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After the extremely success of the apocalyptic horror K-drama, Sweet Home fans are buzzing about the possibility of a Season 2. The first series was acclaimed for its high-quality ocular effects, plotline and actions, and it ended on several cliffhangers .
Earlier it was already rumored that Sweet Home Season 2 commenced filming in December 2021, but Netflix has dismissed the report. And immediately raw rumors of Season 2 going into production are being shared on-line .
The director hinted at the possibility of Sweet Home Season 2 at a compress conference back in December 2020, but formally Netflix neither renewed the series for a second season nor gave any updates on its production .
actually, there are a few pieces of attest that suggest Sweet Home Season 2 output might get started.

On March 8, 2022, Song Kang ‘s director shared a few pictures on his Instagram report that made fans believe that Sweet Home Season 2 is on the cards .
The Instagram mail reads, “ Song Kang ‘s coach IG narrative update ( first photograph ) ‘it has started … ” CHA HYUN SOO COME BACK IN SWEET HOME SEASON 2 PLEASE ‘ ”

Cha Hyun-soo, who portrayed Song Kang in season 1, was offered a function in Sweet Home Season 2. His agency, Namoo Actors said, “ It is true that we are discussing the appearance of Song Kang in ‘Sweet Home ‘ season 2, but nothing has been confirmed even. ” ( Report by Soompi ).

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furthermore, a Twitter exploiter shared that Studio Dragon is planning to release Sweet Home Season 2 in 2022 .

A report posted in July 2021 claimed that Sweet Home Season 2 will have Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, and Lee Si Young in the cast. In response to the reports, Netflix commented, “ nothing has been decided so far regarding the output of [ “ Sweet Home ” ] Season 2. ”

But, according to an exclusive report from the south korean portal site JTBC, Netflix has been on the motion to start preparations for Sweet Home Season 2. Netflix already confirmed the actors and actresses for the approaching series .
Sweet Home Season 2 is even to be formally announced. But we assume Sweet Home Season 2 is probably to return to Netflix. If the above reports are to be believed, we could expect that Sweet Home season 2 will release at the end of 2022 .
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