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I purchased a 2020 Dodge Ram pickup from Texan Dodge on April 16th, 2020. After the purchase while in with the finance director Mr. W L** I asked if they could expedite transferring my ***** ****** ***** ******** ******* ******* As a benefit to my service and sacrifice, I get complimentary tolls with these plates which is very beneficial in my job. Mr. L** said it would not be a problem and did the command paperwork. I waited two weeks and then called to follow up, I was put in contact with a Ms. Jessica C****** who handles adjustment for the franchise. She informed that due to COVID 19 that ****** ****** was not processing new fomite plates. A coworker of mine had fair bought a new Toyota and got his plates within two days, so I proceeded to contact the ****** ****** *** ******. A lady by the name of Peggy M******* responded and forwarded me her liaison information to forward it to the franchise. I sent her e-mail and telephone numeral to Jessica C****** and waited another week. I called back and could not reach Jessica. I left messages for her, the General coach, the General Sales Manager, my salesperson, and anyone else I could I think of. No one would reply to my calls or emails. on May 13th I went to the franchise in person to find a resolution. After talking with the receptionist, the General Sales Manager came out to speak with me. I did not get his name, but he was immediately confrontational. He was an ******* ******** ********* and promptly tried to dismiss me. He would not even listen to the steps I had taken so far and kept saying due to COVID 19 90 customers were awaiting tags. At one target of the conversation, he asked me if I had any other issues or was this equitable a ******** ****** That was his first use of profanity. Mind you we were in the middle of the display room with other customers and employees looking at us and hearing the conversation. When I pointed out that the customer to my left could hear all this and was credibly not appreciative the GSM told me to “ get the ***** out of his franchise ” I looked at him and asked if he was good at which clock time he started to walk away. As he was walking away, he called me a “ ***** ***** I asked him what he said, and he replied that “ I heard him. ” I asked him if he would like to step outside and continue the conversation away from customers and employees at which clock time, he told me he was a veteran besides and that I was a “ ***** for wanting to use my benefits ? I never used profanity with this gentleman.

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