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breastfeed is a wide accepted and highly lucrative career all across the ball. So the suffice to the question of what is a travel nurse practitioner average wage is, In the United States, the average Travel Nurse Practitioner earns $ 123,014 .
Travel Nurse Practitioners earn the highest in San Francisco, CA, with an average entire compensation of $ 185,138, 51 percentage higher than the national median .
We will be giving you the travel nurse practitioner average wage and early related data in this article.

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Travel Nurse Practitioner Salary Scales

Travel Nurse Practitioner salaries in the United States range from $ 23,649 to $ 628,915, with a median of $ 114,157 .
The travel Nurse Practitioners in the middle gain between $ 114,166 and $ 285,672, with the top 86 percentage earning $ 628,915 .

As a Travel Nurse Practitioner, how much tax will you have to pay?

In 2018, the average union tax pace for an person filer in this tax band was expected to be 24 percentage .
Travel Nurse Practitioners can expect a take-home income of $ 99,201 per year after a federal tax rate of 24 % is deducted, with each paycheck equaling about $ 4,133 .

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How much do the highest-paid nurse practitioners earn?

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist receives a wage of $ 181,040 making them the highest-paid nurses. As of May 2019, it was reported that the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated their in-between hourly engage to be $ 87, which in no doubt makes it the highest-paid position for a nurse .

Is it true that travel nurses earn a lot of money?

How much Do Nurse Practitioners make in pay ? many travel nurses can make over $ 3,000 per week in typical circumstances .
travel nurses can earn more than $ 50 per hour, with house provided by the company. travel nurses nowadays have the opportunity to earn well over $ 100,000 a year .
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Travel Nurse Practitioners’ Quality of Life

While the annual salaries for Travel Nurse Practitioners are from the range $ 89,500 ( 25th percentile ) to $ 121,000 ( 75th percentile ) on ZipRecruiter, a high count of Travel Nurse Practitioner salaries are soon in the range of $ 89,500 ( 25th percentile ) to $ 121,000 ( 75th percentile ), with highest earners ( 90th percentile ) making $ 141,500 per annum across the United States .
The typical average earning for a Travel Nurse Practitioner ranges wide ( up to $ 31,500 ) .
Implying that there are several prospects for emergence and increased income which depends on skill level, location, and experience.

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According to holocene job posting bodily process on ZipRecruiter, the Travel Nurse Practitioner employment market in Lagos, Nigeria, and throughout the state is not very active voice at the moment, a few organizations are hiring .
In your location, the average annually income for a Travel Nurse Practitioner is $ 105,347, the same as the national average annual wage of $ 105,347 .
ZipRecruiter regularly checks the database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout America to generate the most accurate annual wage range for Travel Nurse Practitioner positions .

What are the top ten cities with the highest pay for travel nurse practitioner jobs?

We found ten-spot cities where the average Travel Nurse Practitioner compensation is higher than the national average. San Francisco, CA is at the top of the list, with Fremont, CA and San Jose, CA coming in second and third, respectively .
San Jose, CA, outperforms the national average by $ 17,592 ( 16.7 % ), while San Francisco, CA, outperforms the national average by another $ 26,073 ( 24.8 % ) .
vitally, the Travel Nurse Practitioner problem commercialize in San Francisco, CA, is slightly active, with only a few organizations presently hiring for this position .
With average salaries higher than the home average in these ten places, the potential for fiscal progress as a Travel Nurse Practitioner appears extremely predict .


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In conclusion, What is a Travel Nurse Practitioner Average Salary?

According to the report above, the average give in such top ten cities differs by 10 % among San Francisco, CA, and Norwalk, CT, emphasizing the fewer opportunities for engage progress .
When comparing localization and recompense for a Travel Nurse Practitioner place, the likelihood of cheaper survive costs may be the most significant component to consider .

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