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Integrated into the Blackboard Learn learning management system ( LMS ) and accessed directly from a Blackboard Learn course locate, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is an on-line merging solution that can be used to communicate via audio, video, chew the fat, and document/screen sharing. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra allows collaboration virtually on computers and fluid devices in real time .
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra can be accessed from within a Blackboard Learn course locate through the “ Tool ” yellow journalism and links to the tool can be added within naturally content areas .
The Blackboard Collaborate User Interface Tour video shows you Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in natural process. This is a good television to share with students .
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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Training Sessions

several train sessions for Collaborate are available. Search the term “ OLATFF1011 ” in the Faculty Development Calendar or TEC to find approaching sessions.

Access Collaborate Ultra within Blackboard Learn

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  1. blue-ribbon “ Tools ” on the left seafaring pane
  2. Select the title “ Blackboard Collaborate Ultra ”

Collaborate screen shot 2 Course Room: Instructors can include in each Course its own Course Room ; a synchronous meet room that can be used for synchronous on-line meetings and students can access the room with or without the teacher at any time for collaboration and analyze groups.

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Create Session : Instructors can create a schedule synchronous on-line merging by selecting “ Create Session ”

Add Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Access to a Content Area

Collaborate screen shot 3 For student facilitate of access to a synchronous session, an effective exercise would be for instructors to add a link to Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in each Course Content Lesson. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a Blackboard Learn tool. For instructors to link to the tool from within a course content area :
Go to the content area where the link is to be added. 

  1. Select “Tools” 
  2. Select “More Tools” 
  3. Select “Blackboard Collaborate Ultra”

Help Pages for Specific Functions 

Student Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Tutorial Videos

Students : Is your teacher using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for synchronous on-line course times or on-line office hours ? Go to Student Online Learning Tutorials and search using the cardinal word “ Collaborate ” to see a variety of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tutorial video for students.

Faculty : You can link person Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tutorial video for students in your Blackboard run sites. Go to Student Online Learning Tutorials and search using the key word “ Collaborate ”. Select the URL of the video ( s ) you would like to share with your students and add the links to your Blackboard course web site.

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Student Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tutorial videos include but are not limited to :

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: The Basics for Students
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: How To Attend a Live Class Meeting
  • Tips for Participating in a Web Conference

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Known Issues

  • Browser Options: It is suggested to use Chrome when moderating a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session. Firefox will have less share functionality.
  • Firewalls: Firewalls, especially on computers owned by schools, may block Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
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