Things You Didn’t Know About Chromebooks

Chromebooks are a great option for many people.  They’re inexpensive, lightweight and easy to use while still providing access to the internet. Most importantly, they’re designed with one thing in mind – simplicity. And that means you don’t have to worry about viruses, malware or any of the other problems that make laptops so complicated! It’s hard not to love Chromebooks when you consider everything they offer at such an affordable price!

But what if you don’t know much about Chromebooks? How can you be sure that they’re the best option for you? Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of research and worked hard to compile as many facts as possible. We want to make it easy for you to find everything you need in one place! Below is a list of some of the most interesting facts about Chromebooks. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for general information, and it can even help if you need some troubleshooting assistance! Also if you want to buy your next chromebook, is a better place to start with.

  1. You don’t have to use a browser

You probably know that Chromebooks are designed with the Chrome Web Store in mind, which means using Google’s own browser, Chrome. But this is actually one of the few things you have to do! Chromebooks can run any type of application that runs on Google’s Android OS, including regular apps that you download from the Google Play Store. This means they’re just as versatile as regular laptops

  1. They’re secure by design

Chromebooks are designed with multiple layers of security in mind. Some models will even stop working if they detect malware or viruses! This is why it’s incredibly difficult for anything to interfere with your personal information or compromise your privacy online – at least when using a Chromebook! And app developers are also aware of these needs – many require minimal permissions before installing them so you don’t have to worry about revealing too much information.

  1. They’re not just for the web
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Although most people use Chromebooks to access the Web, they can actually download and install applications that don’t require an active internet connection. Whether you want to listen to music or play games without using any data, this function is easy to activate! It’s definitely one of our favorite things about Chromebooks – especially because it helps save money!

  1. You can do almost anything on them

One thing we love about Chromebooks is how easy they are to use right out of the box. Even if you’ve never used a computer before, it won’t take long before you feel comfortable navigating Chrome OS! And as time goes by, you can learn more tricks to help you do more things. For example, you can use an Android app to watch Netflix on your Chromebook!

  1. They make great secondary devices

Because they’re so easy to use and secure, many people choose Chromebooks as their secondary laptops or tablets. This helps them stay productive at all times while still having fun with apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Reddit! It’s also a good choice if you want something lightweight that won’t feel bulky when carrying it around with you throughout the day.

  1. You’ll never have to deal with security updates again

Unlike Windows PCs or Macbooks, new Chromebooks are automatically updated – which means no more installing security updates every month! We all know how annoying it is when your antivirus program interrupts you while you’re working. Fortunately, this won’t be a problem with a Chromebook!

  1. Chromebooks are cheaper than regular laptops
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Although they have everything that other laptops have to offer, Chromebooks only cost a small fraction of the price – and that’s their biggest advantage! You can get your favorite model for as low as $150! It may not seem like much now, but it definitely adds up over time. However, if you already own another laptop or tablet and want something lightweight, affordable and easy to use as your secondary device, there’s no better choice than a Chromebook.

The fact is, they make great gifts and toys and can help kids become more creative and disciplined in school (because writing essays on Google Docs is better than writing them by hand!).

  1. They’re perfect for travel

If you often visit destinations where the internet connection is unreliable or insecure, having a Chromebook might be your best option. Because all of their files are stored in the cloud, you can access them wherever you go – even if there’s nobody around to help! This makes it easy to create new documents on the road and keep working without worrying about not being able to upload them later. If you have multiple Google accounts that you regularly use, simply set up your email addresses as aliases so they’ll never miss an update!

  1. They won’t slow down over time

Unlike traditional laptops, Chromebooks continue running just as well two years after buying them as they did when they were brand new. Why? Because they don’t have a lot of software that has to be installed on them! Because there aren’t a ton of files and programs running in the background, you won’t experience as many crashes or delays. This also makes them great for kids because they won’t accidentally mess anything up by clicking around too much!

  1. They work perfectly with other gadgets
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Chromebooks play well with others – especially if those “others” are Android devices! In fact, you can control your Chromebook using some Android apps on your smartphone or tablet without ever touching it!! It’s actually really cool and we definitely recommend trying it out. And since they’re so affordable, buying one is a great way to increase how much you get done at home!

  1. Chromebooks are easy to maintain

Since they don’t have a lot of software, there’s not much you need to do in order to keep your machine running smoothly. All you have to do is make sure it stays safe by backing up all your files regularly and using it without installing too many extensions or apps! After all, the simpler the better!! This means that even kids can learn how to take care of their own computers with no problems at all!

  1. They’re perfect for school and studying

Chromebooks were designed with students in mind – which is why they come pre-installed with Google Classroom and Docs, Slides and Drawings so you work on projects from anywhere! They’re also great for writing essays and reports because you can access all of your files from any device!

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