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The Treadmill Factory has helped millions of Canadians achieve their health and fitness goals for over 25 years. primitively starting off as a small business with one fitness store, we have grown into an industry-leading company in the field of seaworthiness with 5 forcible fitness equipment memory locations equally well as an on-line storehouse which allows us to serve customers all across Canada. From day one we have offered our customers only the best when it comes to fitness, gymnasium and drill equipment .
Our impressive choice of drill equipment, knowledgeable sales staff, high-end quality products, reputable brands and one of a kind service department are only a few of the elements that set us apart from competitors and place us at the very top ! We don ’ thymine period there ; in summation to our expertness in the field of fitness we besides pride ourselves with the bonny and low-cost price at which we offer the award-winning products and brands that we sell. We believe that living a goodly life style should be an option accessible to everyone. The seaworthiness and exert equipment we carry will help you in your pursuit for fitness and health !
Our physical fitness store locations have submit of the art showrooms where customers can see firsthand our large choice of gymnasium equipment, such as : dumbbells, weights, office racks and much more. Customers in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, London and Barrie, Ontario, can come visit us directly. not alone are many of the products on display, but customers are besides encouraged to try our use equipment to get a feel of the merchandise and choose the detail best suited for them. In the west coast we besides have a memory in Calgary, Alberta to cater to even more of our canadian clients .
If you are not located in those areas there is no necessitate to worry ! We have an exceeding on-line fitness equipment storehouse where customers can view and purchase all of the exercise equipment we sell on our web site and have them shipped directly to your door, anywhere in Canada !

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Reading: Fitness, Gym & Exercise Equipment Canada | Treadmill Factory


Another expression that sets us apart is that The Treadmill Factory has a department dedicated specifically to commercial fitness equipment. This department is staffed with knowing sales representatives who specialize in commercial settings such as community centres, patrol departments and condominium corporations to name a few. Our highly skilled commercial sales representatives are experts in their field who make indisputable customers get precisely what they are looking for .
Our commercial department recognizes that unlike clients have different needs. For this cause, they provide site visits, consultation, product recommendations, equipment set up and rescue which are just a few of the services they offer. Whether you require gymnasium equipment for a university, hospital or fire place ( a few examples of our customers ) this department will allow for each customer to receive the manage and attention they need in order to obtain the products desirable specifically for them .


Our service department, staffed with knowledgeable technicians, is a singular wall socket that allows customers direct access to customer service regarding technical issues with their fitness products ampere well as access to parts. We are identical proud of the advanced service we offer as it provides our customers with an extra smell of comfort and atonement knowing they will constantly be taken care of .
Should any of our customers need aid with their use, fitness or gymnasium equipment, they would plainly have to call in to our avail department and any one of our technicians could help diagnose the technical topic over the call and provide steering to get your equipment back up and your fitness goals going ! local customers besides have the option of having a technician occur to their home or commercial gymnasium to work on the consequence directly.

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often, customers may require a simple partially such as a guard samara in which font you could besides contact our parts and serve department and any one of our technicians will gladly help in selecting the adjust part along with the ordering march .
so whether you are a founder looking for a seaworthiness accessory to start your health travel with or feel ready to jump into a cardio unit ( Treadmills, Ellipticals or Bikes ) to help with your exercise goals, The Treadmill Factory is here for you. We ’ ve got you covered whether you are looking for a minor residential unit or wish to purchase gymnasium equipment for a commercial size gymnasium. Come and visit one of our fitness stores today or patronize on-line at your appliance to receive delivery anywhere in Canada !


When we say we carry an impressive survival of gymnasium and use equipment, we mean it !

Fitness equipment can vary in terms of size, bodily process, apparent motion and different exercises you wish to complete. We are proud to say we offer it all. We carry a boastfully batting order of cardio equipment which includes treadmills and ellipticals and expands to power racks, exercise benches and weight sets to name a few .
The global of seaworthiness is huge and includes therefore many categories such as yoga, box, pilates, weight lift, dumbbells, aerobics – the list goes on and on. hera at The Treadmill Factory, we carry products for every fitness activity no topic which style of exercise you ’ re into. Whether you want to work on your upper berth body force or focus on recovery, we ’ ve got the tools you need. From skipping ropes to spin bikes, you ’ ll find equitable what you need .
Over the years, we have come to be known as Canada ’ s fitness equipment storehouse and it ’ s no mystery why. Our choice is dateless and wide of high-grade fitness products to help you on your journey towards a healthier and more active life style. We want Canadians to think of fitness as something that is both significant and fun – not a job ! That is why we strive to carry fitness products that are not barely innovative and reliable, but besides enjoyable at the like time .

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