The TikTok Logo: The Meaning Behind the Colorful Note

The TikTok Logo: The Meaning Behind the Colorful Note

More than 800 million users a month, young hearing, creative challenges – that ’ s all about the TikTok platform that is ahead of Facebook and Instagram in popularity. In this article, we ’ rhenium going to tell you about the post ’ s history and identity.

TikTok: History, Features & Differences With  

In 2016 ByteDance, a taiwanese technical school colossus first launched Douyin for creating short video recording. In a year the service reached 100 million users and was introduced to international markets under a new name — TikTok.

interim in the US,, a alike app released in 2014 was gaining its popularity. Its users could create 15-second lip-synch or dancing videos. In 2017 ByteDance acquired for $ 1 billion. Both platforms existed aboard one another : in the US and TikTok on other alien markets. however, in a year ByteDance announced the platforms ’ unite with a joint mission to establish a community where everyone can become a creator. All accounts were mechanically transferred to TikTok. The service obtained new functions that allowed users to create respective content types and give gusto to it. The new TikTok features are as follows :

  • the app works as a social network to create 15-second videos;
  • TikTok’s target audience is Generation Z that appreciates art, entertainment, and authenticity;
  • the service offers a lot of creative tools such as stickers, masks, filters, visual effects, hundreds of tracks to dub videos with;
  • the basic content of was lip-synching, while TikTok offers more ways to express oneself through funny videos, duets, reactions to popular clips, challenges, and competitions;
  • unlike other social media, TikTok encourages users to be both content consumers and creators. The service bills itself as the most democratic encouraging the audience to be natural and shoot videos using smartphones.
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TikTok’s Brand Identity: Colors, Fonts & Symbols

The caller ’ s identity hasn ’ thyroxine changed a lot over the years of its being. The colorful note showing the app ’ s relation to music has been the logo from the very beginning. Let ’ s dive abstruse into TikTok ’ s identity.


The logo represents a three-color note ( pink, blue, and flannel ) against the black field. It was no accident : the couturier was inspired by a rock concert with a dark anteroom and a stagecoach lit up. The emblem ’ south discrete feature of speech is that it looks like 3D : neon colors overlap each other thus signifying music vibrations.

apart from the classic version, there are three more color palettes with a white, tap, and blue background. TikTok logo


The authors of the logo have chosen a dim-witted sans serif font. initially, the name consisted of two separate words Tik and Tok. Later the space between them was removed but both parts of the word are hush capitalized. When the words were put together the font became even more polish and the “ one ” dot was no longer of square-type. Evolution of the TikTok logo


The TikTok symbol consists of a stigmatize mention and a picture. adenine army for the liberation of rwanda as the logo is used for a favicon in low resolution, the text was removed from it. The icon looks like a notice against the black airfield. TikTok Favicon

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The App Icon

The app icon is identical to the favicon : a colorful note on a black square with cant corners. The contrast does its job and makes the icon disagree from others on the screen.

The App IconThe App Icon

Step-by-Step TikTok Logo Drawing

Want to draw the TikTok emblem ? Follow the connection below to find a bit-by-bit how-to tutorial suitable for everyone even those not very good at drawing.


Each brand identity chemical element from colors to symbols represents the brand ’ south concepts – simplicity and creativity. The logo ’ s minimalism allows to easily adapt it for diverse tasks including a favicon and the app icon.
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