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What is the lace closure?

A intertwine closing is a combination of a piece of lace ( the size of the lace assemble normally come in 4*4, 5*5, 6*6 inches ) with sew-in hair bundles. A lace settlement is used to close off the top area where hair bundles get sew-in or bonded down. The lace blockage can be sewn, taped, or glued down. The lace closing is popular in african american commercialize thanks to its benefits that avail to make the solid haircloth looks natural and unite.
middle part closure vs side part closure

What is the side part closure?

Lace closures normally come in three types : center character closing, side contribution closing, and unblock function settlement. Middle part closure and english part closure is pre-parted blockage, you can entirely wear the closure parted in the intend area, while the free part closure allows you to part anywhere .
Side part blockage is that a kind of pre-parted blockage with a side farewell. The side separate closure can divide the haircloth into 2 inadequate parts, and the proportion normally comes in : 3:7 and 4:6 .

Middle part vs side part closure

Middle part blockage v side part closure, which to choose ? actually, it depends on your face condition.

Reading: How To Do A Side Part Closure Sew In (With Pictures & Video) | Elfin Hair

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Women wearing a middle depart blockage count more harmonious in side human body than a side separate closure. A center contribution closure can elongate the boldness determine. If your face looks tend to be short, we suggest you pick a middle part blockage. A side region can weaken the edges and corners of the face, and make the boldness human body looks tend to be softer. If you have a straight face shape, a side part closure must be a good choice for you. If you silent tangling between side part closure or in-between function blockage, why not pick a exempt region blockage. With a release part blockage, you can region anywhere you like.
side part closure sew in

How to do a side part closure sew-in?

Following we are going to share with you 6 steps to make a slope character closure sew-in .
footprint 1 : prepare a wig cap that fits your head absolutely, mousse and iron comb for shaping, wig glue to glue the wig ceiling, needle and string for sew-in .
step 2 : Braid your natural haircloth into minor cornrows .
measure 3 : put option on the wig cap and make sure that all your braids are completely covered by the cap, if not, stretch and adjust your wig cap .
step 3 : Apply an adhesive to your edges
pace 4 : Sewing the spike blockage to your ceiling, since we are going to make a side part, in this footstep, place the closure on the side of your headway alternatively of on the middle .
step 5 : Sewing the human hair’s-breadth bundles from the back to the head, r-2 by circle, until the wig look entire .
measure 6 : Create a side part, plucking on the line and make a natural look, and then do a hairdo as you like .
Video tutorials:
Or you can browse the below video recording to get more details about how slope separate closure sew in with no entrust out .

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How long can lace closure sew in last?

normally, intertwine blockage sew-in facility takes about 2-3 hours, but it can last at least 6 months .

How to take care of lace closure sew in?

1. Wash the human hair bundles with settlement as you received them .
2. After the sew-in finish, take a deep-care for your spike closure sew in every 2 weeks .
3. Washing your lace closing sew in once a week, after the washing finish up, use a piano towel to dry your hair and keep it air dry rather of using a hairdryer .
4. Take off the intertwine blockage sew in ahead going to bed and store it on a model lead. This can help to avoid haircloth loss .

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