What Breeding Means – Ultimate Bareback Guide For Gay Men

gay breeding and seeding


By : Matt in Iowa
Gay breeding is one of those terms you hear about but may not be indisputable what it means. furthermore, the phrase has been falsely used in ways that give the know a dirty intension .
In this post, I ’ d like to plowshare with you the true meaning of gay breeding. additionally, I ’ ll reveal some of my own experiences .
ultimately, I ’ ll provide the pros and cons of brave engender so that you can make bright decisions about your sexual health.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The definition of gay breeding
  • Where the term gay breeding came from.
  • How gay breeding is used in conversation
  • Why gay breeding is attractive to some men
  • Typical behaviors associated with breeding
  • Pros and cons of breeding
  • Health risks associated with gay breeding
  • Safer approaches to seeding and breeding
  • Common myths about gay breeding

Before continuing, I ’ d like to state now that the decision to bareback and partake in raw sexual play is an individual choice. obviously, engaging in stealth arouse behaviors is incorrect likely illegal .
boyfriend gay breeding


Gay engender can be defined as a consensual situation where a homo deposits his semen into another may through his anus. It is a common behavior as character of bareback sex .
Some men ( gay and directly ) have besides referred to this action as sow. here, a homo will pump his semen into another man ’ second hole with the guy who is bottoming desiring his “ load ” .
Among men who identify as homosexual and have sex with men, the top man is considered the breeder. The bed valet is the guy being bred .


The accurate etiology of the term is unknown. historical accounts show that “ breeding ” in gay slang came about erstwhile during the 1990 ’ mho .
At the time, a batch of guys included “ breed ” terminology as character of their profile to indicate they were into taking another man ’ second semen ( load ) .
The origins of this homosexual slang term are thought to be connected to animalistic behaviors involving felt. exercise : A male wolf mates with a female wolf and ejaculates in her. In this scenario, the male is “ breeding ” the female with his deoxyribonucleic acid .
today, many gay men consider this a shape of piglet sexual activity .
bareback breeding guide


Gay men who are into bareback ( raw sex ) will use variations of the term gay “ breeding ” in different ways .
Examples include :
I want you to breed me .
I ’ m into breeding other guys .
Let ’ s have a breed party .
That ridicule bred my hole .
Do you bareback and breed ?
Can you breed me with your manhood ?
Breed me – I want to have your babies .
Can I breed you buddy ?


correct off the cream, I need to tell you I am on PREP. That said, in my biography, I ’ ve seen a lot of guys who are into breeding. Because I ’ m only 25, I can ’ thyroxine talk to bareback sex prior to the time of PREP because I wasn ’ t active then ( Learn about PREP ) .
I can tell you that since starting PREP in 2013 ( back when I was 20 ) I ’ ve always barebacked and constantly made indisputable the guy ’ second load is inside of me .


As you can guess, I am a bottom. That ’ s not to say I seaport ’ thymine topped other men because I have. But in gay date and hook up app profiles, I identify as bed .
Based on everything I ’ ve seen, brave men like me who are into breeding always do then eagerly. When a top informs me he wants to use a condom, I normally try to ask him to squirt up my hole good as he ejaculates .
I ’ ve besides hooked up with curious guys where we masturbate together and just as he is about to cum, I sit on his penis. I always tell the ridicule I am going to do this in promote .
finally, I ’ ve besides been to breeding parties where unlike guys have shot their loads up my fix. last year at a party, I think I took a total of 7 loads over the path of one night .
I watched one cheery man who was learning to bottom for the first time get passed around ( willingly ) to at least five older guys who loaded him up like a athirst pig – no kid .

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As I mentioned, I ’ ve topped other guys before but prefer being on bottom. During those occasions where I have been in this role, I ’ ve always bred the other ridicule bareback .
again, this has been done with their permission and never “ stealth ” or secretly .
Looking rear, whenever I have done it raw with a guy and bred his hole out, I wore a cock-ring. The rationality being is because when you are on circus tent and shoot your load bass into another ridicule ’ second hole, you need to have a major erection.


A lot of gay men who aren ’ metric ton into breeding ask me why I like it so much. I don ’ thymine incrimination guys for being curious about my motivations and am not offended by the questions .
I can entirely speak for myself and say that I like when a guy breeds me because I know when he ’ s done, partially of the stuff that makes up the man ( his perfume ) will be inside of me .
certain, that may sound like I am romanticizing his sperm and possibly I am. But I ’ m not going to apologize for that .
There ’ south nothing like the touch of a man ’ second hot seed getting squirted up your hole. Some people will tell you it ’ s impossible to feel. I ’ m here to tell you that ’ second complete BS .
You absolutely can feel a guy’s load squirting up your butt.
The other reason I like being bred out by a ridicule is because no matter what happens, that man will always be contribution of me. When his semen gets absorb trench into my rectum and starts flowing through my bloodstream, it ’ second extremely hot .
Yes, swallowing his nut will accomplish some of what I ’ megabyte trace but it ’ s not the same. There ’ south barely something about knowing a ridicule ’ mho burden is being shot like a rocket into my anal cavern .


Below you will find a video recording that explores the topic of gay bareback sex and reasonably touches upon the consequence of breeding .


I ’ thousand going to talk about the pros and cons of bareback sex and do it in a blunt, straight ahead way .
Let ’ s start out with the cons and then move into the pros because as a matter of health, it ’ s the responsible thing to do .


  • Risky and may expose bottom or top to STI’s (sexually transmitted infections).
  • HIV (an STI) can be spread through risky sexual behavior.
  • While PREP has been shown to be extremely effective in preventing HIV transmission, it is not thought to be foolproof per research.
  • Common STI’s associated with bareback sex that include breeding include: herpes, HPV, hepatitis B, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.
  • Tears or cuts in the anal wall can expose the top or bottom to other pathogens.
  • The CDC recommends condoms should be used during anal insertive sex, even if one or both men are on PREP.
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  • Less inhibited and more sexually free.
  • Ability to connect on a stronger, more meaningful level with another guy.
  • Knowing that part of his DNA is inside and will always be part of you.
  • Capturing part of his genetic material forever, infused inside of your body.
  • Less stressful sex because both parties agree to bareback and breed.
  • May help two people in a relationship feel closer together.
  • Uncomplicated sexual contact individually or in groups.

Into being bread?


The decision to bottom and let a guy engender you is personal and intimate. While I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tell say you should or shouldn ’ metric ton do this, I will say that for me, it ’ s the only direction to go .
Each of us must arrive at a decision point about what we will and won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do sexually. As I have been told by guys who are not into breeding, it ’ mho all about personal limits .


If you decide that breeding is for you ( either being bred as a top or breeding men as a bottom ), it ’ south important to offer yourself the fullest extent of security possible .
I ’ ve listed some points below as suggestions for safer bareback sex with breeding in beware. Remember, nothing is full-proof. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn ’ metric ton being honest .
And while the stream inquiry on PREP holds dear news program, have a bun in the oven in judgment this approach to HIV prevention is distillery newfangled. The fact of the count is, we don ’ triiodothyronine know about PREP ’ sulfur long term effects .


1. Talk to your doctor about going on PREP. This will minimize your chances of being exposed to or spreading HIV, the virus that causes AIDS .
2. If you are HIV+, make sure you are engaging in what’s called “TasP” ; the acronym for “ Treatment as Prevention ”. serviceman who are HIV+ and taking anti-retroviral medications and successfully suppressing their viral loads are extremely unlikely to spread HIV to others. See this post from The Body to learn more .
3. If you are bottoming and being penetrated by another man, it ’ second important for gay men to anally douche with an enema the right way. This means being extremely careful during the clean serve to avoid tears, cuts and nicks .
4. Regularly visit the doctor and make sure you are getting tested for all the different STI ’ sulfur ( like every 2-3 months ). If you have a good kinship with your doctor, be honest about your intimate behaviors .
5. Be careful with manscaping, including using a razor around your hole. Small cuts and nicks can expose you to STI ’ mho. besides, if you are carrying a bug, a cut can expose the top to whatever you ’ ve got. A fortune of gay men who bareback have decided to not shave for this reason .
6. Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. Both forms of “HEP” are preventable but you must go through a series of shots so that you build immunity. This liver disease has been on the arise in Europe and other locations so it ’ second crucial to get yourself immunize sooner quite than late .
7. Get vaccinated for HPV. This virus causes nasty things like anal warts and bumps around other torso parts, including the penis. By getting vaccinated, you don ’ t have to worry about it .
8. If you really are all about taking loads, you don’t have to take them from strangers. Consider engaging in a sexually single relationship with another guy where both of you have been tested for STI ’ randomness and are loose of any pathogens or bacteria .
9. Understand window periods. That ’ s a fondness room of describing the time between being exposed to a STI and it showing up on a test. For example, after vulnerability to Chlamydia, it takes anywhere from two to six weeks before a test will show “ cocksure ” .
10. If you go to a sex party and take a bunch of loads, understand anything you may have been exposed to isn ’ triiodothyronine going to show up on a test for a while. HIV, for example, has a very long window time period. closely 95 % of HIV tests are accurate after the 6-week set. There are some situations, however, where it can take up to 6 months for a positive read to show up. That ’ randomness why your best stake is to go on PREP for HIV prevention .
11. Monitor your body regularly. This means actively inspecting it for any signs of change. If you see or feel bumps, wear ’ t neglect it. Should a rash pop up out of the blue, don ’ t blow it off. If you get ill for no apparent rationality, let your doctor of the church know .
12. If you think you may have picked up something, do not engage in any sexual activity – including breeding – until you get the “ all clear ” from your doctor .
Use an anal lubricant for gay barebacking. This will help prevent damage to the anal wall .

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There are several myths regarding brave men who are into breeding. Many of them are created from the thrust of homophobia. A few that are nothing more than urban legend .
here are a few biggies :

  • All gay men who get bred are HIV+
  • Tops into breeding are all HIV+
  • If you bareback, it automatically means you want to be bred.
  • Only gay men who do crystal meth are into breeding.
  • If you let guys breed you, it means you don’t care about yourself.
  • Barebacking that includes seeding is sinful.
  • Wiccans invented gay breeding.
  • Taking loads up your butt means you have no self-esteem.
  • You can take on a man’s traits by absorbing his load in your anus.


As mentioned earlier, the decision to engage in breeding as separate of crude, bareback sex is wholly yours .
Should you decide to do it, make surely it ’ mho done ampere safely as possible .
In the prison term I ’ ve been taking loads, it ’ second been my mantra to be open, honest and conduct. I hope you found this information to be useful !

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