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​​How to Log in to Canvas​

Log in to Canvas

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To log in Canvas, you will need your school issued email address (, and the password that is associated with your school account. (It’s the same password you log into Canvas with). Note: If you attended Santiago Canyon College prior to SAC, you would have to use SCC email log in.

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If you need to locate your scholar electronic mail, please login to your Self-Service User Profile page to retrieve your scholar e-mail.

Most courses will not be visible in Canvas until the official start date.

If you do n’t see your course on the Canvas Dashboard, click “ Courses “ on the impart Global Navigation Bar, then select “ All Courses “. Click on the Star picture to the leave of the course you want to appear on the Canvas Dashboard. The crimson asterisk will add course as “ Favorite ” .

OpenCCC Redirect

If you are redirected to the OpenCCC page: 

OpenCCC Redirect

Enter your OpenCCC username and password.

If you do not remember it, then you will still need to complete the form. 

  1. Click to “Create a New Account”.
  2. When you click to “continue” you will be informed if you have an existing account.
  3. Click to have your reset password sent to you.
  4. Open your email and click on the reset password link.
  5. Change your password.
  6. Login to Canvas with your WebAdvisor ID.  Upon redirection to OpenCCC, enter your CCC Username and new password.
  7. You should now be logged into your Canvas Account.
  8. This is the only time you will need to synchronize your CCC Apply account with Canvas at SAC.
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detailed Instructions on Open CCC Account Creation.pdf

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on OpenCCC and create a new CCC account
  2. Use the same WebAdvisor user ID & Password for your Open CCC User ID & Password
  3. Once CCC account is created, close all browser windows
  4. Go to Canvas and log in again. It will redirect you to Open CCC again. Log in with your WebAdvisor User ID & Password
  5. You should be redirected back to Canvas
  6. The next time you log into Canvas, use your WebAdvisor User ID & Password
  • Instead of entering your Social Security Number, check the box that states
    “Check this box if you do not have a Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number, or decline to provide one at this time”. and click “Continue”.

If you still have problems with OpenCCC apply account, please call OpenCCC directly at 877-247-4836. note : If you ‘re receiving an “ error ” message when trying to complete the serve for creating an score with OpenCCC at the bottom of the first page, follow the follow step :

*Remember that traditional course instructors are not required to use a Learning Management System. If you do not see any content on Canvas, your instructor may not be using the LMS. Contact your instructor with any questions. Question Mark.png For any questions about Canvas, please go to the SAC Canvas Student page at
Some quick facts about Canvas:

  • Canvas is mobile! It can be used on a call or pill by downloading the app .
  • Canvas is cloud-based which ensures the most up-to-date engineering and better integration with tools such as Drop Box, MS365, Google Docs, Linked In, and Twitter .
  • Canvas is easy to use and is intuitive, meaning that students will have a coherent navigational experience across all courses. It will take less clock to find what you need in Canvas .
  • Canvas promotes easy communication ! Students and instructors can easily communicate through the Inbox ( messages ), Discussions, and even Grading Feedback.

Please watch the following short circuit video for an overview of Canvas from the student perspective :


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