Secret Benefits Review—Best Sugar Dating Website Or Scam?

Secret Benefits Review—Truth About The Sugar Dating Website

12 minutes readSecret Benefits Review—Truth About The Sugar Dating Website
mystery Benefits seems to be a web site that makes people feel more comfortable about on-line dating judgment by its act of users and the overall count of reviews and feedback. What is the truth behind this popularity ?
No need to risk testing it out personally, we ’ ve done it for you. We ’ ve bought Secret Benefits credits and found all the pros and cons of the site.

secretbenefits site

Secret Benefits website overview

  • On average 19M of monthly visitors
  • 4.4 Stars on Trustpilot
  • Specialization on sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships
  • Most popular in the US, UK, and Canada, but also used around the world
  • Women dominate the site with a 60:40 ratio

What is secret Benefits ?   According to our data, SecretBenefits.com is one of the top boodle dad sites in the niche. It is catering to older men and women looking for boodle arrangements or people interest in open relationships. The web site is free to join and is absolutely release for sugar babies, while carbohydrate daddies have to pay for advance features like messaging. Given the popularity, we decided to put the site to the test and see if it ’ south equally well as numbers make it seem .

Popular Secret Benefits profiles

Do you want to watch?
View photos
DeliciouslySmart has more photos ! Do you want to watch ? DeliciouslySmart, 27
Wyoming, United States
From :

Meet Baby

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Melyssaspassion has more photos ! Do you want to watch ? Melyssaspassion, 23
Wyoming, United States
From :

Meet Baby

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badkittykatiekat has more photos ! Do you want to watch ? badkittykatiekat, 20
Wyoming, United States
From :

Meet Baby

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Murdock78 has more photos ! Do you want to watch ? Murdock78, 43
Wyoming, United States
From :

Meet Daddy

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DJ on go has more photos ! Do you want to watch ? DJ on tour, 29
Wyoming, United States
From :

Meet Daddy

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AspenPapi has more photos ! Do you want to watch ? AspenPapi, 34

Montana, United States
From :

Meet Daddy

Here is what we enjoyed on Secret Benefits

  • Free and easy sign-up—no need to be tech-savvy or have previous online dating experience
  • Active members who use the sugar dating site to find  younger women or generous men
  • Photo verification on sugar babies profiles—no catfishing on the site
  • An interesting feature of granting permission to secret albums with private photos
  • The site blog with interesting discussions

Cons of Secret Benefits website

  • No dedicated Secret Benefits app, but a mobile-friendly interface layout
  • No video chatting option
  • No wealth verification for sugar daddies

The website is good for

  • Experienced sugar babies and sugar daddies looking for new arrangements
  • New people who want to try sugar dating
  • Girls and guys who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships

Secret Benefits prices

  • Introductory—$59 for 100 credits
  • Elite—$169 for 500 credits
  • Best value—$289 for 1K credits

Sugar daddies registration process

Some of the Secret Benefits reviews are neutral, while others state that there are a bunch of factors that Secret Benefits needs to improve on, like more proof on sugar dad profiles. But there are many people that rave about the date site and how it has introduced them to sugar go steady .
secretbenefits registration

But to understand if the Secret Benefits profiles are real, we needed to contact at least respective dozens of users. sol, we started a registration work as we found out we can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate contact members without a personal account. here is a quick overview of how it went .

  • Filling in the initial sign-up form has taken less than 3 minutes.
  • Name, age, skin color gender, email, and password fields turned out to be obligatory to fill and cannot be skipped.
  • Answering a questionnaire about you and your preferences took around 5 min, but we could skip them.
  • Adding a photo/photos is optional.
  • Sugar baby and sugar daddy profiles have photo verification, but it’s not obligatory.
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generally, our have with the sign-up summons was incontrovertible. adjustment and creating profiles on Secret Benefits worked out smoothly and the user-friendliness of the web site facilitated the process .

How to create a sugar daddy account to get the attention of popular sugar babies

  1. Take your time to fill in all fields during registration to get a detailed profile instantly.
  2. Add high-quality photos that show your best features and your luxury lifestyle.
  3. Be clear about what type of sugar baby you are looking for and set clear expectations from the arrangement.

secretbenefits setting up profile

Costs for dating sugar babies

The fiscal aspect is one of the substantive parts of sugar dating. Sugar Benefits offers complimentary standard membership to all users. But sugar babies can use the web site for complimentary, while carbohydrate daddies need to pay .
The good thing about the platform we can highlight is that it calculates the cost per credit in each offered package. so, each drug user including members of our team could buy credits for :

  • Introductory package—$0.59 per credit
  • Elite package—$0.34 per credit
  • Best value package—$0.29 per credit

secret benefits prices

The prices are average and alike to other sugar dating sites in the recess. Credits never expire, and we haven ’ triiodothyronine noticed any obscure fees. We paid precisely for the services we actually used. besides, we noticed and appreciated that Secret Benefits safe requital gateways include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and JCB so we could safely spend the money to our experiment .
As we bought the Best Value package, we decided to test and analyze if the monetary value of the package is worth spend on and how long it will last. Read on and see what we spend our credits on and if we regret it .

Free features

here is what features you can access and use detached of charge :

  • Signing up and creating a profile
  • Getting verification
  • Browsing profiles on the dating platform
  • Search with various filters to get the best date
  • Adding to the list of favorites
  • Watching sugar baby photos
  • Hide My Profile feature (rare to sugar sites)
  • Seeing your Admirers, Visitors, and people who Viewed your profile on the site
  • Providing access to your secret album
  • Making changes to your sugar daddy profile
  • Changing password
  • Contacting the site’s support
  • Deleting personal account

secretbenefits profile photos

The choice of complimentary options is huge, but it ’ s not enough to start a sugar kinship. The list misses the most important factor—communication, and it has its price .

Secret Benefits subscription cost

Let ’ s take a consequence to explore the costs and how much you need to spend on each avail on the platform :

  • Send messages—10 credits unlock all conversation
  • Watch secret albums—10 credits to see hidden photos and videos of members
  • Photo Messaging—10 credits per photo
  • Secret browsing—10 credits for 24 hours

The sum of paid features is small, which is rare as most carbohydrate dad dating sites offer the majority of their features on a pay-to-use basis. The price per service is quite reasonable if compared to other platforms in the recess, such as EmilyDates and SeekingArrangement .

How to search sugar babies on Secret Benefits?

After successful registration, we proceed with our Secret Benefits follow-up by searching for girls we like and who will want to be our test sugar babies .


To start using Secret Benefits search we needed entirely to click on one button placed on the upper berth left recess of the home page and, fortunately, no credits. This sport is exempt for any sugar dad or child .
search is divided into :

  • Recently active—girls who are online
  • Newest—any new sugar baby on Secret Benefits appears here

secretbenefits search tool

Both search options offer diverse filters that helps to narrow electric potential matches : we tried picking filters like ethnicity, old age, body character, etc. There were 11 filters in full, and we could besides add prefer distance to our localization ( 5 to 200 miles ) .

Sugar babies profiles

We found a few options to open a sugar baby profile :

  • To click on a person in the search
  • To click on profiles of members in Matches
  • See new accounts when receiving messages or requests
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Before our research, we expected a lot of communication with other users ; but fortunately, most members we ’ ve seen on the web site had 70-90 % filled profiles. That ’ south why we didn ’ t have to contact each person to find out if he/she was real : photos and bio told us a bunch before chatting .
secretbenefits verified profile

here ’ s what a regular drug user can learn from an SB ’ s profile on SecretBenefits :

  • Secret Benefits name
  • Expectations from the sugar daddy site
  • If person is online or offline
  • Location
  • Secret album with personal photos
  • Videos
  • Public photos
  • Bio with more info about what type of relationship a sugar baby seeks and more about her world
  • Age
  • Habits and appearance peculiarities (drinking piercings, body type, etc.)

besides, on each profile, there is a special chew the fat tab, that you can use to send messages good away. besides if there is a confirmation distinguish, you can play a confirmation television for rid. Profiles on the Secret Benefits website were more or less filled with necessity information and had at least 5 public photos. furthermore, around 75 % of the women are control. During our Secret Benefits revue, we haven ’ metric ton seen forge profiles .

Secret Benefits communication services

The carbohydrate dad web site doesn ’ triiodothyronine offer many ways of communication, which is a sting disappointing considering its pricing policy and popularity. And the merely way a exploiter can actually chat with members is through messaging. thus, to chat with younger women we needed to click on a special field in a womanhood ’ sulfur profile or to go to Messages inbox in the exceed barroom of Secret Benefits to reply to incoming messages .
secretbenefits messages section

even though chew the fat was about the entirely way of communication, the avail worked well. Members who are on-line reply promptly. But unfortunately, there are no options for video chatting built-in on Secret Benefits, there is only a photograph commute .

Special features

The web site has limited communication options, but its particular features are what attract millions of members monthly to join the sugar dad site. All members can enjoy :

  1. Watching secret albums. Most younger women have secret albums with personal photos that are usually sexier. We couldn’t just pay 10 credits to watch all of them, we needed to make a request on a woman’s account. Only after we were granted permission from the sugar baby, we were able to see her pics.
  2. Matches. This feature shows Admirers, Visitors, Favorites, and people who Viewed your profile. The Admirers are women who added you to their list of favorites, Visitors are users who clicked on your profile and Favorites is your list of women you liked. And if you forget to add a sugar baby to Favorites, you can find her personal account at any point in the Viewed section of Matches.
  3. Hide My Profile feature. This feature is hard to notice, as we found it by chance by browsing the profile settings. If you don’t want to be visible to new members you can hide your profile from Search (search links profiles to users).

secretbenefits hide profile

User experience on Secret Benefits app and website

And the last region of our Secret Benefits review as a sugar dad on the dating web site was actually talking to women. For our test, we chose 3 women with most interest profiles ( subjectively, of course ) .

Greensboro baby looking for a kind daddy

The first lady we found was a curly sugar baby from Greensboro. We saw her photograph and immediately clicked on her profile to start communication. She was looking for a gratifying and kind carbohydrate dad and was very coquettish. It was a very comfortable message substitution with this carbohydrate baby as the conversation unfolded identical naturally. The sugar baby responded cursorily and seemed interest. besides, this daughter was quite straightforward in her desire to find generous men who can help her with education bills, which she didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bespeak in her profile so far explained during our negotiation .

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New London baby

This baby from New London actually was first to approach us, and we found her message in our inbox the day we registered on Secret Benefits. She besides asked for access to our mysterious album, and we granted it, but she might have been disappointed to find just one bare-breasted photograph. We thought that we needed to add such photos, but no matchless in our team confessed to having many. After we gave the access, our conversation stopped, as she probably recognized a photograph we found on Pinterest .

Eldin sugar baby searching for new experiences

And last but not least sugar baby we met on the dating platform was blonde from Eldin. We had the best chat with this one. A female child was very funny and easy to talk to, and she told us that she was new to sugar date and is looking for her first dad. She was curious about how easy and drama-free sugar life is and listen about Secret Benefits from her college roommate. actually, the majority of female users on Secret Benefits are college-aged, and 40 % of all carbohydrate babies are students or grads. We continued our new world chat on the date site for a copulate of days and even exchanged real photos a couple of times which were provided by one of our team members .

What do experts have to say about Secret Benefits?

The Secret Benefits dating locate is an effective direction to start carbohydrate dating as the chopine has millions of visitors. It provides users an opportunity to enjoy life with sugaring on a secured site wax of like-minded people. The only downside to the web site is that some users choose to keep their identity individual. ’
‘ Secret Benefits looks user-friendly, has many older men looking for a baby to spoil, and many carbohydrate babies looking for fiscal support. The alone target that the web site needs to improve is the number of communication ways ; sadly, there is no video chat that could make dating a lot more enliven. ’

Sugar daddy & sugar baby relationship: Tips on the start

  1. Fill in your personal account, as statistically, profiles with photos get more attention from sugar babies. But mind what data you share: read the Terms and Conditions. There can be limitations on what you can show in your pictures and what you shouldn’t.
  2. Message only the profiles with a verification mark and utilize search tools to filter by age, lifestyle, habits, etc.
  3. Request access to private photos before you go on the first date.
  4. Negotiate a clear agreement of your arrangement during the message stage to make your future sugar life easier.
  5. Start with a minimum subscription, but if you like the site, change to the Best value option, to get the most value out of the site subscription.


In our impression and from our have, Secret Benefits is worth the fourth dimension of a regular boodle baby or sugar dad. There is a large membership of potential partners on the site and all users are open to mutually beneficial relationships. additionally, the citation arrangement the web site has is the most beneficial in terms of rational spend at the moment, if compared with websites that use recurring monthly fees. And Secret Benefits keep all drug user activities fun and circumspect .
Steven Fisher Steven Fisher writer For Steven, the sugar dating diligence is the one where he feels most comfortable. As a erstwhile executive of a popular carbohydrate dating web site, he knows not only how to succeed in the precarious worldly concern of sugar go steady, but besides how these sites actually work. Steven doesn ’ t want to keep all the insights to himself. He joined SeekingBabies with the lone purpose of educating the readers about the good and bad of the boodle dating diligence. His reviews are filled with information you won ’ thymine witness elsewhere, and his tips, based on his personal know, will help you last achieve your goals.

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