Toby Deals Review Australia – Is It A Scam?

Finding the cheapest price technical school token can take you in many interesting directions. If you ’ ra reading a Toby Deals AU review the chances are you did a Google search for a call, void or technical school product and TobyDeals AU showed up in the Google Ads as one of the cheapest places to buy that token .Samsung Galaxy S20 Toby Deals Price And its not merely by $ 10 or some little margin like that. If you take the Samsung Galaxy S20 cheapest prices in the Google Ads TobyDeals AU has the phone at $ 911 and Catch has the call at $ 1,149. That ’ s a $ 238 saving for the call

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TobyDeals AU Review

After buying two different products from separate names on different credit cards the experience we had on TobyDeals AU was very different on each purchase. One of the item came in a respectable time. The other we waited a month with no response from support and ended up getting our money refunded on PayPal which was in our account the next day. In the article you will find an in-depth review of our experience with Toby Deals AU. If TobyDeals AU is so much cheaper than everyone else why have I never heard of them before ? After doing some research on the company and finding a flood of regretful reviews we made two separate purchases from unlike names and credit cards to test them out and report back on the experience. The potential spare was worth experimenting with Toby Deals despite the poor people reviews. If they didn ’ t have PayPal as a requital option we wouldn ’ t have flush tested them out but having PayPal as a payment choice gave some reassurance that if something went wrong we would be able to get our money back and we did have to dispute one transaction with TobyDeals AU.

What you need to know about TobyDeals AU

It came as a storm on farther research that TobyDeals AU is not an Australia company. TobyDeals AU is based in Hong Kong and they ship all their products to Australia and New Zealand from their Hong Kong warehouse.

Toby Deals Australia Delivery Time

This was the biggest issue I had with TobyDeals AU I ordered my product on August 2 2020 and by August 25 I had had not received any communication from the company at all. I sent a message to their support on August 9 and August 18 and never received a answer from either. On their web site it states that ‘ All orders will ship within 24-72 working hours. ( Saturday and Sunday excluded ) ’ which is has been prove many times to be wholly untrue. If they set naturalistic expectations for their delivery time I would have been a lot more accept of the delay. When you order from AliExpress the expectation is you are going to wait a calendar month or more for that product to arrive. toby Deals set an anticipation of agile delivery and they didn ’ thyroxine live up to that promise. This contributes to a bunch of the negative reviews as this arithmetic mean is not met and people are aware of all the negative reviews so if they haven ’ t hear anything in over a week they start getting concerned their item delivery is going to be delayed for a drawn-out period of time Reading many early reviews this was the main write out of frustration, their detail not leaving the Hong Kong warehouse even after a month . It ’ second very net they list items as available on their web site that they don ’ t have in stock at their warehouse and try to source that item and send it to you. It ’ s very misleading But what about when they do have the token in the warehouse We did place two different orders with TobyDeals and the second item they intelligibly had in lineage and it was a much smoother work .

  • Ordered August 2 2020
  • Packing Email Received August 4 2020
  • Left The Warehouse Email August 6 2020
  • Picked Up By Courier August 10 2020
  • Arrived at Door August 19 2020
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Which is a much more fair pitch time. On their web site it besides states that once the token has been shipped allow another 3-8 work days for the delivery to reach metro areas. You can besides choose between Economy Express Shipping Time of 6-8 working days or Priority Express Time 3-5 Working Days. Again these pitch times are wholly reliant on them actually having stock in the warehouse a lot of reviews have paid for priority express time ship and TobyDeals AU had not even dispatched the detail from the warehouse even after a month.

Toby Deals Australia Shipping Cost

When shopping on Toby Deals keep in mind there is a 2 % extra guarantee embark fee and an extra $ 33.90 if the order needs to be shipping to a outside area. shipping is free for all orders over $ 50. If the club is below $ 50 there is a flat rate shipping cost of $ 15 Priority Express Shipping is $ 25 on all orders, based on our own experience and the pitch time being heavily dependant on whether or not they even have the stock in the warehouse I would avoid the priority express transportation.

Toby Deals Couriers

toby Deals uses DPEX and Toll as their messenger service for deliveries in Australia.

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Toby Deals Payment Method

toby Deals AU uses PayPal to process their payments and the history it ’ sulfur paid to is TobyDealsUK even though you are purchasing from the TobyDeals AU web site. Having the PayPal option provides the greatest tied of security and in many cases you will need to get your money refunded through PayPal because they don ’ triiodothyronine actually have the stock in the warehouse when you ordered and the wait time could be over a month and even longer if they can ’ t reference the detail you purchased.

Toby Deals Refunds

The refund process was highly straight forth and easy. After ordering my merchandise on August 2 and contacting support on August 9 and again on August 18 with no answer for either support tickets I submitted a quarrel with PayPal on August 25 and the money was back in my report on August 26. It is much harder to get any kind of refund if the item has left their warehouse even if it is there mistake or the improper item was sentWrong product sent toby deals

Toby Deals Warranty

We haven ’ thyroxine had to use the guarantee service on the item that we did receive from Toby Deals but keep in mind they do make you send bet on the detail at your own expense for the guarantee and they will besides try to ‘ haunt ’ your item. Hearing from people who have tried to access the guarantee, the guarantee march is highly afflictive and they make it ampere unmanageable as potential to access the guarantee. If the guarantee is important to you in your purchase Toby Deals isn ’ t the best option .Toby Deals Refund

Are the Toby Deals products genuine?

The item that did arrive from Toby Deals was an iphone and it seemed actual. Toby Deals use grey imports and send them to Australia Others have reported that they have taken their items in to be repaired and the mender said that their item wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate genuine. It may have to do with the merchandise coming from a different region we can ’ triiodothyronine confirm 100 % whether every individual product that comes out of their warehouse is genuine. even though some of the products are actual you need to be careful because some items can be region specific. Our delivery came with a european wall charger .

How Are Toby Deals So Much Cheaper?

They ship grey significance products from Hong Kong and they do n’t send tax invoices which is a deal surf for a set of clientele customers wanting to offset the GST costs in their own tax. They source the products from cheaper locations and then avoid paying GST which makes them a lot cheaper than many of the local retailers in Australia

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Toby Deals Available Stock

Our feel with Toby Deals made it clear that they have items on their web site listed as available and in stock that they didn ’ t have in breed at all. This is what delays the pitch action and the source of the majority of their negative reviews .

Toby Deals Support

The Toby Deals support was non-existent for us. It was a atrocious experience. We contacted them doubly and never got a answer which forced us to refund the item. If you are looking for a company with adept support then look elsewhere.

Toby Deals Reviews On Other Sites

There is a huge remainder in ratings depending what review site you look on. ProductReview.com.au – 4.1/5 ( based on 1,953 reviews ) Reviews.io – 1.7/5 ( based on 297 reviews ) Our review would be 2 stars which is closer to the feel of the reviews.io reviewers. We did notice that Toby Deals team is active on productivereview.com.au and there are a draw of suspect reviews on that web site. particularly with reviews stating the intersection packaging was cover girl or the product promotion was amazing. From our own have the packaging was in a obviously white satchel and bubble wind. That was it. If you are looking to read other peoples know of Toby Deals Whirlpool Forums have some more dependable review on this forum screw thread

Our overall review of Toby Deals AU

This is based on one well experience and one atrocious experience and all the factors listed above
Delivery 2 Stars
Support 0 Stars
Product 3 Stars
Price 5 Stars

OVERALL 2 STARS Would we use Toby Deals again ? The price is significantly cheaper but we would only use Toby Deals again if we weren ’ thyroxine in a hurry for the product and the price saving was worth it. The refund summons was extremely agile which is one reason we would consider giving Toby Deals another opportunity.

If you don ’ thyroxine learn from them within the first week don ’ t waste your time just get a refund through PayPal and pay a little bite more at another supplier. If they do have the stock you will get the detail in a reasonable clock. If you do want to give Toby Deals a attempt get the Shopback App and activate it, it will save you another 1.5 % on your purchase .

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