Puppy Mill Protests on Sunday

“ cipher wants problems. We ’ re all dog lovers. The only way you can be in this business is to be a chase lover, ” said Tom Westman, operations director of Tully ’ south Kennels, which sells puppies from breeding facilities. “ If person has a problem where it looks like the dogs aren ’ metric ton being taken caution of, we don ’ thymine do business with them, ” declared Westman. Nebraska jurisprudence allows for commercial breeders that are subject to license and inspection every two years. But Bailing Out Benji, a national animal benefit group, says that many of the puppies sold in local positron emission tomography stores come from breeders that treat their dogs inhumanely.

“ A batch of people think that a fortune of their breeders are reputable, but if you go and actually visit the web site, a lot of them won ’ t even show you because the conditions are so condemnable. The dogs are kept in bantam cages, they ’ re not fed, they ’ re not provided aesculapian caution. It ’ s just bad, ” said protestor Samantha Stalnecker. According to the group, 99 % of the puppies come from puppy mills – a condition for breeding facilities that crank out puppies without business for the moms and dads or their conditions. “ You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see the parents. You don ’ thymine know if the parents are nauseated. You don ’ t know if these puppies are born with some kind of familial illness that ’ south passed down from their parents, ” said Stalnecker. The group was joined by Hands, Hearts, and Paws ; Hearts Untied for Animals ; and early area rescues to protest two Omaha stores – Pets R Us in Rockbrook Village and Tully ’ sulfur Kennels. “ Tully ’ randomness has a reputation for using less than desirable breeders. They are not coming from humanist situations. They ’ ra not reputable breeders. The conditions that the dogs are living in at Tully ’ second are less than desirable, so we ’ ra here to fight for those dogs, ” said Terra Henggeler, a team drawing card for Bailing Out Benji Nebraska.

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Westman says that Tully ’ s alone uses breeders they ’ ve known for years and is just vitamin a opposed to puppy mills. “ Shut ‘ em down. Shut ‘ em down. You know what, it makes me nauseated as a dog fan to try to see these dogs and see them a in a condition where they ’ re not being taken care of, ” said Westman. An nameless Pets R Us employee besides stopped at the protest to defend her storehouse. “ I understand. I don ’ metric ton accompaniment puppy mills either, but why does my memory have to be the brunt of what you ’ ra doing, ” said the employee.

“ There ’ second two stores in Omaha that sell puppies from mills, ” a protestor countered. “ not me, ” returned the employee .

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