The 50 Most Visited Websites in the World

The 50 Most Visited Websites In the World

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If you spend any time on-line, it ’ s likely you ’ re familiar with some of the global ’ s most visit websites. On today ’ randomness internet, a handful of giants have unmatched dominance .
lead Three Websites ( Monthly visits ) :

  • Google: 92.5 billion
  • YouTube: 34.6 billion
  • Facebook: 25.5 billion

together, the top three websites rake in 152 billion visits monthly, outpacing the following 47 websites combined. What ’ s more, as the pandemic transformed everything from the means we work, learn, communicate, and shop—a majority of these activities migrated on-line.

In this newly visual image, we look at the most visit websites around the world, drawing data from SimilarWeb ( as of November 2020 ) .

The Top Global Websites

Servicing over two trillion search queries annually through its network, Alphabet-owned Google ranks highest with its flagship knowledge domain, Google derives approximately 80 % of its earnings from ad revenues .

Rank Website monthly Visitors area of Origin Category
1 92.5B U.S. Search Engines
2 34.6B U.S. TV Movies and Streaming
3 25.5B U.S. Social Networks and Online Communities
4 6.6B U.S. Social Networks and Online Communities
5 6.1B U.S. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
6 6.1B U.S. Social Networks and Online Communities
7 5.6B China Search Engines
8 3.8B U.S. News and Media
9 3.4B Czech Republic Adult
10 3.3B Canada Adult
11 3.2B Russia Search Engines
12 3.1B U.S. Social Networks and Online Communities
13 2.9B U.S. Marketplace
14 2.9B Czech Republic Adult
15 2.7B U.S. Computers Electronics and Technology
16 2.5B U.S. Email
17 2.4B U.S. TV Movies and Streaming
18 2.4B Japan News and Media
19 1.8B Russia Social Networks and Online Communities
20 1.6B U.S. Social Networks and Online Communities
21 1.6B U.S. Programming and Developer Software
22 1.5B South Korea News and Media
23 1.3B U.S. Social Networks and Online Communities
24 1.2B U.S. Social Networks and Online Communities
25 1.2B U.S. Social Networks and Online Communities
26 1.2B U.S. News and Media
27 1.2B Cyprus Adult
28 1.1B U.S. Programming and Developer Software
29 1.1B Russia Email
30 1.0B Brazil News and Media
31 1.0B U.S. Search Engines
32 1.0B U.S. Video Games Consoles and Accessories
33 1.0B Brazil Search Engines
34 981.3M China News and Media

968.9M Unknown Programming and Developer Software
36 957.1M U.S. Marketplace
37 885.4M U.S. News and Media
38 839.8M Japan News and Media
39 819.4M U.S. Search Engines
40 764.9M Russia Social Networks and Online Communities
41 718.6M U.S. Marketplace
42 686.0M China Animation and Comics
43 663.2M China Social Networks and Online Communities
44 657.2M U.S. Financial Planning and Management
45 624.5M Germany Search Engines
46 619.2M Japan Marketplace
47 611.0M China Marketplace
48 608.8M Germany Marketplace
49 593.4M Japan Marketplace
50 579.7M United Kingdom Marketplace
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Coming in second, social network platform Facebook has a exploiter base of 2.7 billion. On average, users spend 34 minutes on the site casual, while 36 % of users say it ’ south besides where they get their news—higher than any early social network .
As the leading search engine in China, Baidu ( # 7 ) received 5.6 billion visitors in November. Baidu is besides branching out its business— venturing into electric vehicles ( EVs ) in a partnership with China-based car manufacturer Geely .
As television conferencing vaulted in demand during the pandemic, Zoom ( # 15 ), launched into the most visit websites with 2.7 billion visitors monthly. similarly, TikTok ( # 43 ) became a newly minted summation .

The Most Visited Websites, By Country of Origin

With 27 sites on the list, the U.S. remains a dominant allele musician. While its strive is highly concentrated on a global flat, good a handful of companies own a majority of these sites .
Most Visited Websites by Country of Origin GIF
See the inactive version of each regional graphic hera .
Microsoft ( # 28 ), for case, owns seven of the circus tent sites in the world including LinkedIn ( # 25 ) and ( # 16 ). Amazon ( # 13 ), on the other bridge player owns five including ( # 32 ), along with democratic Amazon-focused domains in Japan, U.K., and Germany .
China holds five acme websites : Baidu ( # 7 ), QQ ( # 34 ), Bilibili ( # 42 ), TikTok ( # 43 ), and AliExpress ( # 47 ). The Tencent-owned, ranks as the top newsworthiness locate in China, with over 981 million monthly visits. Like WeChat, QQ besides provides a popular message chopine .
just four of the most visit websites globally are based in both Russia and Japan, while the rest of the worldly concern account for 10 top sites raw .
ℹ️ Where ’ s WeChat ? China ’ s most fecund platform is chiefly app-based, so the company ’ sulfur web site doesn ’ thyroxine make this global top 50 list .

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Reaching New Heights

While ball-shaped internet patterns are distinctly dominated by a few titans, what can we make of their holocene dealings growth ?
Between June 2019 and November 2020, Google ’ s monthly visitors increased 52.9%. Among the most visit websites globally, this pace of emergence falls lone behind Instagram ( # 6 ) at 89.1 % and Twitter ( # 4 ) at 67.1 % .
top 5 most visited websites traffic growth
Wikipedia ( # 5 ), a non-profit web site that originated in 2001 by Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales realized over 30% growth.

While large technical school companies have only accelerated their marketplace share—Google makes up approximately 90 % of the search ad market—several regulative bodies are placing greater scrutiny on them. An October 2020 antimonopoly composition suggested that Big Tech is in fact anti-competitive, drawing comparisons with petroleum tycoons of the 19th and twentieth centuries .
With these winder forces in beware, it raises a critical question : is there a specify to their growth ?

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