Skyrim Enchanting guide and how to enchant weapons and armor

Mastering how to enchant in Skyrim can enhance weapons and armor with magic that can give you useful buffs and other effects. Skyrim capture is basically the crafting end plot, giving you some of the most knock-down gear you can get in the game once you level up the correct skills. Skyrim enchanting basically enables you to raise gear above its base stats or add bespoke effects. You ‘ll have to work for it in Skyrim though and reach a Master Enchanter skill level of 100. That ‘s why a big function of this guide is just how to get that done fast, and will cover how to max out your enchanting skills quickly. There are three chief ways to do this : disenchant enchanted items you find ( which besides lets you ‘learn ‘ the enchantment ), enchanting items, and recharging enchanted things with person gems. We ’ re going to show focus on boosting your skills by disenchanting and enchanting items but before you do anything, make certain you find and use the Mage Stone. This is among the Guardian Stones southwest of Riverwood and will buff your magic trick determine so Enchanting will level improving 20 % faster. Make certain you constantly have the Well Rested buff for an extra 10 % hike by sleeping, or the Lover ’ s Comfort buff gained by sleeping with a spouse for a 15 % promote. Using these increases will help you gain the want XP debauched.

At this point its besides deserving digging up all the useless and cheap weapons and armor you ‘ve credibly accrued at this point thus you can enchant them, which is the first mistreat below. You besides want to get some Soul Gems together, either from what you ‘ve collected or by trawling Archmage Quarters in the College of Winterhold, and dungeons all over Skyrim. nowadays, let ‘s get busy … Skyrim cheats ( opens in new yellow journalism ) | Best Skyrim mods ( opens in newfangled tab key ) | How to install Skyrim mods ( opens in new tab key ) | Best Skyrim companions ( opens in new check ) | Skyrim armor ( opens in fresh tab key ) | Skyrim perks ( opens in new tab key ) | Skyrim enchanting guide ( opens in new pill ) | Skyrim alchemy guide ( opens in modern tab ) | Skyrim hidden chest locations ( opens in newfangled tab ) | Skyrim hidden quest locations ( opens in newfangled yellow journalism ) | Skyrim Black Books guide ( opens in modern tab key ) | Skyrim Daedric Quest guide ( opens in modern tab key )

1. Level up Skyrim Enchanting by crafting daggers and gold rings

Crafting a short ton of capture daggers and gold hoop will level up you Enchanting skills arsenic well as your Smithing skills, and it ‘ll leave you with a bunch of stuff you can sell at a profit. So it ‘s a gain all round. Creating Iron Daggers at a blacksmith forge is extremely easy and brassy. The entirely necessitate ingredients are one leather strip and one iron ingot, which you can get by turning ore into ingots at a smelter. not alone are these ingredients easy to find or create, but blacksmiths such as Alvor in Riverwood sell everything you need angstrom well. once you have plenty of Iron Daggers you can enchant then at Arcane Enchanters, easily boosting your hex skill. Remember to make certain you have the Mage Stone and good perch buffs active to increase your gains tied more. If you have the Transmute go, you can easily turn iron ore into silver ore or silver ore into gold ore. If you don ’ t have it, a Transmute go tome is most easily found inside the caves of the Halted Stream Camp. The spell can be found on a table next to a gigantic cadaver and a grindstone. The camp should only take a few minutes to clear out and is a short walk north from Whiterun. once you have gold ore, it can be used to create gold ingots that are the only thing you need to make gold rings, which can then be enchanted. If you have the Transmute spell, this action is about vitamin a easily as creating Iron Daggers, but gives your Smithing skill a much larger boost and a much more valuable end product .

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2. Use Ahkari the merchant’s chest to get items to disenchant and enchant

If you head to Dawnstar you can find a chest that belongs to Ahkari, a traveling Khajiit merchant who frequently appears at the entrance to Dawnstar. It ‘s filled to the brim with soul gems, enchanted gear, and non-enchanted gearing. The contents reflect her armory ( so, for exemplar, you can get your gold back if you were to buy anything from her ). And, after looting the chest, it will fill up again after 48 hours ( if it does n’t try speaking to Ahkari to move things along ). To find the chest head to the east english of Dawnstar and search for some rocks a few steps confederacy of Irgnir ‘s House, leave of Iron Breaker Mine. It ‘s invisible therefore you ‘ll alone know you ‘ve found it when your cursor changes, so scan the rocks around hera until you can interact with it. It wo n’t count as larceny either. Simply disenchanting all the gear you continually find in this thorax is a fantastic way to boost your skill, not to mention learn all the enchantments in the game. just know that once you learn an enchantment, you can no longer disenchant items that have that especial captivation, therefore disenchanting alone can not be your sole means of maxing out your Enchanting skill.

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3. Know where to find Enchanting Skill Trainer Locations

You can besides pay coin to have your skill leveled up for you. There are two Enchanting trainers in Skyrim :

Sergius Turrianus

Sergius teaches Enchanting inside the College of Winterhold. You can find him in the Hall of Elements or the Hall of Countenance. He is an Expert-level trainer .


Hamal can be found inside the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Dibella in Markarth. You ’ ll either need to pick the interlock on the door ( expert or passkey level ) or pickpocket the keystone from Senna, who keeps watch nearby. You ’ ll besides have to complete Hamal ’ s quest, “ The Heart of Dibella, ” before she will offer her train services. She is a Master-level trainer .

4. Find Enchanting Book Locations

There are five books to be found throughout Skyrim that enhance your Enchanting skill upon reading. Below you ’ ll find the locations for said books, though you lone get the promote upon your first understand .

catalogue of Weapon Enchantments

  • Leaning against the treasure chest in the center of the Roadside Ruins, just northwest of Falkreath
  • On an upstairs table in Emporer’s Tower of Castle Dour in Solitude
  • Between two barrels inside The White Hall of Dawnstar
  • Quest reward from Urag gro-Shrub of the College of Winterhold for completing “Hitting the Books”
  • On an Arcane Enchanter in Darkwater Pass

catalogue of Armor Enchantments

  • On a shelf in Falion’s House in Morthal
  • Next to the Arcane Enchanter in Fort Amol, southwest of Windhelm
  • At the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, a Daedric shrine on the mountain east of Morthal
  • Below deck of the Brinehammer shipwreck, west of Dawnstar
  • On a table inside Steamscorch Mine of Kynesgrove, just south of Windhelm

Enchanter ’ s Primer

  • On the floor of Carlotta Valentia’s House in Whiterun
  • On the Arcane Enchanter inside Hob’s Fall Cave, at the midway point between Dawnstar and Winterhold
  • Inside Honeyside (a purchasable home) in Riften
  • In a cart next to some corpses just west of Whistling Mine, southwest of Winterhold
  • Next to a shrine just northwest of Valthume, a location far southeast of Markarth

Twin Secrets

  • In Calcelmo’s Lab in Markarth
  • On the Arcane Enchanter in Serpent’s Bluff Redoubt, a Forswron camp just southwest of Rorisktead, southwest of Dawnstar
  • In a basket on a barrel in a room inside Jarl’s Longhouse of Winterhold
  • Near the Shrine of Stendarr, southeast of Swindler’s Den, south of Dawnstar and east of Rorisktead
  • In the bandit chief’s room of Treva’s Watch, far west of Riften

A tragedy in Black

  • In the room with the Arcane Enchanter in Ilinalta’s Deep, directly north of Falkreath
  • On a bookshelf in Bruca’s Leap Redoubt, a Forsworn camp west of Dragon Bridge
  • Near the Arcane Enchanter in Glenmoril Coven, a cave northwest of Falkreath
  • At the Shrine of Akatosh, northeast of Twilight Sepulcher, directly west of Falkreath
  • On a crate just east of Eldergleam Sanctuary, northeast of Ivarstead
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5. Complete Skyrim enchanting quests

There are a small number of quests that, upon completion, boost your Enchanting skill. They are as follows : Discerning the Transmundane (+5 to Enchanting upon completion) To begin this quest, seek out Septimus Signus in his outstation north of the College of Winterhold ( pictured above ). The request is drawn-out, but at the end, choose the ‘ path of the mage ’ for your stat boost. Find Pantea’s Flute Quest (+1 to Enchanting upon completion) To take on this bay, talk to Pantea in the Bard ’ s College ( or the Winking Skeever hostel ) of Solitude. The flute is in Hob ’ s Fall Cave .

6. Disenchant items to unlock new Skyrim enchantments

Depending on where you are in the game and how much time and campaign you ’ ve put into Enchanting, you may have tons of gear stashed aside that is already enchanted. If you haven ’ metric ton dabbled much in Enchanting yet, chances are you ’ ll have to disenchant/destroy these items at an Arcane Enchanter in order to learn versatile enchantments anyhow. fortunately, disenchanting earns you a huge skill boost each time you do it – normally more than enchanting gear yourself.

7. Grind smaller soul gems when enchanting gear

The size of the soul jewel ( make surely they ’ re filled ) used in the Enchanting process will affect the resulting value and strength of the detail being enchanted, but will not affect how much have you get from the process ( nor will the detail or enchantment, the skill increase is constantly the same flat rate ). As such, we recommend sticking to petty or lesser soul gems as you grind for know, as they ’ rhenium cheaper to buy and easier to find. If you ’ re looking to make some huffy net income, however, feel free to use higher level gems – particularly on expensive jewelry. We don ’ metric ton recommend going out and filling evacuate soul gems yourself. Yes, it ’ randomness cheaper to do that, but considering the fact that you can sell your hex creations for a net income, buying filled petty/lesser muffin is the easier road if you ’ re entirely looking to level up. Magic and general goods merchants carry soul gems .

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