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JagNet Self Service

What is JagNet?

JagNet is South Texas College ’ s web portal site that provides individualized access to web services. You may customize JagNet so that the information and tools you need and want are available when you log in. All registered students, staff and staff have access to course information, group tools, campus life, work life, personal calendars, e-mail, and more — anytime, anywhere .

How do I log in to JagNet?

Point your web browser to http : //jagnet.southtexascollege.edu and logarithm in using your STC username and password .
What is my JagNet Username and Password?  Office of Admissions and Records generates JagNet passwords for the student once all required data such as transcripts, test scores and completed lotion has been submitted. The JagNet password will be mailed to the scholar or it can be picked up at the Office of Admissions and Records or Student Information Center with a movie ID.

STC has an official password standard that is aimed at creating hard to guess passwords. The password must meet or exceed the minimum requirements below. Passwords must :

  • Be at least 8 characters long
  • Contain seemingly random or uncommon information
  • Be easy to remember but hard to guess by others
  • Contain characters from at least three of the following four categories:
    1. Uppercase characters (A-Z)
    2. Lowercase characters (a-z)
    3. Numbers (0-9)
    4. Special characters (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*)
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JagMail Setup

When you receive your Jagnet Username and Password you can then retrieve your Jagmail history by following these steps .

  1. Click http://outlook.com/stu.southtexascollege.edu to access the sign-in page.
  2. Enter your Username and Password. The format of your username is jagnetusername@stu.southtexascollege.edu
  3. If you are completing the login for the first time you will be prompted to choose a:
    1. preferred language
    2. preferred time zone

Can’t login to Jagmail? Are you able to log in to Jagnet but not to Jagmail?

  1. Click http://mypassword.southtexascollege.edu
  2. Select “Change my Password”.
  3. Enter the same password you are using for Jagnet and follow the instructions.

Please note: If you reset your password in Jagnet the Jagmail password is besides changed allowing you to use the same password in both systems. If you however can not get into Jagmail, please contact the Service Desk at 956.872.2111
If you see an error in red that says: Selected user account does not exist in tenant ‘South Texas College” please call the Service Desk at 956.872.2111

Is my information secure? Why don’t I see the key lock security symbol at the bottom of the screen?

security for JagNet is provided by Verisign. Because most pages are actually frame within a page you may not see the key picture that indicates a dependable page ; however, the pages are procure .
Your personal information on JagNet is protected through your username and password. alone by logging on with your username and password can your information be accessed. For this argue it is very important that you do not plowshare your username and password with anyone. No one, including support staff, needs to know your password for any reason. For your auspices, it is essential that you log out of JagNet whenever you leave your computer so that your personal information is not exposed .

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When is JagNet available and how long is the time-out for inactivity?

JagNet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a workweek. Some datum is provided from systems that may be down for stand-in and maintenance during the evening. These data may not be available in the portal vein during that time .
If you forget to log out of JagNet, the portal site will automatically time out after 15 minutes of inactiveness. This is a security feature that helps prevent others from gaining access to your individual information ( scholar records, fiscal information, on-line coursework, etc. ), particularly when you are using a populace computer. Warning : This is not a stand-in for logging out. The only way to absolutely ensure that your information remains procure is to LOG OUT before you leave the computer.

How do I get help with JagNet?

For general avail with JagNet click the Help picture in the upper correct recess of the JagNet screen. If you have questions or problems, contact the IS & P Help Desk 956-872-2111 .

Why don’t my browser’s “back” and “forward” buttons work properly?

The best manner to navigate through the portal vein is to use the yellow journalism and the links within JagNet. The “ back ” and “ forward ” buttons in your browser may move from check to tab or page to page, but if changes have been made or early logins have occurred, using the browser ’ s navigation buttons may not have the desire effect .

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Why is my connection to JagNet timed out after I have successfully logged in using SBC Global?

At this clock SBC Global does not use a support browser. Please use Internet Explorer to login .

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