RF CUNY – Managing Online Timesheets, Paystubs, and e-W2

Submitting Employee Timesheets

Timesheets electronically record the hours an RFCUNY employee works or charges to a specific entrust type ( for example, annual leave, sick leave, etc. ) during a semiweekly pay up time period. RFCUNY employees are paid semiweekly in the even payroll period in which they worked. Timesheets reflect time and campaign report and touch Department of Labor ( DOL ) and Fair Labor Standards Act ( FLSA ) regulations .
Employee timesheets are ascribable on the Monday following each pay period end date. An RFCUNY employee ( or timepiece, as applicable ) is required to electronically complete and put in timesheets through RFCUNY ’ s Time & Leave system no former than the give time period ’ sulfur timesheet due date .

Accessing Online Paystub

Paystubs show an employee ’ second Gross to Net wages and all deductions ( taxes, indemnity, and so forth ). The paystub besides shows an employee ’ south stream pace of pay, address, and pay menstruation. Access to paystubs and paystub history is available through the My Payroll & Benefits organization where employees may view and verify their rate of pay, and confirm they are being taxed correctly .

Enrolling in Direct Deposit

direct deposit is a secure and commodious way for employees to receive their pay electronically in their bank account on payday. aim sediment takes effect after one payroll cycle ( one pay period ). An employee ’ randomness account information is pre-noted with the savings bank to ensure the account information provided to RFCUNY is correct. During the pre-noting period, employees will receive a newspaper check by postal mail.

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Reading: RF CUNY – Managing Online Timesheets, Paystubs, and e-W2

Enrolling in direct deposition requires an employee log in to the My Payroll & Benefits service .
An employee may have up to two accounts set up for direct sediment.

Consenting to direct deposit authorizes RFCUNY to debit ( if necessary ) deposits and adjustments for credit entries made in error to an report .
If an employee closes their bank account, RFCUNY ’ s payroll department needs to be notified by e-mail ( in writing only ) in ordering to by rights deactivate the employee ’ mho report ( s ) from RFCUNY ’ s electronic systems. Any funds returned to RFCUNY as a resultant role of accounts that have been closed will be reissued to the employee in the succeed payroll motorbike.

Consenting to e-W2

The W-2 form is the tax phase an employer must send to an employee and the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) at the end of the year. The W-2 shape reports an employee ‘s annual wages and the total of taxes withheld from an employee ’ mho paycheck. An employee is legally required to file tax returns for gain income in a calendar year and the W-2 tax form is required for employees to file their taxes with the IRS .
RFCUNY employees may receive their W-2 form by postal delivery or by consenting to electronic delivery through Tax Form Management. registration is a erstwhile action. once enrolled you will no longer receive a paper W-2 by mail. consent may be withdrawn at any fourth dimension .

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