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dachshund and rat terrier mix
dachshund and rat terrier mix

Height 8-18 inches
Weight 6-35 pounds
Lifespan 15-18 years
Colors White, black, brown, cream, sable, red, brindle, pied
Suitable for Families without young kids, seniors, individuals, apartment dwellers, those with previous dog experience
Temperament Energetic, lazy, independent, spunky, loving, loyal, smart, friendly, stubborn

independent but firm and energetic but lazy, the Toy Rat Doxie is a rather concern mix. Don ’ thymine worry if you ’ ve never hear of this breed before. They ’ re a newer architect breed created by crossing the ever-popular Dachshund with a Rat Terrier. The size of this mix can vary widely, spanning weights of 6-35 pounds when in full grown. With no breed standards in place, you never actually know what you ’ ll get with a Toy Rat Doxie, as they can distillery take on a diverseness of appearances .
Because of their refractory and autonomous nature, these dogs are broadly best-off with owners that have previous dog experience. New andiron owners might be put off by some of its mannerisms. Training a Toy Rat Doxie, for case, is going to take a firmer hand and more solitaire than with many other breeds. still, they ’ re affectionate and fiercely patriotic canines, and they make great pets if you have the right expectations. divider-dog paw

Toy Rat Doxie Puppies – Before You Buy…






What ’ s the Price of Toy Rat Doxie Puppies ?

The Toy Rat Doxie is a relatively newly architect breed. As such, prices for these puppies haven ’ thymine had time to stabilize. furthermore, this breed is quite rare, therefore flush finding a puppy to purchase proves very difficult. To get a better feel for what you might spend on a Toy Rat Doxie, we ’ ll have to look to the rear breeds .
one-half of the Toy Rat Doxie ’ s genes come from a Dachshund. Dachshunds are highly love dogs, and the engender is presently the 12th most popular pawl breed in the US. At the gloomy conclusion of the scale, some Dachshunds sell for precisely a few hundred bucks. But show-quality puppies with pedigrees can cost well over $ 3,000. Of naturally, Toy Rat Doxies aren ’ t an official breed, so you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to show them. And the other parent breed, the Rat Terrier, tends to sell for just $ 300- $ 600 on average .
Based on this information, you should expect to spend about $ 500- $ 1,500 for a Toy Rat Doxie puppy. They ’ re still reasonably rare, which keeps the price relatively high, evening if they aren ’ thyroxine eligible for showing. divider-dog

3 little-known Facts About Toy Rat Doxie


They ’ ra Adept Hunters

Hunting is in the Toy Rat Doxie ’ s blood. Both parents are ace hunting breeds that gained massive popularity for their incredible hunt art. Dachshund means “ tease andiron ” in german, and primitively, Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers. Their long and low determine is to help them burrow into tunnels after the badgers they were hunting. rotter Terriers were created in an feat to control exploding rodent populations, and they saved many farms and crops from destruction .
Toy Rat Doxies don ’ triiodothyronine fall far from the tree. These dogs inherit excellent hunting instincts from their parents, even though most owners won ’ t put them to use. You ’ re calm probable to see it manifest in their personality though, in the shape of a very high prey drive .


Their Parents Have Opposite Temperaments

Though both of the Toy Rat Doxie ’ s parent breeds share a exchangeable hunt background, their temperaments are pivotal opposites. Dachshunds are known for being identical mugwump ; a trait that comes in handy when they ’ re hunting down badgers. But that independence leads to stubbornness, which can make Dachshunds harder to train. Rat Terriers, on the other hired hand, are known for being highly affectionate, obedient, and eager to please ; the exact inverse of a Dachshund .
fortunately, this means that your Toy Rat Doxie is probable to be a mix of these two personalities. It probably won ’ thymine be besides stubborn or excessively affectionate. Rather, your Toy Rat Doxie will be a moment of both. placid, it could take more after one side or the other, so don ’ t be surprised if yours is less cuddlesome and more autonomous than you hoped for !


They ’ re Prone to Separation Anxiety

Toy Rat Doxies, like both parent breeds, tend to form very solid bonds with at least one of their owners. While this is capital as an owner, it can come with an built-in downside. Toy Rat Doxies are highly susceptible to separation anxiety. This can lead to all sorts of unwanted behaviors, so keep an eye out for the signs of separation anxiety so you can try to ease the anxiety for your cad when you ’ re gone .
parents of toy rat doxie

Temperament & Intelligence of the Toy Rat Doxie

Because its parents have completely reverse temperaments, your Toy Rat Doxie will probably get the best of both worlds. It will be a little mugwump, though silent loving and affectionate. You might see a piece ofstubbornness take after the Dachshund side of the class, but you ’ ll besides see that incredibly loyalty they ’ rhenium known for ampere well. Taking after the Rat Terrier, your puppy should be affectionate and obedient, even if the Dachshund in it makes it a bit hard to train than a Rat Terrier would be .
Toy Rat Doxies are highly intelligent dogs, but they require a fortune of social organization. You ’ ll need to socialize yours early on on to try and hamper its excessively strong prey drive that was inherited from two sets of hunting genes. besides, make certain to spend batch of clock time playing with your frump to keep it engaged and provide an mercantile establishment for some of its surfeit energy. Because Toy Rat Doxies are sol smart, they can easily become mischievous when their curio international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine tempered by mental and physical foreplay.

Are These Dogs Good for Families ? 👪

Because they ’ rhenium affectionate and bond closely with their owners, Toy Rat Doxies can make excellent family dogs. however, some will choose just a single owner to adhere close with, so be certain there won ’ thymine be any jealousy if this happens. These dogs besides do better with older children and aren ’ thymine constantly a great fit for households with young kids ; particularly if the kids are forte and rough .

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

Toy Rat Doxies can get along with other dogs ; particularly if the other dogs are larger. Keep in mind, this breed has a very potent raven drive that it got from two sets of hunting parents. even with early on and even socialization, you credibly won ’ triiodothyronine completely erase your Toy Rat Doxie ’ s prey drive. They ’ rhenium credibly not a great paroxysm for families with early minor pets such as cats or smaller dogs. A Toy Rat Doxie might give pursuit or end up hurting one of your other pets .

Things to Know When Owning a Toy Rat Doxie :

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

Although they span a wide crop of sizes, all Toy Rat Doxies fall squarely into the category of small dogs. At the largest, yours might be 35 pounds and 18 inches grandiloquent, though it ’ s likely going to be much smaller when amply grown, and could weigh angstrom small as six pounds at full size ! On modal, a Toy Rat Doxie will eat about one cup of dry frump food each sidereal day. They don ’ t have any specific nutritional needs, though because of their susceptibly to both hip and elbow dysplasia, it might be a good estimate to supplement your Toy Rat Doxie with supplements that aid in roast health, such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and Omega fatso acids .

exercise 🐕

This breed is game, cutthroat, and reasonably energetic, when they ’ re not being wholly lazy ! But you ’ ll want to help get rid of some of that excess department of energy for the benefit of both you and your frump. When your frump has excessively much energy and it mixes with this engender ’ sulfur curious nature, it can result in mischief and unwanted behaviors. To prevent this, you ’ ll want to provide about 45-60 minutes of playtime and exercise each day. This will ensure your pawl is receiving adequate genial and physical foreplay .

train 🎾

Toy Rat Doxies can sometimes be comfortable to train, but other times they can be very refractory and independent, which makes train far more difficult. It all boils down to which parent engender they take after more. If your frump is a bite more Dachshund, then it will probably be stubborn, mugwump, and take a bunch more solitaire to train. On the other hand, if your pawl takes more after the Rat Terrier slope, then training will be easier since your pawl will likely be more obedient and eager to please .
Because many of these dogs can be stubborn and harder to train, it ’ s often recommended that this breed is best reserved for know andiron owners. A stubborn Toy Rat Doxie can be frustrating for a raw owner who doesn ’ t understand why they ’ re having such a hard clock training their frank !

Grooming ✂️

overall maintenance of the Toy Rat Doxie international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine excessively involve. Their coats don ’ metric ton shed very much, so you can get away with brushing it just once each workweek. Their nails grow reasonably fast though, so expect to trim them quite much. If your pawl has diskette ears that hang over, you ’ ll credibly need to spend more time cleaning the ears to prevent infection .
dental problems are more common in this breed than others, so you should brush your cad ’ randomness teeth regularly. extra visits to the vet for dental exams are besides a well idea with Toy Rat Doxies .

Health & Conditions 🏥

Designer breeds are frequently considered to be healthier than saturated breeds in general, and susceptible to fewer major health concerns. Both of the Toy Rat Doxie ’ s parent breeds are vulnerable to a wide crop of health problems, and even though chances of these illnesses are reduced in the Toy Rat Doxie compared to their parents, many are calm possibilities .
In summation to these particular conditions, Toy Rat Dozies are besides known to have spinal problems and dental health issues. They ’ re prone to early tooth loss, so proper alveolar consonant hygiene is vital. And because of their elongate bodies, spinal issues are particularly common in dogs that have to use stairs frequently. If you keep a Toy Rat Doxie, try not to make it use the stairs .
Serious Conditions:

Minor Conditions:

Male vs Female

Because the Toy Rat Doxie is such a new breed, not a solid distribute is known about moody differences between males and females. however, we can look to the rear breeds for some clues. Male and female Dachshunds, for exemplar, have quite unlike personalities with males being more affectionate and playful while females are more freelancer and reserved. You might expect such traits to trickle down into the Toy Rat Doxie, offering like differences between the sexes. divider-dog

Final Thoughts

Toy Rat Doxies are a genetic lottery however since the breed is so new. You might get more of a Dachshund or more of a Rat Terrier. Your frank could be equally small as six pounds or a heavy as 35 when it ’ s in full grown. But with proper socialization and train, any Toy Rat Doxie can make a bang-up darling .
fair be aware that yours might be more autonomous or it might be more obedient and eager to please. You might find your Toy Rat Doxie to be difficult to train, specially for a first-time frump owner. All of them have hard raven drives, so they ’ re not a bang-up equip for houses with little pets. But because they form hard bonds with their class and offer a fortune of love and commitment, these dogs are ideal for seniors, couples, individuals, and families with older children, and they even do well in smaller living accommodations like apartments .
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