Charming Waves Burgundy Red Hair 13″×6″ Lace Front Wigs [Pre-bleached knots,Pre-plucked hairline,Removable elastic band]

3.We transport all items stamped as “ Gift ” or “ sample ” and written of low intersection value, so most customers ca n’t be charged a custom tip by your local Customs government.But sometimes several countries such as Canada, Germany, South Africa, Brazil would charge some taxes which are not avoided .We will submit all documents to help you go through the Customs. 1.Make indisputable your wig is intact and braid is uncut off 2.Email us photos to apply for a return.Our e-mail cover is service @ 3.Our USA render address is merely available for customers in USA and Canada.The customers in other countries need to return to our China address. 4.All returns do n’t have handling fees and restocking fees.We entirely charge $ 25 as the transportation fees we pay an express company to ship your order from China to your state 5.Custom made orders are final sales which can not be returned 6.VIP members can enjoy a 100 % refund for all returns. ( Please click here to learn how to become our VIP members ) 1.Are your  wigs made of 100% human hair?
YES. All of our intertwine wigs are made of 100 % human hair and you can treat it as your own hair’s-breadth .

2.What are the differences among your four hair types?
brazilian virgin hair and malaysian virgo hair are of grade A quality, the best.
chinese virgin hair is of grade B quality, the better.
indian remy hair’s-breadth is of class C timbre, the normal. which is the most coarse haircloth on the market.
The texture of virgo hair is thick, so pure hair can last a longer time.Also virgo hair shows better performance in hair color .

3.What are Lace Front Wig and Full Lace Wig?
Lace Front Wig : “ Lace Front Wig ” or Front Lace Wig lone has lace in the battlefront of the wig and the remainder of the wig is made from a regular net wig cap or other materials such as thin-skin. You are not able to wear a front lace wig in high up doctor of osteopathy or ponytails.Full Lace Wig : “ Full Lace Wigs “ are lace wigs which are designed with the integral wig cap being made from intertwine adenine well as spike all around the margin of the wig. Full lace wigs allow you to wear your hair in high up do and ponytails. Upon applying & adhering the spike wig, a flawless, natural and indiscernible hairline is created .

4.What are Bleached Knots?
When a iniquity hair’s-breadth is tied to the base of a lace wig with a knot, you can see a dark dot on the skin, specially when the base is lace. braid can not hide the knot in the same way a monofilament basis does. Bleached knots normally are only done at the front of the spike wig and it helps create the illusion that your hair is growing out of your head.

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5.What does Density refer to?
The density refers to how thick the hair’s-breadth is and what density you order is truly based on personal choice. Most women achieve a natural appearance with light to medium or medium concentration ; however, your choice will depend on your style preferences and individual profile.

6.How long can I expect the wig to last?
The life of your wig will depend on your function and worry of it. If handled properly, it should last you about 6 months before needing haircloth added or a repair. If used as your chief form of hair refilling and you are using daily, it is realistic to expect it to end 3-6 months before needing a repair or haircloth add.

7.If I place an order today, when will I receive it?
If your order is in stock, normally we need 1-3 business days to process your regulate and it will take another 2-3 commercial enterprise days to reach you by DHL, Fedex and UPS.

8. Will the hairline of the lace wig have a natural look?
Yes, when you wear the lace wigs correctly according to our exploiter guide, the hairline will have a natural front, fair alike as your own hair’s-breadth growing from your scalp. For customize orders, we recommend you to have baby hairs around the front and margin of the wig and make the hairline with more natural looking.

9. Do you charge extra for Baby Hair? Does the wig come with Baby Hair?
Our inventory wigs all have baby hair around the margin. It is detached of charge. besides, you can select to add child haircloth around presence only, back only, all around the perimeter or no child hair of customs wigs. Most people choose to add baby hair’s-breadth all around the circumference which makes the lace wig have a more natural looking.

10. Does the straight hair wave up when being wet?
If it is satiny straight, our answer is “ Yes, it does ”. But after it is dry, the satiny straight style will be back. The Yaki Perm Straight and Light Yaki textures do not wave up when moisture.
11.What is Yaki hair and what is the difference between Yaki hair and Silky hair?
Yaki hair is a hair’s-breadth texture which is processed from satiny hair to resemble the chemically relax hair.So Yaki haircloth looks and feels like african American hair.If you are looking for natural hair wigs to boost your natural hairdo, yaki most probably fits the circular.
Silky hair is the unprocessed haircloth with no texture which looks and feels smooth and bright .

12. What is the difference between Full Lace Cap with Stretch and Full Lace Cap without Stretch?
These two caps are with lace all around the circumference and available for you to wear your hair in updos and high ponytails. When the caps are glued down, the wig will have a natural hairline all around the circumference. The whole can be parted anywhere as you wish. Full lace crown with stretch will be helpful for alteration on your head size. Full lace detonator with ear to ear stretch can be adjusted in Circumference. Full lace cap with stretch in peak can be adjusted in pate. Full spike cap without unfold does not have stretch and can be worn by women without hair or with barely hair .
13. What is the difference between Swiss lace & French lace?
Swiss lace is all right and softer than french lace. swiss intertwine is with better and natural looking to match the clamber. french intertwine is a bit slurred and more durable for function. Both two types of laces can be dyed to match different skins.

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14. Do I have to wear a wig cap with the wig?
No, you do not need to use any wig caps under the wig. You can easily depart your own hair at the same point as your wig before wearing the unit, which will strengthen your parting on the wig while use.

15. Is the wig available for being parted as I wish?
Yes, all our spike wigs can be parted anywhere, this is free styled. Our spike wigs are all freestyle.

16. Can I wear my lace wig in a high ponytail?
Yes, you can wear your wig in a high ponytail once you apply around your full circumference with adhesives. You will need a cap construction that is made with intertwine around the circumference.

17. What kind of Glue or tape should I choose?
If you want a 1-6 weeks hold, you need to purchase the Ultra Hold glue or the safe Grip Wig Glue.For a 1-10 day hold the Mity Tite is best. Some prefer the ease of rolling on tape adhesive.Or use glue in the front hair line and videotape in the back.

18. Will the glues and tapes break my skin out?
Just like any other new intersection that you may use, we do recommend that you do a skin test of you are prone to annoyance or have sensitive skin. 98 % of customer has no problem with the glue or tape.If you have sensitive hide, you may want to start out with the Spirit Gum or Hollisters Medical Adhesive.

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19. I have sensitive skin, which glue should I use?
If you have sensitive skin, you should start out with the Spirit Gum. You can besides try the Hollisters Medical Adhesive which we will be adding to the site concisely. besides, fair like any other new product that you may use, we do recommend that you do a skin test of you are prone to discomfort or have sensitive skin.

20. How to measure the hair length correctly ?
The haircloth duration should be from the head top to the hair bottom as the hair is straight. the curl and crinkled wig is procedure from straight wig, sol in the same length, coil and crinkled wig will be shorter by 1 ” -2 ” ( it depends on how deep the lock is ) than straightaway wig .

21 .What is wefted hair extensions(weaving)?
Wefted Hair Extensions are plainly a curtain of haircloth used to layer in to your own hair’s-breadth to add color, duration and or bulk. There are several application methods to choose from to apply the provides merely superscript quality 100 % Remy* and Non-Remy Wefted Human Hair Extensions in a battalion of colors to blend with your own hair. Hair Extensions Wefts are machine sew or hand-tied, straight or curly and are available in 14 ” to 32 ” lengths.
Wefted Hair Extensions can be applied using versatile professional or do-it-yourself application methods such as sew-in, weave, bonding, tape-in, or clip-in. With proper manage, Wefted Hair Extensions can be used over and over and are an low-cost way to achieve dateless styling possibilities. Try wrapping Wefted Hair Extensions around your own ponytail to create the illusion of a longer, fuller ponytail or add overall length, volume and color. Hair Extension Wefts are a perfect solution to achieve seek after red rug celebrity hairstyles !

22. How to make a lace wig ? 
how to make a lace wig

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