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Canvas LMS & Faculty Training

Canvas for F2F Instructors
Every class incision at SCF will mechanically have a Canvas carapace. These basic requirements are covered in the Canvas Basics for Faculty course for faulty. This self-paced course provides train in how to accomplish the minimal requirements in Canvas noted below .

  • For instructors teaching these sections, the following essential elements are required:
  • The course must be published no earlier than 2 days prior to the course start date.
  • The course syllabus must be posted in Canvas
  • The instructor’s contact information must be posted in Canvas
  • The instructor’s office hours, if applicable, must be posted in Canvas
  • The instructor must forward Canvas class mail to their SCF Mail

While this class is not required, you may enroll by emailing onlinelearning @ On completion of the course, your completion will be entered into our Bridge prepare system and a certificate of completion will be available.

Canvas for Online Instructors
run instructors who are assigned to blended or amply on-line courses must complete the SCF Online Certification for Faculty, Level 1 course. This is required regardless of past on-line teaching have or acquaintance in Canvas from former or current use at other institutions. This five-week course is offered respective times per year and is offered synchronously with weekly requirements and due dates. This course is set up as a regular SCF course, and the elements in it are graded. A completion of 75 % of the needed naturally points are required for submission .
staff interest in participating in this path need the permission of their department electric chair, confirming that an on-line or blended course assignment is planned. On receipt of such confirmation, the staff member will be enrolled in the course for its next schedule date .
Training Courses for Faculty

  • Canvas Basics for Faculty

    : (self-paced) This course will teach you the basics of the Canvas Learning Management
    System (LMS). This course will familiarize you with the settings within Canvas and
    provide you with the skills necessary to use Canvas to share content with your students
    and set up your Canvas gradebook.  completion of this course does not certify you to teach on-line. The naturally is intended to help you become familiar with Canvas .

  • Online Certification Course for Faculty : degree 1: This course will teach you the basics of the Canvas Learning Management System and
    the basics of teaching in an online environment, whether in a fully online class,
    a blended class, or a technologically advanced class.
  • SCF Accessibility Course: This course provides an overview of what Federal requirements exist for providing
    accessible online materials for online and blended courses. Completion of the course
    will provide instructors with an understand understanding civil rights issues surrounding
    accessibility and empower instructors to design learning experiences that promote
    inclusive learning environments. Instructors will learn about the principles of Universal
    Design for Learning (UDL) and accessibility guidelines and standards, and more importantly,
    now to develop your Canvas materials into an online format as you develop them.  The
    essential elements of WCAG Level II standards are clarified.  These important aspects
    of accessibility will enable instructors to address challenges and reduce barriers
    faced by students related to access, success, and completion.
  • on-line Certification Course for Faculty-Level 2

    – quality Matters : (scheduled online-class) This is a 4-week online course for current or prospective
    online faculty who have completed Online Certification Course for Faculty- 1 or equivalent.
    It provides students with an overview of the eight Quality Matters Course Design Standards
    and practical applications while focusing on adaptation of their existing course to
    QM standards in the area of 1) Course Overview and Introduction, 2) Learning Objectives
    and Competencies, 3) Assessment and Measurement, 4) Instructional Materials, 5) Learning
    Interaction and Engagement, 6) Course Technology, 7) Learner Support, and 8) Accessibility.  
    At the end of the course, the faculty member will be able to adapt their existing
    course materials to a Quality Matters format.

  • ECertification Level 3:  Signature and Master Course Development: This hands-on 4
    week online course is designed to develop a course that currently meets Quality Matters
    standards to a signature or master course suitable to be used for all course sessions
    of a given class.  The resultant course is expected to be used by a department for
    multiple faculty to teach using the same starting course shell and course materials. 
    The course developer/faculty member will work hands-on with an SCF instructional designer
    to prepare the overall course for use with multiple instructors with an easily editable
  • Applying the timbre Matters Rubric :(1 day seminar) Completion of this stand-alone one-day F2F training provides an opportunity
    for faculty to earn the Quality Matters Applying the Quality Matters Rubric certificate.
    It covers the use of the Quality Matters Rubric, the QM Review Process, and how to
    use the QM rubric to improve your online or blended course.

Canvas Resources @ Instructure

Canvas provides updates on an every two week footing, making it unmanageable to prepare accurate educate material for casual or complex tasks. To that end, Canvas provides up-to-date train materials on just about everything you would want to know. These are located in the Canvas Community at hypertext transfer protocol : // .

Faculty Resources

Quality Matters Checklist

 Online Learning Strategic Plan


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