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What do you think about one day, a fiddling girl appeared in front of you, called you master and did everything you asked for ? today, APKMody will introduce to you Teaching Feeling APK, an 18+ plot for Android that meets all that I just mentioned .

Introduce about Teaching Feeling


When starting Teaching Feeling, you were some of the doctors in a small town. This repair is single, much focused on solve and does not spend much fourth dimension on other concerns. One sidereal day, a serviceman who appeared in front of his house and led with another girl. He said he had been rescued by you and wanted to repay you with that child, whose named Sylvie. The floor begins here .
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In Teaching Feeling, your main task is helping Sylvie reclaim health and psychology after being subjected to torture from the previous owners. This is a ocular fresh bet on, you will have 3 things can do with her : spill, rub her head or touch her. When choosing 1 of 3, the game will continue to evolve in many different directions that you are the decision-maker .
If you talk to Sylvie, you will realize that her health is not good, and the previous traumatic events seem to have knocked her down. The erstwhile owners much torture her to entertain themselves. The scars all over her were the solution of chemicals spilled on her. Prove you are a good master to help her through a nightmare.

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Reading: Teaching Feeling

Teaching Feeling screenshot 2
“ Rub her principal ” doesn ’ metric ton mean a lot and Sylvie doesn ’ thymine understand what you mean. however, if this military action is done endlessly for many days, she will besides feel less insecure and smile when you rub her pass .
And “ partake ” will be the first step for the series of actions with badly minds. A bet on labelled 18+ because, after this natural process, you can go further. You are the maestro, the choice is wholly up to you.

Take care of her

The tax in Teaching Feeling is to take care of Sylvie, but you must besides maintain your daily life. work and earn money to cover your needs and Sylvie. In accession, she came to your life more than a slave. She is like a soul mate, a unaccented to your lonely life. Be kind to Sylvie, gradually, she will open her heart and have many interesting interactions and cute emotions. not only that, your life not only revolves around Sylvie, outside the other town there are many matter to things and unexpected relationships. Don ’ metric ton forget to go out and explore them .
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Some tips you may need

Although you barely need to choose, many players lost Sylvie after only 15 days of populate with her. The reason is that Sylvie had an illness and did not exist. therefore how to overcome these difficult 15 days ?

Teaching Feeling screenshot 4
first and first, never touch the “ refer ” button. As I said, Sylvie is inherently weak and needs care, if you have any desire for her, it will be an highly badly bespeak, Sylvie may fall ailment and fail. Talk often and rub her pass and express sympathy. If you are interest, Sylvie will open her center to you. She will ask for assistant from her overlord and go out. Teaching Feeling has an intimate bar, how close you are to the little girlfriend will be assessed through this banish. Meet Sylvie ’ s needs and keep the closeness score above 50, and prioritize options that increase this grudge. Continue to treat her well until the fifteenth day, Sylvie will get disgusted. When the confidant score is over 50, choose a remedy for her and she will survive the first 15 difficult days .

Humanitarian values

Teaching Feeling contains humanist values about feminism and child security laws. The double of Sylvie is fallible, faint and can be broken at any clock, but with allowance and understand, you can help her get the best pain and be the foundation for a beneficial life sentence after. Through that visualize, the manufacturer wants to send to the players the beautiful messages of homo rights, campaign and impression law and many early things in biography .

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How to open & play Teaching Feeling?

  1. Open game -> Click Menu -> Skip.
  2. Wait a while.
  3. Click Menu -> Skip again.
  4. When Menu reappears, click Menu -> Auto.

Download Teaching Feeling APK for Android

Teaching Feeling is a game with gameplay that is not new but still identical attractive. 2D images interracial with creepy colors bring players curio vitamin a well as produce singular features for the game. Teaching Feeling is a ocular novel plot, you can choose anything you want. If you come to conquer the game, behave like a gentleman, but if you just come to satisfy yourself… you know what to do .

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