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The Ontario College of Teachers ( OCT ) is the regulative college for the teach profession in Ontario and is the largest self-regulatory torso in Canada. [ citation needed ] It was established on 20 May 1997. [ 3 ] The college ‘s mandate is to license, govern and regulate the commit of teaching. It is besides responsible for developing standards of teaching practice, regulating ongoing teacher authentication and master development, and accrediting teacher department of education programs. The College of Teachers besides has the duty to investigate claims of wrongdoing made against teachers. The Ontario College of Teachers is besides mandated to communicate with the public on behalf of the profession, which it does chiefly through its web site. Teachers and principals employed by publicly funded schools ( chief or secondary, english or french, “ public ” or Catholic ) are required to be members of the college in good standing. College membership is not compulsory for teaching in a private school, but some schools might require it and some teachers are members voluntarily. The college maintains a database of teachers and their qualifications, which is available to the public on the college ‘s web site. [ 4 ]

public pastime [edit ]

The college has a duty to serve and protect the populace interest, but is frequently criticised for being an propagation of the politics. [ 5 ] The public has elected representatives on the college council which allows input into the operation of the college. [ 5 ] College policies and initiatives are developed to maintain and improve excellence as perceived by the members of the council and council administration. disciplinary hearings are open to the public but are not normally available to the public as cases are transferred to the Toronto administrative buildings in downtown Toronto. [ 6 ] The college offers its members and the public copies of discipline committee decisions that are heavily edited by staff and posted on its web site, in its quarterly cartridge holder, Professionally Speaking, and through the college ‘s Margaret Wilson Library .

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government [edit ]

The college is governed by a 37-member council, 23 of whose members are teachers ‘ federation–endorsed members of the college elected under steering by the Ontario Teachers ‘ federation by their peers for three-year terms. Less than 5 % of teachers throughout the state have voted during the Ontario College of Teachers elections. Elected members represent the English, French, Catholic, populace, elementary and secondary school systems in all regions of the state. The early 14 members of the council are appointed by the Ontario Lieutenant Governor in Council for terms of up to three years. The college council meets four times a class to develop and approve policies and procedures. [ 7 ] As of 2016, the council is chaired by Angela De Palma. [ 8 ]

secrecy [edit ]

In 2011, the Ontario College of Teachers was criticized for keeping mystery the names of teachers who were allowed to teach in Ontario classrooms flush after committing crimes against children. [ 9 ] [ 10 ] The Toronto Star found that out of 49 cases published by the Ontario College of Teachers in 2010, 35 such cases kept the teacher anonymous. [ 11 ] In the summer of 2011, the college commissioned former Ontario Chief Justice Patrick LeSage to evaluate its discipline processes and practices. Nine months and 49 recommendations late, he has given the college a self-endorsed mandate. No parents, parent groups, rear councils, victims of misuse by educators or critics of the college were asked to submit concerns. The report cost $ 500,000 and was paid for by the teachers of the state. [ 12 ] In June 2012, the college council approved the recommendations including a recommendations that allows repeat sexual activity offenders to return to teaching after five years. Since the Toronto Star started an probe of the cases held mystery by the Ontario College of Teachers, the Ontario politics has made the Ontario College of Teachers publish any cases that have been held in public hearings. This does not include cases that have been determined by conclude door legal agreements. [ 13 ] Therefore, parents may immediately determine if their child ‘s teacher who has passed a criminal criminal record check has in fact been found guilty of such crimes as sexual rape, [ 9 ] kidnap, [ 9 ] physical assault, impair drive and indeed on. Parents may now be able to place the teacher ‘s name in the discipline register to determine if their child is being taught by a convicted condemnable .

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