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Rooting for a badass hero with a kickass attitude has never been a hearty as watching Denzel Washington dish out some brutal punishment. This is precisely what you get in The Equalizer, an natural process thriller based on the belated 80 ‘s television serial of the same name, but amped up with ultra-violent realism.

Reunited after their collaboration in Training Day, Washington ( received his first Academy Award in a leadership character ) and director Antoine Fuqua are back in this childlike yet deadly effective action movie. Using a Mark Twain quote about people who find their on-key determination belated in life, Washington plays Robert McCall, a loner and tragic widower with a mysterious by. On the surface, he is an affable home plate terminal actor who keeps to himself, indulging in conversations only when spoken besides, and slave to some screen of OCD while remaining invisible to people around him. After befriending a russian adolescent date called Alina, ( Chloe Grace Moretz all adult ), and discovering she is the victim of intimate misuse, McCall ‘s nice-guy demeanor melts aside to expose an aura reverberating layers of darkening complexity. There ‘s a tightly restrained compassion in McCall ‘s eyes, fighting a father-figure compulsion to do what he must, while Alina ‘s is a muffle supplication for rescue. This scene takes position in a diner they frequent in Boston, and it ‘s the first of two powerful moments in the film. What follows is the film ‘s first action sequence in a Tarantino-styled negotiation first, and lineage spatter subsequently, McCall dispatches Alina ‘s russian pander and his goons. When news reaches Moscow, mob headpin Pushkin sends Teddy ( Marton Csokas ), to clean up the fix. Covered with demonic tattoo, Teddy is anything but the nickname he goes by and with half the Boston PD on his payroll, it ‘s good a matter of when and where McCall is eliminated. Or so they think.

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Having previously scripted The Expendables 2, Richard Wenk ‘s fib here is nothing fresh when considering McCall ‘s proverbial ‘set of skills ‘, a comparison if you must, to certain characters Liam Neeson has played. On the early hand, there is a mechanism in plaza, partially due to the aforesaid OCD, allowing McCall a brief study of the situation before striking with deadly accuracy. While that sounds like a knock-off translation of combat tactics employed by Guy Ritchie ‘s nominal champion in Sherlock Homes ( 2009 ), the payoff is watching McCall take out badly guys with improvise weaponry. It gets a moment bathetic towards the end, with McCall using all manner of dumbbell traps to slice, die and blow up Teddy ‘s dumber-by-the-minute henchmen. Having said that, it is still rewarding to watch Washington demolish foe after foe and this is largely due to Csokas ‘ terrific portrayal of Teddy ‘s disgusting nature. To that impression, the best scenes in the film are when Teddy and McCall are face-to-face and denting each other ‘s armor with nothing but well written dialogues. One such scene is a mighty dinner table battering-of-wits, a taut reimagining of that iconic scene in Heat ( 1995 ).

While humor and drama throw some sparkle on Boston ‘s gang controlled dirty cops, McCall ‘s relationships with his colleagues, and even a short segment that suggests his origins as a train killer whale, The Equalizer truly shines with Fuqua ‘s deft handle of carry through scenes. But topping it off is Washington in a vigilante function that is the best we ‘ve seen in years. Fans of Man on Fire ( Washington opposite Dakota Fanning ) and Léon : The Professional ( Jean Reno opposite Natalie Portman ), both films about male heroism influenced by female protégés, are in for a ocular treat. Heck, who needs improbable superheroes when you have an median Joe with extraordinary capabilities and all without hiding behind a mask or costume ? Although compelled to use the N-word, I ‘ll equitable say – Ma valet Denzel. . .does n’t disappoint and neither does The Equalizer.

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