Top Common Sexual Health Myths That Everyone Must Know

Sexual health awareness is lacking in most sects of societies. It could lead to poor decisions that could hamper your health. It is crucial to know the basics and make informed decisions. Let’s debunk common sexual health myths and make you more aware of sexual health. 

Sexual Health Myths

Oral Sex is Safe – 

Oral sex would not lead to pregnancy, and if that is what you want to avoid, it could be true. But sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted via oral sex and could expose you to infections. If you believe oral sex would help avoid STDs, you need to find other ways if your partner has STD.

Only Homosexuals Can Get HIV – 

Homosexuals Can Get HIV is a common sexual health myth that arose when HIV was initially spreading. It could be due to the fact men were mostly getting affected then. It is, however, totally false information. Anyone, irrespective of sexual orientation, can be infected with HIV. The virus could travel through the blood, semen, and other bodily fluids. It could also be transmitted by sharing needles, making it a risk factor in drug addicts. It is imperative to have safe sex and avoid multiple partners for this reason.

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Pull Method is Safe – 

It is commonly believed that the pull method is a safe way to avoid pregnancy as the man ejaculates outside. It is for you to know that a man can still release precum, which could carry sperm. The chances of this happening are low as it is mostly fluid, but we cannot deny the possibility. Moreover, precum and vaginal fluids released during arousal could transmit sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

You Can Tell if The Person has STD – 

Some people believe that if their partner has STD, it would come with symptoms like pain, soreness, blisters, or foul smell. The fact is the STD could be dormant and might not show physical symptoms always. The best way to find out is only by getting yourself tested. Sexual health matters, and get yourself and your partner checked on a regular basis if you indulge in multiple partners. 

Douching is the Right Way to Keep the Vagina Clean – 

Women usually believe douching will help in deep cleaning and will make them cleaner and fresher. It is, however, absolutely opposite of what you should be doing. Douching can do more harm as it can change the pH of the vagina, making it more prone to infections. The vagina has a naturally acidic pH and excessive cleaning would alter the pH. You should only gently wash the vagina, and if you want to use anything to clean the vagina, it has to be unscented and mild. You do not need to clean it more than once a day. The vagina is self-cleansing and will maintain its pH. 

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You Cannot Get Pregnant on Your Period – 

Period sex is usually considered the best way to avoid pregnancy. The sexual health myth needs to be busted, and you should period sex can result in pregnancy. The chances are slim, but there is a possibility. Women who have shorter cycles may ovulate soon after their periods. The sperm can survive for up to five days in the vagina, and sexual intercourse during the last days of the period could result in pregnancy. 

Double Condom is Better Than Single – 

To be over-cautious, many men use double condoms during sexual intercourse. It could, in real time, cause more damage. Two condoms may increase the friction and weaken the material spiking the chances of tearing during sex. It would ultimately fail the purpose and serve no good.

You Can Get STDs From a Toilet Seat –

You might believe that the STDs could happen from sharing a toilet seat in a public setting. There is no chance of it happening, and you are more likely to get STDs through sexual contact or sharing sex toys. The bacteria responsible for STDs usually cannot withstand the outer world and die soon enough. The responsible microorganisms can only live in the mucus membranes. Therefore, the chances of getting an STD via the toilet seat are minimal.

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Bottom Line

These are common sexual health myths, and you may believe some of them too. It is crucial to get proper sex education and be aware of sexual health. If anything about your sex life bothers you, it is advised to visit a sexual health clinic to get the right answers. Do not believe in these myths, and get the facts straight before you believe in something irrational.

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