How it works
The Mr. Pink Super Shampoo and superior surface clean works specifically to remove all the soil from your cable car. By using premium super polymers you get thick foam bubbles on the car that pull the dirt down. Mr. Pink is the excellent choice when it comes to weekly washes. The aristocratic cleanse might will not remove wax so you know your car will constantly be protected. early detailing shampoos are frequently excessively knock-down and remove the dirt american samoa well as your wax. Mr. Pink is delicate and safe for your surface, allowing it to remove soil from anywhere in your car. The pH-balanced formula allows you to wash your car in direct sunlight. Mr. Pink is easily to rinse off the car without leaving any residue. This actually draws your car the broad attention it deserves. The high foam consequence makes Mr. Pink besides suitable for foam guns and foam lances .

Superior surface cleaner
Mr. Pink is the perfect way to remove oxidations and contaminants and maintain the choice of your paintwork. Mr. Pink ‘s gain formula is soft adequate to retain wax and sealant. Mr. Pink is highly concentrated in a 1:4000 dilution proportion. This means you only need 1 ounce of Mr. Pink on a 2 gallon bucket for a perfectly cleaned lacquer. Mr. Pink changes the means you wash your cable car constantly. It ‘s the perfect detailing – shampoo for every situation. The engineering in Mr. Pink is actually gamey technical school. The high foaming rule provides an extra placid wash – solution that allows your glove to glide well over the surface. 95 % of swrils, scratches and marring leave from incorrect washing. Mr. Pink ‘s unique formula continuously develops fresh foam and encapsulates the contaminants so they can be safely removed from the surface without scratching it. The ph – inert convention allows Mr. Pink to clean any come on quickly and safely. Mr. Pink gives every detailer an ultimate versatility on any car, hand truck, motorbike or gravy boat .

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Chemistry behind the product
The secret of Mr. Pinks performance lies in chemistry. Chemical Guys uses the most advance engineering to give professionals and enthusiasts the best detailing experience potential. To take Mr. Pink to the future level of invention, our lab technicians have developed super – polymers that encapsulate contaminants, dust and oxidation, after which the surface can be rinsed clean. Incorrect washing methods can cause scratches and swirls that leave the lacquer looking unkempt. The premium super polymers in Mr. Pink lease you wash any surface safely and deliver a show – winning glow. The Chemical Guys super-polymers rinse clean and allow your Mr. Pink to be used as a touchless car laundry a well. Mr. Pink takes your hebdomadally car wash to the following floor of perfection.

Ultimate versatility
Chemical Guys believes that versatility gives you an advantage in every detailing – position. Mr. Pink is the perfective shampoo for every wash – application. The pH-balanced convention is designed to work on any color. Mr. Pink besides works absolutely on plastics and wheels. The alone rule leaves every surface clean and free of contaminants. Use Mr. Pink with your hebdomadally 2 – bucket – carwash for a streak-free shine that always impresses. Use Mr. Pink with the Foam Gun or Foam Lance .

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Safe for wax and sealant
Maintaining a protective wax or sealant layer of the car is important. Waxes and sealants to protect your car against UV rays, water stains and befoulment. Mr Pink works to keep your protective wax or sealant layer. The unique wax formula makes it potential to wash away contaminants and oxidation while maintaining your protective level. Mr Pink is designed to wash any external open with preciseness. Mix 29 ML of Mr Pink to 2 liters of body of water to create a superior surface clean with a generous total of soapsuds. The advanced super polymers glide over your current wax to ensure that your cable car, hand truck, motorcycle or motorhome remains protected from the elements. Mr Pink shows you the true definition of clean .

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