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A Springlock lawsuit is a special animatronic that can be used as both an animatronic and suit. In ordain to turn the animatronic into “ befit mode ”, you will require a special crank which pushes the endoskeleton and mechanical gears to the sides of the courtship, making just enough space to wedge a person inside. The two most luminary springlock suits are Spring Bonnie and Fredbear .

Springlock failure

A “ Springlock failure ” is one of the many incidents that has happened at Fazbear entertainment restaurants over the years. These incidents occur when the locks, that are holding the endoskeleton in the pen up position, break in. This causes the endoskeleton and gears to spring into its usual situation, anyone caught inside the lawsuit when this happens will be impaled and crushed by the parts. It is, however, possible to escape the suit before the injuries become black as shown by William in the novels. A fan theory is that Shadow Freddy and RWQFSFASXC are 2 employees at Fredbear ‘s that experienced a Springlock failure and died from them, Shadow Freddy being the employee that died in the Fredbear lawsuit while RWQFSFASXC is the employee that died in the Springbonnie suit, this theory probable came about from the line where phone guy states that the sister location experienced multiple and coincident spring engage failures. however, this hypothesis was late debunked by Scott .

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How to cause a Springlock failure

There are two know reasons Springlock failures can occur, one of these is when the springlocks interact with water system and moisture, for this cause employees must not wear the courtship in rooms with besides much moisture in the air. ( This was the fortune of William Afton who died inside the spring Bonnie courtship when the springlocks failed. This happened as the ceiling appeared to have a leak and the rain water combined with William ’ s heavy breathing, as he had rushed to enter the suit, set the spring locks off. ) The second way these accidents can occur is when an employee fails to correctly wind the springlocks all the way improving, causing them to burst on the person inside.

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Five Nights at Freddy ‘s 2

On Night 6, Phone Guy mentions a bare suit in the back – specifically a “ yellow one ”. He states that “ person used it ”, apparently causing the animatronics to behave queerly. This event is most likely referencing the Missing Children ‘s Incident, in which 5 children were lured to the backroom by William Afton where he mutilated and murdered them all .

Five Nights at Freddy ‘s 3

Main article: Springtrap The Springbonnie suit now known as Springtrap makes an appearance as the chief adversary of the game, Springtrap would late be revealed to be the honest-to-god Springbonnie suit and the decomposing cadaver of William Afton after a Springlock failure, Phone Guy besides mentions the the Springbonnie suit has been moved, further hinting that Springbonnie was used by William to murder the 5 missing children .

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Five Nights at Freddy ’ s 4

Springbonnie and Fredbear, the two master springlock suits, make an appearance in the minigames. Fredbear was besides revealed to be the cause of the Bite of 83. This was believed to be one of the Springlock failures phone guy references when he talks about then in a earphone visit to the musician .

Sister Location

Main article: Springlock Suit (Sister Location) A Springlock suit makes an appearance in Sister Location. Circus Baby uses it to hide Michael Afton after Funtime Foxy knocked him out. she then opens the faceplates to reveal Michael to the security cameras so people could find him, however it besides reveals his location to the Minireenas. Michael has to shake them off while besides rewinding the springlocks so he ’ s not the next victim of a Springlock failure. Springtrap besides appears in a cutscene.


Springtrap, now known as scraptrap returns in Freddy Fazbear ‘s Pizzeria Simulator as an adversary once again, he is greatly damaged when Henry burns down the establishment, even he makes a recurrence as burntrap in Five Nights At Freddy ‘s Security rupture


Main article: Fredbear 3 Springlock suits appear in Ultimate Custom Night ; Springtrap, William Afton/Scraptrap, and Fredbear, with Fredbear being a secret antagonist .

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Security Breach

Springtrap returns in Five Nights At Freddy ‘s Security breach as a final boss for the unavowed ending. He is visibly burn to a crisp, purportedly from the ardor started by henry. As such, he adopts the name burntrap .


  • A Springlock is real type of lock, it has a spring-loaded bolt that requires a key to open it.
    • Real Springlocks could be the cranks used to turn a springlock suit into suit mode.
  • Due to Golden Freddy being a Springlock Suit, there appear to be no visual indicators on which suits contain Springlocks
  • All Springlock suits seen externally so far in the games are golden.
    • It is unknown however if the Springlock suit in Sister Location is golden as it is always seen inside of it.
    • However, a blue Springlock Suit was seen in The Silver Eyes graphic novel, proving this is not a requirement.


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