Re:Zero Season 3: Is it Renewed?

 Kay Sebastian Kay -Updated April 26, 2022Re Zero season 3
Isekai, as a genre, has come a retentive way with its creations and fanbases. Considered to be starting from the release of Spirited Away to a genesis where Isekai is more outstanding than ever, this travel has been great.

With the release of bangers like Sword Art Online, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, No Game No Life, and of course, Re : Zero the music genre gained traction and became arsenic popular as it is now .

however, amongst the bangers mentioned earlier, the one that stands out the most is rhenium : nothing .

It ‘s the Isekai that appealed to people who do n’t even like Isekai in the first place .

Ohh yea, for a lot of those Elitist Isekai haters, Re : Zero was a completely new experience that showed them the potential of the Isekai music genre .

Either room, we as fans of Re : Zero have always enjoyed it however. But as you might know, there has been a stop to our enjoyment of the anime .

In other words, we have watched the first and the second temper of the zanzibar copal but what about the third one ?

Where is Re : Zero season 3 ? Is there any official announcement ? Any liberation dates ? Well, all of your questions will be answered in this article .

That ‘s right, weebs. If you have been a sports fan of Re : Zero and wanted to know the news about the third season of the franchise then this is the article for you .

It is a comprehensive man of text with every block of information you need to know about .

This is Everything You Need To Know About Re : Zero Season 3. Let ‘s Go ! But wait, before we start our massive discussion, let ‘s precisely cursorily revise Re : Zero and everything we know about it so far barely so we are all on the lapp foliate .

Everything We Know So Far About Re: Zero

ra : Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu aka Re : ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- is a 50 sequence television anime that started airing back in 2016 .

It is an zanzibar copal adaptation of a light novel of the lapp diagnose. The luminosity novel was written by Nagatsuki Tappei and illustrated by Ootsuka Shinichirou .

The series was directed by Watanabe Masaharu and animated by White Fox. Nagatsuki Tappei and Ootsuka Shinichirou have n’t worked on any early manga/light novel however but their proficiency in the narrative of Re : Zero is applaudable in itself .

If we talk about director Watanabe Masaharu, he has been responsible for directing Granbelm and Wakaba*Girl .

He has besides participated in the creation of anime like Naruto and Haruhi Suzumiya. If we are talking about the studio that animated Re : Zero, that being White Fox, these guys have made some perplex shows like Steins Gate, The Devil Is A part-timer, and Akame Ga Kill .

No wonder why these guys are so good at portraying psychological drama. The first temper of the anime aired from April 4, 2016, to September 19, 2016 .

The second season on the early hand aired from July 8, 2020, to September 30, 2020 .

And ultimately, the second region of the second season aired from January 6, 2021, to March 24, 2021 .

anyhow, coming spinal column to the narrative of Re : Zero, it ‘s the history of a son named Natsuki Subaru who gets teleported to a new earth .

How does he get teleported ? Well, Truck-kun was busy with some other character so Subaru got teleported using an eye blink .

That ‘s right ! He was just buying some material in a convenience store and the here and now he stepped out and blinked his eyes, BAM !

He is in another world that he has NEVER seen ahead. A completely raw region with a bunch of creatures that seem everything but conversant .

Subaru being the Otaku that he is understand his site and starts to look forward to his life in this kingdom .

however, what lies true is his naivete for this universe. immediately after arriving, Subaru looks out for the stereotypes with the most authoritative one being, finding the girlfriend of his new world .

however, during this period he gets attacked by some delinquents. These delinquents are from the other global therefore do n’t know Subaru and thus, he is in big trouble .

But correctly before he was about to get himself screwed a female child named Satella summons out of nowhere and saves him .

Although she was on the lookout for something herself, she managed to help Subaru without breaking a fret .

now our supporter understood where this was going. A cute blue-eyed female child merely saved his life .

No wonder she is the one he was looking for. thus now Subaru goes on to search for Satella and meet her then he could…… I know where this is going .

Either way, in his try to meet Satella, he ends up in a bungalow where a super-powerful womanhood kills him .

Oh yeah, it ‘s adenine strange as it sounds. But things get even stranger when alternatively of ending up dead, Subaru ends up back at the plaza where he was standing after the eye wink .

then Subaru did n’t die ? Or did he equitable come back in time ? Or possibly, he had undo world ?

such questions would summon up in your mind as Subaru searches for Satella again but this meter, he wishes to save her from being murdered by that charwoman .

The report moves ahead as we get to know the liveliness of a man starting in another earth from Zero .

so now that we have the general recapitulation of Re : Zero, let ‘s take a look at official announcements and unblock dates of Re : Zero Season 3 .

All our rhenium : Zero fans, we have got good news and badly news for you guys .

Which one would you like to consume beginning ? Okay, thus bad one it is. The bad news is that there are no official announcements regarding the release of Season 3 just yet .

To be clean, the second season aired this year itself therefore expecting a sequel about instantaneously is kind of unreasonable .

not saying that it ‘s wholly impossible. I mean shows like Rent-a-girlfriend and Uzaki chan received a sequel announcement right off the bat but those are some exceptions .

by and large, zanzibar copal takes time to talk about its sequel because the success of the original is a major factor of circumstance .

even absolute bangers like Attack On Titan or My Hero Academia did n’t receive a sequel confirmation months after their prequel aired .

So it ‘s not much of a problem. You could argue that it ‘s silent bad news considering that anime sequel announcements have become quite outstanding recently but hey, that ‘s not a vogue so far .

It happens but not that frequently. so now that we are improving with the bad newsworthiness, let ‘s take a expect at what the estimable news is .

The estimable newsworthiness is actually an announcement but not an announcement. Let me explain. You see, in 2020, Crunchyroll had an consultation with manufacturer Sho Tanaka .

During the interview, Sho Tanaka mentioned something interesting. He said, “I’m confident that you’ll all be clamoring for a third season once you’ve finished watching this one (season 2).” That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the producer of Re: Zero has shown a positive approach towards our beloved series.

even though it ‘s not an official announcement, it comes from an official however. And a identical significant one with that .

These guys are n’t playing around. Just the sole idea of considering an zanzibar copal sequel is motivating in itself .

I mean, KonoSuba had a similar situation. One of the officials showed a positive approach and look, it has a sequel immediately .

similarly, it is quite potential for Re : Zero to get another season based on Sho Tanaka ‘s statement .

sol yea, even if there are no “ official announcements or release dates ”, we do have an official statement from one of the individuals out there .

That ‘s quite motivate. But we are n’t going to stop just here. This entire article is an in-depth analysis so we have to look at other factors as well .

Sales, profit, beginning material are all factors that can decide whether an anime will be hitting the television ‘s back again .

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thus let ‘s dive bass into them .

More Source Material Information For Re: Zero Season 3

now let ‘s discuss the source material of Re : Zero. As you guys know, Re : Zero is based on a light novel written by Nagatsuki Tappei and illustrated by Ootsuka Shinichirou .

These two amazing artists ended up creating our darling series and we got tantalum deference it !

This fantasy drama series started airing on January 23, 2014, and is hush under issue .

In early words, the series has n’t had a finite stopping point to its story. For us, this is great news because more narrative content means more seasons .

speak of which, the serial has a sum of 28 volumes as of the time I am writing this .

Volumes English Release Date
Volume 1 July 19, 2016
Volume 2 November 15, 2016
Volume 3 March 21, 2017
Volume 4 June 20, 2017
Volume 5 October 31, 2017
Volume 6 February 27, 2018
Volume 7 June 26, 2018
Volume 8 October 30, 2018
Volume 9 February 19, 2019
Volume 10 June 18, 2019
Volume 11 October 29, 2019
Volume 12 February 25, 2020
Volume 13 July 21, 2020
Volume 14 October 20, 2020
Volume 15 March 2, 2021
Volume 16 June 22, 2021
Volume 17 November 9, 2021
Volume 18 February 22, 2022
Volume 19 June 21, 2022
Volume 20
Volume 21
Volume 22
Volume 23
Volume 24
Volume 25
Volume 26
Volume 27
Volume 28

Out of which, around the first gear 9 volumes were covered in the inaugural season, and volumes 9-15 were covered in the moment season .

now we are going to do some simpleton maths here. The first season adapted 9 volumes of the luminosity fresh and the irregular one adapted 5 .

so if we average it out, we can say that Re : Zero requires around 7 volumes for every season .

It would n’t be a error to say sol. Keeping that in mind, does Re : Zero have enough source material to adapt ?

well, the answer is YES ! For those of you who do n’t know, if the source material is done or does n’t have adequate volumes/chapters out however, the series ca n’t adapt it in the beginning plaza .

There has to be a narrative to create an zanzibar copal and the lack of such a fib could be the electric potential induce for no sequel like in the sheath of Bunny Girl Senpai .

needle to say, this is n’t a major exit if the informant material is still being published because as clock time would pass by, there would be newfangled content coming out most of the time .

This aspect is in Re : Zero ‘s favor. The light fresh is under publishing but it besides has a lot of non-adapted volumes .

If we assume that the next temper would require 7 volumes of the light novel based on the average, we can rest assured because the serial has over 13 volumes that are yet to be adapted .

so even if the season adapts more than 7 volumes, let ‘s say 9 like Season 1, we would still have capacity to watch for the adjacent season .

Yup, a moment of happiness. overall, all of my ra : Zero lovers can rest assured that the adjacent season of Re : zero has more than adequate source material to back it up !

No motivation to hurry. thus now that we have an reason of the informant corporeal of Re : Zero, it is time to look at the popularity of the series .

Popularity Information Of Re: Zero Season 3

Popularity plays a full of life function in any zanzibar copal. Since anime is a medium of entertainment, it is bound to be judged based on popularity which is directly proportional to how many fans have found appeal in that specific zanzibar copal .

however, pinpointing the “ Popularity ” of any anime is n’t an easy undertaking. So for nowadays, we will be heading over to the biggest net on the planet, the Internet, and try to comprehend the chemical element of popularity for Re : Zero .

If the series is popular enough, the series is more disposed to get a sequel .

so for this psychoanalysis, we will be taking a spirit at 3 different platforms. Let ‘s dive !

Google Trend

google trends for re zero season 3
The first base platform that we are going to look at is Google Trends. For those of you who do n’t know, Google Trends is a web site that allows you to get a graphic representation of trends on Google .

The searches seem to be in the range of 0-25 and barely reach above that .

For the stream period, not many people are looking for temper 3. It ‘s justify because no update via the studio or implicated people has been made populace .

now let ‘s hop on to our next chopine .


twitter following of re zero
chirrup is a platform where multiple anime creators are present, making it possible for us to connect with them .

consequently, a set of zanzibar copal fans besides hang around on this platform and talk about their darling anime and material .

A positive bless on this chopine could be a major divisor in analyzing the possibility of a sequel .

It ‘s not ruffianly to understand. If people like watching it, they would try to connect with the series itself !

Because that ‘s what heroes do. But anyhow, let ‘s have a front at what fans over at Twitter have to say about Re : Zero .

How much love are these fans showering on their favorite zanzibar copal ? The answer to this doubt is rather amazing .

And I mean it. The official Twitter manage of Re : zero has over 560k followers !

That ‘s merely besides harebrained to comprehend. For context, that ‘s more than KonoSuba, One punch Man, and Tokyo Ghoul Twitter followers combined !

however, that report is japanese. The english one has over 250k followers which is STILL an incredible feat .

not to mention, even the game report has over 200k followers. These numbers are good way besides much if you ask me .

Because in the casing of popular zanzibar copal, the numbers largely revolve from 30k to 100k .

ra : Zero more than 5 times of this ! I feel that is apprehensible given that we all love the series then much .

At the end of the day, it ‘s vitamin a epic as it gets. then yea, I can wear a blindfold and say that Re : Zero has a fabulous number of Twitter followers. 500k+ ! ! ! !

That ‘s more than half a million. So ra : Zero fans, do n’t you worry. There are many many more like you guys .

Search In US, UK

Searches for Re Zero Season 3
immediately we are going to take a attend at the search volume of searches. In other words, we are going to look at the numeral of people who have searched for Re : Zero Season 3 on the internet .

This would help us to get a general theme of how often people take their time to search for the next season in the hope of a sequel .

This number is going to be a open mirror as our metric function for popularity. The more people search about it, the higher the popularity of the series .

reasonably aboveboard. So let ‘s look at those numbers. Alright, the numbers seem to be a lot unlike than what you would expect .

On modal, Re : Zero Season 3 is looked up for around 41K times global. In early words, every calendar month, 41K people search for Re : Zero Season 3 in the entire month .

Expected Plot Of Re: Zero Season 3

now let ‘s assume that the future temper does end up happening. What is going to be the plat ?

What would be the storyline for the approaching season ? Well, this is our moment to discuss it here .

Let ‘s try to theorize the plot for the future season. indeed if you guys remember, the series had an ending ( which we are going to discuss soon ) that seemed reasonably acceptable but did n’t have enough definition to consider it as an absolute culminate .

In other words, the series had a draw of room to expand its storyline. There are a batch of questions that need to be addressed .

And these questions vary from the creation of this region to Subaru ‘s teleportation. furthermore, the narrative has places to move ahead such as character relationships and world-building .

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We would love to see more of Subaru and Beatrice and their interactions with everyone else .

The report seems to have started and it can go in multiple directions. The most plausible one being the Royal Selection .

Yup, if you guys do n’t remember, Emilia is however to win in the Royal Selection to fulfill her promise towards Roswaal .

The adjacent season is most likely going to be the travel of our girl trying her best to outperform every early rival in the Royal Selection .

With Subaru and the group by her side, she is bound to become a better person .

furthermore, stuff like Rem and Subaru ‘s relationship arsenic well as Subaru and Beatrice ‘s relationships need more exploration .

The characters have made it out of the first predicament without in one piece. But what does this raw world have in store for them in the about future ?

not to mention, the alight novel is placid going on which means that we have a bunch of stories that can be covered in the zanzibar copal .

The possibilities seem no limit but at the moment, they are most likely to go in the commission of Royal Selection .

so for now, the have a bun in the oven plot of Re : Zero is Emilia and Royal Selection .

Online Reactions To Re: Zero Season 3

You love rhenium : zero. I mean that ‘s why you are bothering to read thus much about it .

But are you the merely one waiting for a third base season or there is a massive group of people who besides want it .

This is the segment where we are going to have a spirit at the on-line reactions from fans across the universe .

What do they think about the mind of a sequel and their reactions is our finish here.

If the reactions are positive, then the serial is more incline to be selected for a sequel .

It ‘s reasonably similar to popularity info but with more preciseness. Either means, the platforms that we are going to focus on for our psychoanalysis are Reddit, Twitter, and Quora .

If you are an zanzibar copal sports fan, there ‘s a reasonably thoroughly chance that you have made your presence on either of these platforms .

Let ‘s dive deep into all of them individually .


twitter reaction for re zero season 3

chirrup is where professionals meet. But it is besides the home where casuals meet. Therefore, it is significant to know what Twitter fans have to say about Re : Zero Season 3 .

The creators of Re : zero might be swiping their Twitter feed and end up looking at the sheer come of people who want another season .

I mean just imagine having 500k+ posts in your run about Re : Zero. As a godhead, that would be incredible, right ?

so yea, this platform would help us get an theme of what fans think of the one-third temper of Re : Zero .

Let ‘s dive profoundly ! Well well, it seems just as you would expect. Fans over on Twitter are seeking the sequel so very much with multiple theories in handwriting .

many people are coming over and addressing their love for the series as time passes by and seem to be curious about the release of Season 3 .

This goes to prove the fact that high numbers are n’t seen at respective aspects of Re : zero because it ‘s fairly new .

perfectly apprehensible if you ask me. overall, fans have clear-cut demand for the future season, and their love stands strong .


reddit reaction for re zero season 3

The adjacent platform we are going to discuss is Reddit, the home to over 2 million+ anime fans .

No, it ‘s not an arbitrary number. It ‘s the numeral of fans on the subreddit r/anime that gives us this measure .

With this gigantic number in heed, it would be rational number from our end to look at their reactions and try to get an idea about what they think .

With thousands of active members on the run, getting a general theme about a series is reasonably easy .

then let ‘s see what our Redditors have to say about Re : Zero Season 3. Oh my costly Reddit, you always meet my expectations as one of the best platforms for anime fans .

The Redditors are talking about the possibility of another season in a cocksure way with analytics in mind .

According to them, Re : Zero is more of a heat plan so it will get another season because creators are motivated to create it .

The sales besides work in Re : Zero ‘s privilege and we are going to discuss late a well .

For nowadays the ra : Zero fandoms must relax and wait. That ‘s the best course of action .

It ‘s besides early on to ask for another season but it will most probable happen or at least THAT is the remember of Reddit fans .

Either way, you can experience a sense of certainty in their text and feel that they know it would happen .

So we can say that Reddit has a positive reaction towards the third season of Re : Zero .


quora reaction for re zero season 3

now we are going to look at another platform that stands popular, particularly for questions .

Let ‘s see what Quora users have to say about the adjacent temper of Re : Zero .

And you might be storm how alone ideas are present on this question bank web site .

so merely like Twitter and Reddit, fans on Quora are reasonably certain that the third gear season of Re : Zero will happen, it ‘s fair that it will take a bite of fourth dimension for that to happen .

reasonably bare correct ? however, one exploiter claimed that the argue why the following season might not come out would be the final examination fit when Emilia and Subaru hold hands and seem to be walking somewhere .

It ‘s a stereotyped picture that represents the climax of a narrative. And according to the exploiter, that illustration is the finite end to the fib .

immediately on the coat, it can sound likely to be the casing but it ‘s not .

Let me explain, Re : zero has been a project that is heavily influenced by creators .

This is big because then huge money-making is not a concern. however, if you remember correctly, I mentioned that producer Sho Tanaka has already hinted for the third base temper .

so from a general point of view, the illustration depicting the orgasm of the series might not be the font .

I mean if the ending we got in season 2 was supposed to be the finite ending then Sho Tanaka would n’t have bothered to mention the third gear season in the first place .

So we can be certain that the next season is under consideration. And with that explanation, we can besides be certain that fans on Quora have a positive perspective towards the series .

Across the board, all of these platforms seem to be chilling about the following temper .

With multiple theories and speculations going on, these users seem to be more concern about the go steady than the actual passing .

So we can say that the on-line reactions for Re : Zero Season 3 are working in our prefer .

But why is it so ? Why are people so refer about the future season ? Why do people want another season so ill ?

well, let ‘s find out .

Why Do We Want Another Season So Badly?

This is the question that might have come up in the minds of anime fans who have n’t watched Re : Zero or know nothing about it .

But since this is a comprehensive examination article, we are going to clarify that american samoa well .

On the surface, there can be hundreds of reasons for fans to demand another season .

But the effect reason for most fans here is the desire for more entertainment. rhenium : Zero has an amazing project, with a big narrative and execution of the same .

For most anime fans, that ‘s all they want. Since the beginning corporeal has a fortune more stories that can be covered in an zanzibar copal format, the series seems to be hitting the demand ceiling .

so this is the core reason why fans want more of their beloved Re : Zero .

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Re: Zero Rating and Reviews

Website Rating
Myanimelist 8.23(Season 1), 8.43(Season 2 Part 1), 8.56(Season 2, Part 2)
IMDb 8.1/10
Crunchyroll 4.6/5

now let ‘s speak about the ratings and reviews of Re : Zero. If a series is highly rated, it means that a batch of people had a fun time watching it .

In other words, it creates a bunch of room for the next season and its fanbase .

consequently, we must analyze the scores and thoughts of the serial a well .


IMDb rating for re zero

The series is available for listing on the populace ‘s most popular movie rat site, IMDb .

There ‘s a huge fan base of entertainment over on IMDb indeed Re : Zero ‘s evaluation on this platform would tell us a draw about its general acceptance .

And if you check the web site, you wo n’t be disappointed at all because Re : Zero is blessed with a capital mark of 8.1/10 .

That ‘s impressive in itself. Goes to show how amazing the series was for a draw of casual zanzibar copal fans out there .

A convinced give voice indeed. The reviews besides appreciate the nature of the series along with its dark tone .

A ferment that is appreciated by many .


Myanimelist review for re zero

now let ‘s spirit at MAL. The web site where 100s of anime fans mingle and rate/review their favorite zanzibar copal serial .

Scores and thoughts on this platform would be more center towards the hard-core zanzibar copal fandom .

Oh yea, appreciation HERE is reasonably unmanageable. Well, it turns out that it ‘s not difficult for Re : Zero .

The first base temper of Re : Zero had a score of 8.27 followed by 8.43 for Season 2 Part 1 and ultimately 8.56 with Season 2 Part 2 making it a partially of acme 100 Anime On MAL .

This shows how every raw season gave a boost in timbre adenine well as maintained its consultation .

not to mention, the zanzibar copal had fantastic reviews as well highlighting the distinct access towards the Isekai genre and the spiritual world repugnance tone of the same .

overall, we can sit comfortably and say that Re : Zero has fantastic ratings and reviews .

From fans to critics, everyone seems to have a wish towards it .

Re: Zero Light Novel, Blu-Ray/DVD Sales

now it ‘s time to talk about money ! The most authoritative aspect for any anime is undoubtedly sales .

even if Re : Zero is a rage project, it is bound to be shut without a third gear temper if it does n’t make adequate money .

so did it make adequate cash ? Let ‘s take a attend .

Light Novel Sales

Light novel sales can contribute significantly to the make of an anime sequel. sol what does Re : Zero light novel contribute to the make ?

Let ‘s find out. well, great news ! The lighter novel sold over 3 million copies. This is an incredible number and decidedly supports the stool of a sequel .

In fact, Re : Zero is one of the highest-selling Isekai light novels of all time .

so rest assured, they have adequate bucks .

Blu-ray/Dvd Sales

evening though they are not outstanding at the moment, Blu-Rays and DVDs are still bought and are the most effective way to support the industry .

If a series has amazing Blu-Ray sales then it directly means that it made a fortune of money .

So what ‘s the lawsuit with Re : zero ? Well, the numbers are amazing as they get .

With an average of over 10,800 copies sold per volume, Re : Zero ranks higher than popular kings like My Hero Academia and Kaguya Sama in terms of Blu-Ray sales .

I do n’t think there ‘s any more analysis needed here. Re : Zero has fantastic BD sales .

More than adequate for yet another season .


And ultimately, we have trade. If you have been evening a moment into trade, you know that Re : Zero merch is about everywhere !

They have over 550 figurines which largely include Rem and Ram equally well as 3200 general items .

These are absolutely stun numbers. Without a doubt, one of the best numbers of trade sales in holocene times .

Across the circuit board, we can be certain that they have made plenty of money for another temper .

Heck if you add the total of $ 5 million from OVAs and on-line games from the franchise then it probably has enough money to make 2 more seasons .

Without a doubt, this dream project has its way paved for itself .

Popular Re: Zero Characters

now let ‘s talk about some characters that may return in the adjacent season. If season 3 does happen, many of our beloved characters will make their render .

The most big ones are going to be mentioned here .



First improving, is our beloved protagonist who seems to have no limits to fearlessness. His brave behavior has made him go from the weakest to the strongest and his life in this new universe has just started .

The adjacent season will have more of his idiocy filled with heroism. Looking forward to it !


Our beautiful Emilia tan is besides bound to make a reappearance in the following season .

As discussed earlier, the former season might follow the Royal Selection so there ‘s an highly eminent probability that Emilia will have more screen door time on Season 3 .



Although she had no foreground in the previous season, there ‘s a pretty good luck that the next season might focus on her reawaken .

She has been a fan favored since season one and abandoning her center would disturb a bunch of fans .

So she will be returning in the next temper angstrom well .



One of the most noteworthy characters from the past season was Beatrice. Our cute loli did get her fairly partake of shield time in seasons 1 and 2 but separate 2 specifically focused on her .

In termination, she ended up picking Subaru as her number and continued living life along with him .

Her reappearance in the next season would give birth to more exhibition of her character and her relationship with Subaru .

other characters like Ram, Roswaal, Petra, Fredrica, Garfiel, Otto, etc. besides have fair chances for a return key in the next season .

Although from our expectations, the floor might not be heavily focused on them, they would still be present .

Other Decisive Factors for  Re: Zero Season 3

nowadays let ‘s cursorily lecture about some aspects of Re : nothing that could decide the potential for another season .

First up is the ending .

Re: Zero Ending Explained

The ending of Re : zero was focusing on Subaru freeing the sanctuary ampere well as everyone within the chancel .

furthermore, Emilia, Ram, Roswaal, and Garfiel have overcome their pasts and are looking forward to a new life .

The ending of Re : Zero had a reasonably conclusive ending but it was n’t definite. So there ‘s a fortune of probability for creators to use that ending for another temper if they are planning one .

Which they are since manufacturer Sho Tanaka has hinted at it. sol overall, the ending of season 2 was commodity enough to let season 3 slither in without any issues .

Controversy Around Re: Zero

Controversy creates cash. But sometimes, it creates problems in the make of a sequel. fortunately for Re : Zero, that ‘s not the case .

There have n’t been any significant controversies revolving around Re : Zero. The entirely thing close to that was “ Emilia .

Vs Rem ” best girlfriend contend. But that ‘s merely the fandom being the fandom. Nothing besides extreme point .

It ‘s merely an substitution of opinions and it turned out to be favorable for creators because the demand for Rem figures spiked .

It ‘s a win-win in my eyes .


To sum it all up, Re : Zero has extremely gamey chances of getting a sequel .

The merely reason we have n’t had any announcements yet is that the last function aired this class itself .

otherwise, the hint from producer Sho Tanaka deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as incredible monetary performance work in Re : Zero ‘s favor .

so all my rhenium : zero lovers, do n’t worry. Just wait for a while and you will get to see your favorite female child back again on screen.

Thanks a bunch for reading this. Until next prison term, Sayonara !

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