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What is the Lion’s Den?

The Lion ’ second Den is RVCC ’ s intranet for current staff, staff and students. In summation to providing general news and announcements to the college residential district, it besides offers useful tools to students ( e.g. register for classes, check a term poster ) and faculty ( e.g. access your rosters, submit final grades ). merely persons with a current G-number and password can sign in to the Lion ’ s Den. If you are a modern hire and do not yet have a G-number, please contact Human Resources for aid.

What is the RV Commons?

The RV Commons is a set of web pages that used to be part of the college ‘s main public-facing network web site, but they were split off as a resultant role of a web site redesign and are now a disjoined entity. The public-facing locate is now largely a market creature and all the useful daily functionality of the old web site ( e.g. course adjustment, Human Resources, information about the Forum, etc. ) is now found in the RV Commons. many pages within the RV Commons require a drug user to log in with a current G-number and password.


What is Office365?

Office365 is a suite of Microsoft applications in the cloud, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. All faculty, staff, and students at the college have an Office 365 bill angstrom well as swarm storage in OneDrive. You can log into your Office365 score through the Lion ‘s Den using your G-number and password ; look for the connection to ” Office365 – College Email. ”

How do I access my RVCC email?

All staff, staff and students have an e-mail account in Office 365. staff and staff e-mail addresses end with “ @ raritanval.edu. ” student electronic mail addresses end with “ @ stu.raritanval.edu. ” There ‘s a link to the web translation of Outlook in the Lion ‘s Den. You can besides access your account through a locally installed copy of Outlook on your own personal device if it ‘s been configured for your account.

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How can I email my whole class at once?

The easiest way to contact your integral classify is through the Canvas Inbox.

Which learning management system (LMS) does RVCC use?

The college uses Canvas as its LMS for all on-line and hybrid classes. You can log into Canvas by clicking on the “ Canvas ” connect in the Lion ‘s Den or by going directly to https : //rvcc.instructure.com.
There ‘s besides a mobile app for Canvas available via Google​ Play and iTunes .

What technology should I expect to find in my classroom?

All standard classrooms ( i.e. not a calculator lab ) have an teacher ‘s computer that runs Windows 10, a ceiling-mounted projector, wall-mounted speakers, and a document camera. In addition, a computer lab will have a Windows calculator for each scholar and a net printer. ( Please note that you ca n’t print from a personal device, alone from a calculator in the classroom. )

Can I monitor what students are doing on the computers in the classroom?

Yes ! The teacher ‘s calculator has NetOp installed. This plan allows you to see what each scholar is doing on the classroom computers, which can be a good means to check for students who are drifting “ off undertaking ” during class. It besides offers many other useful tools, including the ability to remotely control the students ‘ computers, block internet access, and project a scholar ‘s calculator riddle to the front of the room. You can find exploiter ‘s guides on the NetOp vane site. ( Look for the product called “ NetOp School. ” )

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I can’t log into the instructor’s computer with my G-number and password.  What’s wrong?

here are a few possibilities :
1. ) Your password may have expired. If the calculator is prompting you to update your password, just follow the prompts and you ought to be able to log in .
2. ) If you ‘re getting the mistake message, “ There are no login servers available to service the request, ” then check to see if the Ethernet cable television on the teacher ‘s computer has come loose at either end .
3. ) check to see that the calculator is trying to log you into the “ RVCC ” domain. Look barely below the field where you type your G-number on the log in screen—it should say something like “ Log into RVCC. ” If the calculator international relations and security network ’ metric ton configured properly, it may be trying to log you into the “ Academic ” world rather. That ’ s the organization that students log into ; it only recognizes scholar G-numbers, so any undertake to log into “ Academic ” with a faculty G-number will always fail .
If the system is trying to log you into the “ Academic ” domain, just character “ rvcc\ ” ( without the citation marks ) before your G-number. For example : rvcc\g00123456
Make certain to use the back slash ( \ ), not the advancing flog ( / ) .
This will tell the arrangement to switch to the RVCC sphere. You should be able to log in now. This will work on any computer on campus that ’ s configured for the “ Academic ” knowledge domain .
If all else fails, call RVCC Technology Services for help at x7887. It ‘s a good idea to add their number to your phone ‘s liaison list for technological emergencies like this .

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Who do I contact if I have problems with a computer/printer/my email account?

RVCC Technology Services is the office where you ’ ll find the technical school defend people at RVCC. You can reach them at extension x7887 or at help desk @ raritanval.edu. If you ’ five hundred prefer to talk to person in person, you can visit the Technology Services help desk in Somerset S118 or in West W206. They besides have lots of “ getting started ” and “ getting avail ” resources on their web site that may answer some of your questions about using RVCC ’ s technology resources .

How can I connect my personal laptop/smart phone/tablet to the campus WiFi?

You ’ ll want to go to a Technology Services help desk ( S118 or W206 ) and fill out a radio receiver Access User Agreement. After your User Agreement is processed you ’ ll be given a password for logging into the campus WiFi.

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