Sundar Pichai’s Inspiring Journey from a Small Town Boy to Google CEO

“Wear Your Failures as a Badge of Honor”-Sundar Pichai

These are the knock-down words by CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, that inspires us to accept our mistakes graciously. The leading man of the internet arouses everyone to not drop their armor after making mistakes .
From living in a minor house to sleeping on the deck and now owning an ultra-luxurious mansion in Los Altos Hills, Sundar Pichai has decidedly come a long way. A small-town son grew from a base middle-class background and in no clock time became one of the 100 most influential people in the world – his travel is no less than a roller-coaster depend on .
Let ’ s check out the quintessential journey of a small-town boy who worked hard to become the Pride of India. From being an IITian to the CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc., his ticket talent and impressive track read set an exemplar for every middle-class person dream of reaching heights in their career. Keep scrolling to know more about Sundar Pichai ’ s house, his inspiring journey, achievements, and real estate properties.

Ultimate Luxury is What Sundar Pichai’s Abode Exhibits

Source:- Mansion Global
Sundar Pichai resides in the most covet town of California ’ s Santa Clara County named Los Altos Hills, which is one of the wealthiest towns. No curiosity Los Altos is the eden for the most affluent residents of Silicon Valley, including Google CEO, Sundar Pichai .
A dwelling where luxury meets comfort, Pichai purchased this deluxe sign of the zodiac for a whack $ 40 million. Sundar Pichai ’ s California firm is a view to behold as it incorporates all the first amenities, including a tennis court and a miniature golf airfield .

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Sundar Pichai’s New House: An Exquisite Example of Architecture

Source: Russell Abrahams :- ArchDaily
An ace architecture and interior firm will design Sundar Pichai ‘s new residence. Pichai and his wife have already presented the blueprints, an expansive architectural model and visualize renderings to the inside interior designer and have paid $ 6 million for their new home ’ mho design, which is located on a slope, 31.17-acre parcel .
Source: Russell Abrahams :- Archdaily
Sundar ’ s new sign of the zodiac will be nothing less than royal heaven as it will incorporate a spectrum of amenities such as a reflecting pond, eternity pool, secondary school, watering place, wine root cellar, solar panels, elevator and expansive nanny quarters for their kids at the basement degree. The outside of their eden will be an exquisite fusion of limestone, cement poultice, forest and glass elements .

Sundar Pichai’s Modest Home in Chennai

Sundar Pichai was born in the middle-class house of an Electrical Engineer. This flair has spent his integral childhood in a modest and minimalist two-bedroom apartment home. In one of the interviews, Sundar mentioned that he has lived a simple life and has never felt the need for materialistic things .

The IIT-Kharagpur alumnus further stated that he lived in a fully-packed minor firm shared with tenants. He, with his syndicate, used to sleep on the floor of the living room. Pichai said that other houses in their vicinity had refrigerators and then after a few years, his kin besides got one which was a bad cover for them .
Sundar encapsulated his life in India as “ friends, reading books and playing street cricket ”.

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Sundar Pichai’s Relocation to the US

Pichai completed his schooling from Jawahar Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School in Chennai and did his class 12th from Vana Vani School. Fascinated by the Science-based environment, he opted for B.Tech. and pursue metallurgical engineer from IIT Kharagpur ; he besides earned a Silver decoration from the institution .
Sundar Pichai then moved to the US as he got a eruditeness and far pursued an M.S. degree in technology and materials science from Stanford University and an MBA degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania .

Sundar Pichai’s Upward Career Trajectory – Meteoric Rise

Pichai worked with Applied Materials and McKinsey & Company before joining Google in 2004. initially, he led the intersection management department and played a major character in developing Google Maps and Gmail. After working for over a decade with Google, here came the big day of his life when he was selected to be the new CEO of Google. Pichai last took care of the office on 24 October 2015 and was on cloud nine as he bagged his dream appointment. One can vouch that Pichai is the originator behind the success of Google. Furthermore, Pichai became the chief executive officer of Alphabet Inc. in December 2019. He was besides a loudspeaker at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2020, where he gave a virtual speech on the digital economy .

Sundar Pichai’s Net Worth: Highest Paid CEO

The calculate net worth of this Indian-born american english business administrator is $ 1.31 billion, which is closely gas constant 9,755 crore. Pichai ’ south net worth keeps escalating since he is one of the highest-paid CEOs all over the world .
Along with earning $ 2 million as a basis wage from Google, Sundar owns shares and stocks in this multi-billion dollar party .

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Living Life in the Fast Lane with Some Cool Cars

Sundar Pichai is not a adult fan of swank cars in cattiness of owning some of the high-end lavishness cars. The collection of cool and swank cars Pichai owns includes BMW 730 LD worth Rs 1.35 Crore, Mercedes Benz V Class worth Rs 73 Lakh, Toyota Hiace worth Rs 35 Lakh and Mercedes S650 worth Rs 2.7 Crore .

Unknown Tidbits About Sundar Pichai: You Can’t Miss

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  • Sundar Pichai possesses a knack for recalling phone numbers since childhood.
  • Pichai is married to his college sweetheart “Anjali”.
  • Pichai loves to play cricket and football.
  • He is a huge fan of the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • His father had to save for 3 years to buy a scooter for his family but made sure to give the best education to Pichai and his brother.
  • Pichai was about to switch to Microsoft and Google had to negotiate to retain him.
  • Pichai was the captain of his high school cricket team before pursuing his graduation.
  • Pichai took over the portfolio of Andy Rubin, the Android founder, to run platforms in 2013. 

Sundar Pichai has always believed in pushing his limits to a remarkable extent until he enjoys the sweet fruits of success. From a small-town boy to the CEO of Google, Pichai has become the Pride of India with his sheer talent and skills and is the man at the helm, heading the biggest tech giant company in the world.

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