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Victoria Taylor (.Victoria Taylor (.Victoria Taylor (. 02:33 20 May 22

I only got my medical card a few months ago so I’m still new to navigating the medical use system.I love that the

botanist has so many events each month to earn extra loyalty points.And they gather donations for causes that I support.I personally will be participating this month in the donation drive for pet supplies. The humane society does good work finding those wonderful fur babies furever homes.I will continue to go to the botanist. I love it there.

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Arthur H.Arthur H. 14:46 05 Apr 22

I personally have mixed feelings. They were great for little gifts like t-shirts, grinders, and discounts. I feel there

is a complete lack in actual care for the patient. I spoke to the pharmacist twice and each time felt I was inconveniencing things. To top the treatment she also didn’t have the answers I was looking for. I also feel there products are inferior products (but that’s my opinion on all operating facilities right now. Not their fault!). I was directed to my doctor, then to my pharmacist then, back to my doctor. Which neither one seemed they wanted to be bothered with my questions anyway. If not them then who? So all and all, I didn’t have the great experience here.

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Angel V.Angel V. 01:07 22 Mar 22

Best customer service and friendly staff! Always on point when needing any questions answered. Great environment when

going to the dispensary. 6 stars!

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Kim K.Kim K. 12:42 21 Mar 22

The staff is AWESOME and very knowledgeable. It’s really soothing an old apothecary shop, but modern. It’s

comfortable there and safe. I recommend The Botanist- Montville, CT.. to anyone with a MM card. Thanks Ladies..😘💯💨

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Meg D.Meg D. 19:11 07 Mar 22

Staff has always been very kind when I have questions. Very new to all of this!! Appreciate the online ordering system

so I can pick up while running errands.

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Josh F.Josh F. 16:19 05 Mar 22

Josue Fragoza Very good workers and medical marijuana is very good and oil pen’s also staff is very awesome and very


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Anthony P.Anthony P. 20:06 01 Mar 22

Friendly and accommodating staff. Work hard long hours to provide necessary medicine.——03/01/22 edit—–Im

glad to be back and it’s so nice to see all the same friendly faces from when y’all were Thames valley.Not gunna cap, I was in the wrong for dropping a sour review when y’alls were held up with Covid. That was salty af on my end and I really apologize. We started off “all in this together” and strayed so far from that… :|In the year I was switched elsewhere I learned the HARD WAY that picking up ur cannabis meds from your pharmacy team fam it’s really important to have REAL support.There’s healthcare “monsters” and there’s “health care heros”Since y’als r the same people, I can say for sure that u represent health care heroism. It’s so important to have real support and friendly fam you can count on and come to with a need for help and get the same level of care they’d treat their own family too!5.5 out of five stars 😉

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WayneWayne 21:51 28 Feb 22

I always have a great experience when I come in. The staff are great and always genuinely helpful!

Kelly H.Kelly H. 18:14 28 Jan 22

Great place the workers r awesome beening here now 4 years love it

deborah B.deborah B. 23:58 07 Jan 22

This dispensary is wonderful! They are always friendly, helpful and efficient. I’ve been going there for going on

2plus years and it’s always a pleasant experience! Staff are TERRIFIC!! Place is comfortable and clean. 👍

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Brittany S.Brittany S. 23:01 06 Dec 21

I’ve been going to this location for a while now and I can say with 100% certainty that I’ve never left upset once,

they’re products are exceptional but more importantly all the staff there are amazing! Thanks guys!!

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Nycole S.Nycole S. 10:11 01 Dec 21

Amazing place, great staff and beautiful settings. This is a medical marijuana facility that has a pharmacy of all

different types of medical marijuana facility. You name it liquid, pill or edibles. They also have disposables and regular vapes and refills.

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Shayna J.Shayna J. 01:12 23 Nov 21

Always Fantastic they get to know their people by name which is always a good feeling when someone addresses You by

name and made it a point to remember it. No question is beneath them they all will go above and beyond to get you the information you need and often look for ways to help with questions about the lisence process etc….

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Christina S.Christina S. 18:11 05 Nov 21

Love this place everyone is so nice they always have what I need I have been with these guys for a couple of years now

Dawn M.Dawn M. 17:35 05 Nov 21

I’ve recently received my medical marijuana card and chose The Botanist as my go-to dispensary. From my first call, to

ask about the procedure, to picking up my first order, everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and very, very helpful. Definitely made the right decision!

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Elizabeth A.Elizabeth A. 03:23 29 Oct 21

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY CREW ???? Always service with a smile and they even entertain my annoying million questions (every

time????????‍♀️????) Walk in and the energy is so beautiful you can’t help but smile while in there. (And well it is Marijuana spot so yeah????????‍♀️????????) Ya girl Liz loves yall ????????

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Nicholi B.Nicholi B. 11:10 17 Oct 21

I’ve loved this place ever since it was called Thames Valley Alternative Relief. The staff is knowledgeable and

friendly, and the compassionate care program really helps those with financial difficulties.

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Dayna K.Dayna K. 18:50 09 Sep 21

This is the best place to go for friendly, knowledgeable, caring, go the next step people!!!!! I am just so

comfortable going in and slacking any questions. Thank you Botanist family. Y’all are the BEST OF THE BEST. ????

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skylar Eskylar E 15:15 01 Sep 21

So two months ago I gave this place five stars but with how rude new management is I’m changing it to a one star, most

of the workers are lovely, but with the new management it feels unprofessional and honestly kinda hostile. They also basically pay you for good reviews by offering you a discount for any 5 star reviews, and they don’t reinforce their mask requirements, which is extremely dangerous. Sad to go but I’m not going to support a place that doesn’t treat all of their costumers with basic respect and decency, and disregards general health standards.

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Jason M.Jason M. 01:35 09 Jul 21

I really love this place. Everyone that works there are very helpful & will answer any questions you have. I’m really

happy I got my card& chose Thames Valley. Their smoke shop has some really cool stuff also& for a reasonable prices.

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Kellie Harrison S.Kellie Harrison S. 23:20 28 Jun 21

The staff at Thames valley is amazing! I have been a patient for three years and from day one I was made to feel

comfortable by everyone. All of my questions are always answered with a smile. I am especially grateful for thier handling of the covid 19 pandemic. They kept things going as smoothly as possible under uncertain times. The curbside pickup they made available for high risk patients has helped so much with anxiety and fear. I highly recommend Thames Valley!Kellie Smart

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Harmony D.Harmony D. 11:00 21 Apr 21

Thames Valley Relief has been “my” dispensary for almost 2 years now, and I cannot say enough about how wonderful this

place is. The staff are always professional, knowledgeable, and very friendly and courteous. They are willing to help and take time with you to answer any questions you have, making you feel comfortable and at ease. The prices are good, they have a wide selection of products, and the online ordering system is easy and convenient. They send timely emails with the most up to date and informative info on everything. They also have an amazing program when you meet income guidelines that gives you product discounts, which is a lifesaver for me. They have the patient in mind with everything they do. And with the smoke shop next door it’s perfect! Thames Valley Relief is an essential business in this area for patients, and is just as important and necessary as any other pharmacy for prescriptions for your health. Sorry this is long, but I just love them!

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Kevin B.Kevin B. 21:04 01 Apr 21

Great place. Great products and great staff. Never had any problems. And if I do there is always someone to assist.

Love the products and prices are fair. I would highly recommend this dispensaryThank you,Kevin Branch

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Gina M.Gina M. 20:08 30 Mar 21

I was hesitant at first to get my card, but so happy I did. Thames Valley Relief is such a great way to get what I need

without feeling “sketchy” by buying from a friend or stranger.I am 55 years young, and just want quality and controlled dosing without the hassle.All the employees are helpful and pleasant to work with. Thank you for changing my life.Carole Miller ????

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Maria B.Maria B. 22:46 26 Mar 21

I have been a medical marijuana user since almost the start of the program here in Connecticut. I love this dispensary

because the staff is extremely helpful, always nice, and they are sensitive to what we need, as patients. I got an email from CTPharma about “everything bagel flavored seasoning” (infused with THC). Then, I checked the online menu, and Thames Valley had it!!! I get teabags, tinctures, distillate, shatter, and sometimes lovely flower there, and every product has been excellent, without exception. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a cannabis newbie, there is someone at Thames Valley who can help you figure out what to take for your situation. There’s also a new check-in system that starts soon, and I’m hopeful that it will be an even better system than before. That said, I haven’t waited very long since the middle of the pandemic, when staff was low. I love the points system, too! I feel very appreciated at my dispensary. My life is better with Thames Valley Alternative Relief!

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Edwina K.Edwina K. 21:42 25 Mar 21

A great experience every time that I go. Everyone who works here is super friendly and knowledgeable beyond belief. In

the rare event that they do not have what I have requested they take the time to make sure that I get something comparable that works. The facility is always clean and they have made sure that everyone is safe during these unprecedented times. A giant thank you to Laurie and her staff!!

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MelissaMelissa 23:27 23 Mar 21

Today was my first visit and I can not say enough about how great the staff is. I had a great call with the pharmacist

that was very informative. Then when I got to the store the employee were outstanding. Clean environment, super friendly staff that seem to love there job and go out of there way to help you. A huge thank you to everyone one there for being so helpful and accommodating.Melissa Nelson

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Dawn D.Dawn D. 13:27 19 Feb 21

I’ve been going to Thames Valley since they opened. They are all great people, kind and very helpful. You feel like

one of the “family” there. They work hard for us to make us all feel welcome even during this COVID-19 epidemic. They morphed their operations to align with the CDC guidelines. Patience’s is definitely a virtue when dealing with the changes in the operation.

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Kesa P.Kesa P. 19:51 18 Feb 21

Such a great overall experience! I’ve been a customer for a few months now and from the start the staff has been

consistently helpful, friendly and professional. They genuinely seem to enjoy working here which, in my opinion, makes for a great place to shop for customers! They have an excellent and wide variety of items and amazing prices! Also the facility is kept super clean and inviting especially with the wonderful smells 🙂

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Robyn M.Robyn M. 16:26 11 Feb 21

The facility is immaculate. The staff is phenomenal and incredibly knowledgeable. They walk you through the whole

process when you’re new to the program. Their products can change pain management in a way that I never knew was possible! Thank you so much!

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Brooke G.Brooke G. 08:56 09 Feb 21

I always feel like I’m in good hands at Thames Valley. Everyone is so kind and they have a great selection of product.

I always seem to find the best stuff from here and it has really helped me with my PTSD. Also they’re pretty dope when it comes to giving stuff away, I enjoy my free lighters and t-shirts.

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Bob P.Bob P. 13:40 27 Jan 21

Staff always goes above & beyond for their customers.Who else has a Ben & Jerry’s authentic ice cream truck and a Kona

flavoured ice truck waiting in the parking lot for you to have a complimentary treat. Nobody else does that.Thanks for all the little things you do as they are so very much noticed and appreciated!Thank youBobby P

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Mike E.Mike E. 17:04 25 Jan 21

Staff is always very polite and helpful! I have never had a question they could not answer or help me with. I was a

newer patient recently and they have been nothing but accommodating and helpful I highly recommend them as the place to go when you are first getting your card.

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Angela B.Angela B. 22:36 19 Jan 21

I’ve been a patient since July and I have not one negative thing to say! I love everyone there, they’re all so helpful

all the time with the sunniest disposition! I walked in lost but every question I had I got helped with. I love my dispensary.

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Katrina T.Katrina T. 19:23 14 Jan 21

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Thames Valley is great for beginning patients or even those with plenty of product knowledge. The staff is always

willing to answer questions to help you get what works best for you. The line always moves quickly even with current Covid regulations.

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James H.James H. 18:45 17 Nov 20

Fantastic service. They really know what they are talking about and can point you to the right thing. I really love

their reward system. Product can be expensive like any other dispensary, but the reward system makes you feel a bit better dropping the dime.I really appreciate that they have every form of the good stuff you could ask for, from concentrates to edibles and flower of course. Very clean and friendly.

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Amanda W.Amanda W. 16:00 09 Nov 20

Always a nice experience here. Staff is very knowledgeable about all the products! I have found coming here to be a

very wonderful and friendly experience. You get to know each other, I couldn’t recommend this place more!

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Anthony P.Anthony P. 21:32 27 Oct 20

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their product and their pharmacists are VERY helpful with what they

recommend. Dianne and Hillary are the best, but at the same time their ENTIRE team is nothing but equally as awesome.I wont bother switching to Groton’s dispensary. Ive come to fully respect and appreciate the service they provide me as a patient, and I feel like my needs and concerns are addressed properly when I have a question about a particular strain.5 out of 5 stars.Thank you for what you guys do in these difficult times during the virus. Thames Valley provides GOD’S medicine, and they do it well ???? ????

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Joshua K.Joshua K. 12:21 29 Sep 20

I have been a patient with Thames for a while now and absolutely LOVE the staff and how personal they get with

everyone. Hundreds of people and somehow they remember every face. They’ll guide you every step so 1) you have full knowledge of what your doing/getting, and 2) because it’s just nice being social. I have visited other Dispensaries and so far no one compares to the service provided by staff. If you’re new or looking for better treatment, I fully recommend this specific location!!!!

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Alisa Danielle (.Alisa Danielle (. 11:35 10 Sep 20

I have been an avid customer for about 4 years with Thames Valley Relief, the staff is always courteous, smiling, and

so friendly! The ladies running the back room are busy bees! And extremely efficient! I have never had any issues whatsoever. I honestly love this company & their employees. They are extremely professional & very helpful in every aspect concerning the Medical Marijuana Program. HIGHLY recommended.

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Alex W.Alex W. 17:29 02 Sep 20

The facility is great, the staff is absolutely fantastic and super friendly. They have a nice selection of medicinal

cannabis products and are very helpful when it comes to anything you need to know about what you’re getting. They’ve been handling the situation with covid very well as well.

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Bruce P.Bruce P. 16:05 02 Sep 20

The people here are super friendly and helpful. We walked in pretty blind and naive and they patiently sat with us and

explained everything we needed to know. No judgement or ridicule, just honest down to earth explanations and help.

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Amy L.Amy L. 17:22 26 Aug 20

The folks at Thames Valley Relief are kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. It is a safe, pleasant environment and they

truly do care about their patients. They are receptive and respectful of my illness and go the extra mile to accommodate me.Amy Bloom

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Jess G.Jess G. 15:13 12 Aug 20

Awesome selection and customer service! Staff is so very nice and helpful….my boyfriend uses another dispensary in CT

and the prices and range of products can’t compare or even come close to TVR!!

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luis C.luis C. 21:49 11 Aug 20

I have been a patient for about a year now and I’ve never had a bad experience. The staff is super friendly and very

knowledgeable. I can see by the way the staff interacts with the other patients they care. I would recommend this location to anyone based on its people, the amazing product is just a added bonus.

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Cathy M.Cathy M. 19:03 11 Aug 20

I have proudly been with Thames Valley for 5 years! They are always friendly, helpful, reasonably priced, clean! With

specials, and even patient appreciation days! They have quickly become my family! I wouldn’t know what I would do without them! ❤

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