The Pariah’s Instructions

I need no home to know I silent have a invest in this universe. The tribe will see … all of them. They fight amongst one another, and for what ? Scraps left over by vultures … lands infested by the Legion … bah !
The centaur should be proud of their heritage—it is precisely arsenic noble as any Night elf ’ s or orc ’ s—it is time we started acting like it ! Though exiled as a heretic, my beliefs still ring true—that alone drives me forth. But for my fortune to be complete, I need the aid of an foreigner … one not of any centaur tribe .
The job requires person to enter the holy place halls of Maraudon—a tomb my people protect, and only the most dear are ever allowed to enter .
Can you help me ? Will you set foot on holy place ground to help me forge one great centaurus tribe ! ? If you agree to aid me, then you need only nod. I will pass you a parchment with my instructions on it. Read it over and consider my words.

The Pariah’s Instructions

Set army for the liberation of rwanda back in the Valley of Spears is the holy place temple of Maraudon. If that were not transgression enough, you will cursorily see why I have asked a non-centaur to aid me in my plight .
There, good beyond the doors where only spirits and our most consecrated priests and priestesses may travel is one called The Nameless Prophet. He is hte highest of any kin in spiritual matters, and is one of the oldest of any kin .
The prophet is knock-down, and communicates with hte spirits of our ancestors. But he is a fool ! He has no mind the true power he possesses. On his person is the Amulet of Spirits—it is where most of his military capability comes from .
I have learned that the Amulet is knock-down, but it is incomplete .
There are five gems missing from the amulet. And if those gems were found and placed back into the symbol, its ability would far exceed that of its current form. I have found the five gems, but need one of your skill to help gather them. Slaying the Nameless Prophet is heresy for sure, as is stealing from his cadaver, but what I would ask of you future would condemn any centaur for even thinking it.

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Throughout the caverns of Maraudon raom the spirits of our first Kahns. Our mother and Father ’ s first children. And our greatest Leaders—they are Gelk, Kolk, Magra, Maraudos and Veng. Each of these spirits holds one of the missing gems .
Use the world power of the Amulet of Spirits to force them to manisfest and take the gems from them ! After, place the gems within the Amulet of Spirits and return it to me. once I have the Amulet of Union, I will be powerful adequate to reform the tribes so we can ultimately be as our ancestors wanted us to be !
foremost Kahn : Kolk
second Kahn : Gelk
one-third Kahn : Magra
fourth Kahn : Maraudos

Fifth Kahn : Veng
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