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I was visiting Fort Lauderdale in November when I wandered into The Shops At Las Olas looking for a bathe courtship. The salesgirl showed me some suits and said, ‘why not get two ? You ‘re getting two for the price of one ! ” She kept saying this and pressing the issue. I actually did n’t need two suits, but I figured what the heck ? When I went up to the register, the owner was quite chatty and pleasant. In hindsight I see that he was trying to distract me, which he managed to do. He put the washup suits in a bag, put a acknowledge for me to sign with his hand covering the sum. I then asked him if he put the receipt in the bag and it was then that he gave it to me, saying, ” oh it just printed. ” When I got binding to my son ‘s house I looked at the reception and was floored to see that I was charged for both bathing suits. The next day I went back to the storehouse and spotted the woman who helped me, said hello and told her why I was back. She told me that I had to speak to the ‘cashier ‘, who is actually the owner. When I went to speak with him, the womanhood promptly disappeared. I explained that she kept telling me that the bathing suits were two for one and that is the merely reason I took two. He said he could give me store credit, knowing full well that I was from out of town. I told him that I either wanted them to refund the total of the moment courtship or I was returning the entire purchase. He said he could do neither. As a business owner myself, I tried to appeal to any good common sense before I told him that I was leaving the trade and taking it up with my credit a=card caller. The man took the bag that I placed on the counter and threw it out on the street and told me to leave his store ! I retrieved the bulge from outside and again, placed it on his counter and walked out of the store. My credit poster company, MASTERCARD, fair told me that the sellers said they have no criminal record of receiving back the merchandise, so the MASTERCARD is charging me for this. They have no hear the last of this. IF YOU VISIT FORT LAUDERDALE, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT GO INTO THIS STORE. THEY ARE THIEVES.

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