Structured Social Announces Acquisition of Boundless Labs Creating a Revolutionary Full Stack Marketing Agency

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., July 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The direct to consumer experts equitable became a powerhouse musician in the e-commerce diligence. In an undisclosed bargain, Structured Social announced the acquisition of one of the industry ‘s top electronic mail and memory selling agencies, Boundless Labs .

Structured Social Founder Nick Shackelford

Structured Social Founder Nick Shackelford

Both team ‘s will come operate under “ Structured Social ” and, with a more diversify skill set, is well-positioned to be a major disruptor within the operation e-commerce marketplace. Structured Social partners with consumer product brands that do low 7-figures to mid 8-figures in tax income. The distribute comes after several months of negotiation and positions the company as one of the top progressive e-commerce commercialize agencies in the nation .
“ The Boundless Lab ‘s team has been populace class, ” said Nick Shackelford, Structured Social Co-Founder and Partner. “ We knew the timing could n’t have been better for both our teams and our clients. This softwood solidifies our future in the space as we do n’t have to rely on top of funnel traffic to drive commercial enterprise results. ”
Boundless Labs is a memory Marketing Company that specializes in electronic mail and text message strategy equally well as high level design and execution work. Their portfolio of brands range from well-known e-commerce brands to top traditional e-commerce and CBD+Cannabis companies.


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While many e-commerce and traditional market agencies have taken a good hit due to the current pandemic, Structured Social, made up of talented professionals in California, New York, and Texas, has seen month-to-month growth across about all verticals for years. It is presently working with some of the top consumers brands in the nation, including Ibex, The Chive, Rove Concepts, Foster Grant, Human Rights Foundation and many other digitally native brands. “ The time with everything happening in the global was serendipitous. This partnership has allowed us to weather an uncertain time and stead us to come out tied stronger than when we entered, ” added Structured Social Co-Founder and Partner Jake Schmidt. This expanded team will be able to provide support for all elements of e-commerce and even traditional market emergence. Including paid media management, television initiation and manipulation, web site and graphic blueprint, electronic mail execution, and consulting across the entirety of a mark ‘s lifecycle. “ For me it is and always was ace personal, ” said Chase Dimond, Structured Social Partner. “ I got my start in e-commerce through Nick and I ‘ve been pushing and working closely with the Structured Social team since Boundless Labs began. Knowing that Structured was focused on driving the growth and traffic for brands, we could dial in the retentiveness and bottomland of the funnel for our brands with more coherence than earlier. ” In Boundless Lab ‘s abbreviated 2-year least sandpiper, they have generated union of $ 35 million in e-mail tax income and systematically increased their post ‘s e-mail tax income to 20-30 % of total gross. “ Although we are in the midst of an unprecedented meter, both for us a individuals arsenic well as for the brands we work with, this partnership was born from a place of intensity, ” said David Bozin, Structured Social Partner. Media Contact:

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