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Stitchex is a Complete Apparel ERP software that includes production, market, sales, invoices, ordering, inventory, and transport. Stitchex is a full-featured and easy-to-set-up Fashion ERP System that serves quick ROI and makes your operations more effective. It is an apparel management software that allows users to integrate with third-party software easily. It allows you to shift from another ERP System to it without losing any of your data. Stitchex enables users to take dominance over activities and streamline operations. now Stitchex is known as Uphance.

As an Apparel Software Stitchex, enables users to forecast revenues and manage costs. It has a have for B2B wholesale portal and can be managed on any device with the respective applications for the lapp. Stitchex ERP System, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best AlternativesStitchex ERP System, Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing & Best Alternatives

Features :

organize products

Sort your products based upon unlike categories and assign them to their respective slots. This makes your memory more mastermind and easy to pull the particular dress or accessory that you or customers are looking for .

production To Order To Shipping Management

It has a hardening of functions to streamline all sector operations of your business .

Catalog, Materials & Fabric Management

It has intuitive modules for your fashion business that help a fortune to perform hassle-free business operations .

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Precise Sales Orders

Stitchex never gives you a bite of the ordering ’ second information, so you can give away accurate products as per the node ’ s wish. Collects all the relevant information such as colors, sizes, styles, quantities, requital methods, shipping address, and others .

flexible Bill & Invoicing

Apparel software like Stitchex has a wide compass of invoicing which helps you keep track of the payment and see the convenience of the customers. This helps you to collect requital on time and increase the graph of profit .

Auto-Update inventory

If and when the merchandise gets removed from the armory it is automatically added to the number of the merchandise back to its respective section. This helps you to give a absolved mind of your stock .

provide Chain Management

This ERP cum Apparel Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution completely manages all your supply chain needs for any size of the dress clientele .

eCommerce solution

Stitchex helps you to expand your business on the web with its exclusive features on your craved sell platform. With this Fashion ERP Software, you do not have to add, modify, and monitor the products on the web .

Auto-Managed production

Tracks on your sales list and product list help you to save time and campaign by updating the tilt of product. even it alters you when you are running broken on the material so you can timely replenish your stocks and grow your business .

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Warehouse Management

It not lone maintains the supply chain for any business, but it besides manages warehouses with stocks and other important backend occupation operations .

fashion Illustrations

If you hire a fashion interior designer for your particular fashion merchandise, for this reason, Stitchex saves this fashion artist ’ randomness design sketches, size specifications, and other important documents.

Supplier Management

It successfully manages all supplier information with their products, stocks, prices .

Pros :

  • Smooth functions to run a business well
  • easily to set up and use
  • Great third pastry consolidation
  • dependable technical school support
  • Features as per the changing fourth dimension and prerequisite
  • Can be used on any device careless of function system
  • Traditional ERPs are too much expensive and not easy to use by anyone
  • Bunch of business operations module

Cons :

  • Some essential output features are missing
  • Some functions lag sometimes
  • not many glitches which can not be solved

price :

Stitchex offers a barren trial (of 14 days) with limited features. With trial entree to this ERP, any apparel business holders can decide whether it is the preferable ERP System which their business needs or not.

  • Essential: Simple solution for a startup fashion business at $ 99 per calendar month for 2 users
  • Plus: Full-Featured Software Solution + Own Production Management at $ 199 per month for 3 users
  • Enterprise: Ultimate ERP Solution for enterprise fashion occupation only at $ 995 per calendar month for 10 users
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conclusion :

Stitchex is an apparel management software that helps you to organize your business well and helps you overall from production corporeal to the transportation and requital portal site. This ERP can be easily used on any device remotely. You can try a unblock trial to check if it suits your arithmetic mean or not. If it does not match your expectations then you can check out Stitchex or any other ERP Alternatives .

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