Will The Last Airbender 2 Happen? Here’s What We Know

M. Night Shyamalan ‘s live-action take was met with a mix reply so will The last Airbender 2 ever happen ? The movie was released in 2010. The original movie was met with a very blend reception but could The Last Airbender 2 still happen ? Director M. Night Shyamalan has had a excellently dramatic career bow. While Shyamalan had directed two movies anterior to The Sixth Sense – Praying With Anger and Wide Awake – his 1999 supernatural thriller starring Bruce Willis is normally mistaken for his debut. The movie was a huge success, featuring great performances, taut steering and one of the most shock construction endings of all time .
Shyamalan would soon be labeled the heir to Spielberg following farther hits like Unbreakable and Signs. unfortunately, the critical sock subsequent projects like Lady In The Water and The Happening undergo saw his career take a down turn. He ‘s reversed his luck in recent years, however, thanks to the success of Unbreakables sequels Split and Glass .

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One of the conductor ‘s lesser-loved projects was 2010 ‘s The Last Airbender, an adaptation of beloved animate serial Avatar: The Last Airbender. While it was n’t well-received critically the movie still proved to be a fiscal achiever, sol is The last Airbender 2 still potential ?

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Shyamalan Mapped Out A Trilogy

The Last Airbender Poster

M. Night Shyamalan worked out a potential trilogy of films for The last Airbender, where Azula, the daughter of Fire Lord Ozai, would have become the chief villain. While the original film was a fiscal achiever it besides received a resoundingly negative critical reception, which is credibly why contiguous plans for a sequel were placed on hold .
Shyamalan mentioned in a 2015 Metro interview he might get around to The final Airbender 2 after finishing Split but besides stated he felt thwart working with informant material that was n’t his own .

Shyamalan Regrets Making Last Airbender And After Earth

Will Smith in After Earth

M. Night Shyamalan gave a lecture at NYU ’ second Stern School of Business in 2019 where he revealed his regret influence on adult budget movies like After Earth and The final Airbender. To his mind, he made the mistake of pursuing bigger movies when he should have stayed true to his own voice. He besides believes this is the rationality the films were badly received since audiences could tell his heart was n’t wholly in them .
The film maker self finances his own movies now to maintain creative restraint, with The Visit and Glass coming out of his own pocket. Considering his feelings on the subject of big-budget movies, this makes his return for a potential last Airbender 2 extremely improbable .

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Netflix Are Making A Live-Action Remake Of The Series

It was announced in late 2018 embodiment : The last Airbender creators Bryan Koniezko and Michael DiMartino would act as showrunners for a new live-action adaptation on Netflix. While no conductor or cast has been announced for this fresh series, its doubtful Shyamalan will have any involvement, or that The Last Airbender 2 will follow subsequently. Given the broadly negative reception to the 2010 movie, it ‘s probably for the best the franchise will receive a clean begin .
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