Netflix’s Sweet Home Review: A Silly and Enjoyable Apocalyptic Series

Sweet Home is a south korean repugnance series based on the webtoon of the lapp identify by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan. The serial is directed by Lee Eung-bok, Jang Young-woo and Park So-hyun and stars Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook and Lee Si-young .

Horror is something that gets me going, particularly if it ’ s the post-apocalyptic, monster/zombie type. These shows have an endless supply of things that it can show because it very doesn ’ t have to be coherent or basically make much common sense. Post-apocalyptic shows can, however, get besides desegregate up in its own giddiness, which is kind of the case with Sweet Home .
Sweet Home, a 10-episode repugnance series talks about an apocalyptic universe where there ’ s a virus ( ? ) going around that turns people into monsters based on their desires. Caught in this mess are the people of Green Home, a dilapidate apartment complex with a variety of personalities.

The usher focuses on some of these personalities and gives us a backstory about them, however, not everyone gets the same focus as others. There ’ second self-destructive loner Cha Hyun‑soo who gets infected reasonably early on in the read. however, he is able to conflict the demons within and somehow hold on to his humanity. He and a bunch of misfits bundle up together to save themselves from this outbreak .
Sweet Home
A bulk of the fib in the series is made up of these people and their personal lives and personalities. With therefore many members to focus on, Sweet Home takes a distribute of clock to get us acquainted with all of them and then we see them change and grow in such difficult circumstances. I liked the parts where it focused on these people and their assorted problems and backstories, it gave a more human refer and let us grow closer to these people and manage for them .
The other major fortune of Sweet Home is about the monsters. There ’ second enough gore in this south korean horror to survive a life and it ’ s delightful to watch. Vying away from the automaton revelation stories that are oh-so-common, we get to see other types of singular monsters that aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always promptly available in many repugnance contents. however, in hurt of these clever monsters at bridge player, most of them are CGI, the quality of which is indeed bad that it becomes silly alternatively of horrifying. More frequently than not you will end up rolling your eyes because of the atrocious CGI effects that take away any repugnance elements that the show started off with.

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however, the gore and blood in the series make up for the atrocious CGI slightly. Blood gushes from people ’ s noses all the time and it ’ s like watching a faucet crusade out water. There ’ south besides instances of self-harm, bullying and other forms of abuse which are, in my opinion, scarier than any giant. The way the residents band together to try and survive in such a atrocious situation is a great watch and does well to join these themes together .
Performance-wise besides everyone delivers. Everyone is credible in their roles and portray their characters with adequate care so that you don ’ t feel like it ’ s just another caricature. Sweet Home pushes through on its own rapid tempo, and before you can catch a breath from the initial rush of energy, there ’ south more in the next 5 minutes. honestly, we get to see a monster very early in the episodes and that ’ s what creates the yard for what ’ sulfur to come. No preferably do you recover from a monster whammy do you get 5 more .

Summing Up: Sweet Home

Sweet Home
Sweet Home, in hurt of its many flaws, is a absolutely bingable and fun show that keeps you occupied throughout. Although there are moments where the express drags a bit here and there, it ’ second nothing major to take you out of it. The stallion show takes put by and large inside the apartment building complex which gives it a sense of coherence but besides adds to the tension of staying in a small space. The pace is extraordinary and its high-octane narrative makes for a good and fun watch, although don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect besides many scares.

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Sweet Home is streaming on Netflix .
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