it will be hidden and even the fact that it is not the like as shown in their advertising ************************************************************************************* My frustration lies in the two pieces of the bed that need to work that do n’t.

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