Ruby Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a deputation. Rubies might not be the beginning gem that comes to mind when thinking about an engagement ring, but they have a long history of symbolizing love, courage, passion, and protective covering. About adenine distinguished as you can get, rubies were once the stones of ancient kings and queens, making a crimson battle ring an entirely imperial choice. Besides, who does n’t want to look down at their hired hand and feel like royalty ?

What is a Ruby?

Ruby is a gem that ranges in color from bright red to dark red-brown, and they get their coloring material from the decipher element, Chromium. The most popular hue is red with aristocratic and purple undertones ( these are known as burmese and pigeon ‘s blood rubies ). In terms of feeling fresh and advanced, red betrothal rings are entirely in cable with the nontraditional ring styles modern brides crave—from unique settings to contemporary shapes and, of path, gemstones. Read on to learn more about why you should consider a red for your date ring gem.

Meet the Expert
In 2008, Anna Bario and Page Neal launched Bario Neal —a woman-owned, ethical jewelry maker moving the industry towards sustainability with one handmade firearm at a time. They have become an industry leader in ethical source and liberal fabricate, best known for its blueprint sensitivity and high-quality, handcrafted work. You can view their work on Instagram or their web site .

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Pros and Cons of Ruby Engagement Rings

While most precious gems are much softer than diamonds, rubies are a lot more resilient than other gemstones, making them an excellent choice for an engagement ring you will treasure forever. In fact, rubies come second to the ball field on the Mohs Hardness scale ( rubies have a 9 while diamonds have the highest rat with a 10 ).

Rubies besides make for a a one-of-a-kind resound that reflects your personality. “ We often tell clients that one of the best ways to choose an employment gang is to find a rock you intuitively connect with, ” says Anna Bario, co-founder of Bario Neal. Many of our clients prefer the more vibrant-colored gemstones to the more traditional rhombus battle rings. Our advice is to constantly follow your intuition and you can never go faulty ! ”
There are many reasons to lust after a crimson betrothal ring, but one thing to consider is that the gem comes at a price. If you want the highest quality ruby—Burmese or “ Pigeon ‘s Blood Red ” —it will come with a heftier price tag. That does n’t mean rubies are completely out of the question if you are looking for a more cost-efficient call. There is a across-the-board crop of colors that rubies come in, all with different price points.

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If you ‘re not amply committed to going for a red-hued center stone, consider a ruby to serve as a side or stress stones in a three-stone ring or cluster design .

What to Look for in a Ruby Engagement Ring

  • What stone cut works best with rubies? The most common cut for a ruby is round or oval. This type of cut tends to bring out deeper shades of red in the gemstone. Octagon, pear, and marquise are also all popular cuts for rubies though they tend to cost a bit more. 
  • What settings and metals work best with rubies? “Rubies are quite versatile. They’re strong stones, second in hardness only to diamonds and moissanite—so they’re not limited as far as settings go. Just make sure your stone is set so that light can get through underneath, revealing its true color! We’ve set rubies in all metal colors, and although it’s hard to pick a favorite, there’s something special about seeing them set in rose gold or 18kt fairmined yellow gold,” says Page Neal, Bario Neal’s other co-founder.
  • What are the different types of rubies? “Rubies range in color, from pink to orange to red. Their color is based on their origin; for example, Bangkok rubies are dark in color due to the presence of Iron and Chromium,” explains Bario. All shades are unique in their own way, so it all comes down to personal preference when choosing a type of ruby.  
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How to Care for a Ruby Engagement Ring

Neal recommends that it ‘s best to have your jewelry professionally cleaned by Bario Neal or another jewelry maker. If you are in a pinch for time, though, a dwelling clean is okay ampere well. “ For a dim-witted clean at home, we recommend mixing dish soap in warm water, soaking your ring or other jewelry for five minutes, and using a soft-bristled baby soup-strainer to gently clean behind stones or settings. Air dry, then finish with a polishing fabric, ” shares Neal .
Sold on a crimson date call ? Ahead, scroll through our favored spectacular styles for every smack and budget .

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