Rat Terrier Dachshund Mix: The Tiny Turbulent Troublemaker – Alpha Paw

Rat Terrier Dachshund Mix: The Tiny Turbulent Troublemaker

Rat Terrier Dachshund Mix: The Tiny Turbulent Troublemaker

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Meet the Rat Doxie : The Rat Terrier Dachshund Mix

Life is a denounce rush, and no one knows it better than a Rat Doxie. even though the strange identify could give you some eldritch ideas, this is actually a cross between a Dachshund and a Rat Terrier… not an actual rat. The two breeds are quite compatible. They are both bear hunters, and they ’ ra similar in size. commitment and courage are their common virtues, and bark is the favorite pastime of both. Where a Doxie is stubborn and unyielding, a Rat Terrier is respectful and eager to please, so their differences balance each other nicely as well. If you ’ ve set your sights on a Rat Doxie puppy, here ’ second everything you need to know before you commit. And we need to start an official petition to call this finical mix breed a Roxie !

history of the Rat Doxie

Rt1 beginning : go.bienna.go Cross-breeds are always a fiddling cryptic. Designer dogs are a fairly newfangled invention, and this especial desegregate has been around for 20-something years. It credibly originated in the USA, where the designer frank craze is at its strongest. To understand the Rat Terrier Dachshund shuffle, we ’ ll have to take a closer front at the parent breeds. Dachshunds were bred in Germany to rid the area family of the changeless menace that was the badger. Dachshund literally means “ tease chase, ” when translated from German. Their form was adapted to get the job done. Navigating the narrow tunnels that were homes to badgers was a much more manageable task with short legs and long bodies. Their loud bark helped Doxies communicate with their human hunting partners who stayed above the grind while their dogs did the big hoist. These pups are incredibly brave, which hardly comes as a surprise considering the enemy they had to face. They are loyal and have a strong prey drive. Being with their humans makes them happy, but they are quick to distrust everybody else. If you need a watchdog, this is your guy. Dachshunds have been among the front-runner dogs in the USA since World War I, so it ’ s no wonder they have found their home on our number of the best andiron breeds to adopt. even Picasso was in love with them ! If you ’ d like to know more about these antic short fellows, take a look at the 10 facts you should know about Dachshunds with pictures, vitamin a well as our list of Dachshund facts. Rat Terriers are loyal, energetic, and loving and fearsome killers of all things rodent. According to what is credibly an urban legend, one Rat Terrier in the 1900s managed to kill no less than 2,500 rats in seven hours. For anyone who has seen these fiddling kill machines, this is not at all a stretch of the imagination, so it ’ randomness safe to say that the little buggers are dedicated to their craft. As their name suggests, Ra t Terriers were bred to hunt rats. A single-purpose dog is not something a hardheaded farmer would approve of, so they were besides used as hunting companions, watchdogs, and even henhouse guardians that, on occasion, had to chase away foxes and raccoons who would wander besides close in research of eggs and easy prey. The many expectations and activities connected to Rat Terriers made them into sturdy little creatures with an incredibly high raven drive. They tend to bark a lot but are quite respectful to their human companions otherwise, which makes them easy to train. They were admitted to AKC ’ s terrier group in 2012, although the organization recognized them as a breed in 2010 .

Three Reasons not to Adopt a Rat Doxie

even though this cross is a highly impressive one, it ’ s not for everyone. Here are three reasons not to adopt a Rat Doxie .

  1. They are blabbermouths.
  2. They will eat your Scabbers.
  3. They won’t put up with nonsense.

They Are Blabbermouths

These dogs have a lot to say, and they’re not afraid to say it. They ’ ll spill the beans about every little thing that ’ s going on, from the butterfly in the park to the wyrd direction your shoelaces arranged themselves when you took off your shoes. You can train them not to bark. It takes a distribute of time and feat, though, and being forced to keep calm will make your pooch profoundly dysphoric .

They Will Eat Your Scabbers

These little fellows have an incredible prey drive. They will try to kill (and maybe even eat) every rodent they encounter, and you can’t teach them not to. It ’ south in their lineage. You can teach them—with capital difficulty—to tolerate cats, and possibly even birds. distillery, if you have a distribute of minor animals in your home, you might want to choose another cad .

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They Won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate Put up with Nonsense

If you have little children, you ’ ll have to supervise a batch. Children who overstep the dog’s boundaries will likely find themselves at the receiving end of your canine’s canines. While it ’ sulfur highly improbable that the dog will seriously hurt your kid, the child can suffer a psychological trauma that you ’ ll have to deal with late. If you have babies or toddlers, this cad might not be the wisest choice .

Three Reasons to Adopt a Rat Doxie

Rt2 source : alexatheratdoxie If you don ’ t keep a crowd of small pets in your home, your kids are already school historic period, and you don ’ triiodothyronine mind the ceaseless yelp, there ’ south nothing at all to stop you from adopting one of these little buggers. Rat Doxies are awesome, and here are three reasons to give a home to one of them.

  1. They’ll rid you of any pests that are giving you troubles.
  2. They are easy to groom.
  3. They don’t need much room.

They ’ ll Rid You of Any Pests That Are Giving You Troubles

Both Rat Terriers and Dachshunds were bred to kill pests, and that ’ s what they like to do the most. They ’ re at their happiest when there is a rat to chase, and in the absence of rats, they ’ ll go after anything—squirrels, pigeons, even cockroaches. If you have any pests that you want gone, look no further—this is the dog for the job.

They Are slowly to Groom

If you don’t want to spend hours grooming your pet, a Rat Doxie is the right choice for you. There international relations and security network ’ t a retentive coat to take care of, and you won ’ t need any professional help taking care of your cur .

They Don ’ t Need much Room

even though these little fellows need exercise, they don ’ t need large live quarters. Provided you take them out to play and walk every day, they can live perfectly happily in a small flat.

appearance and Personality of the Rat Terrier Dachshund Mix

Opting for a cross-breed pup is always a bit of a gamble because you never know which genes will win the game of thrones. In terms of appearance, it’s probably safe to say that your dog will inherit the Doxie body shape and their large and usually floppy ears. Their branch might be a bite longer, which is good from the health position, but probably not what you were going for. Their tinge varies. They can be uniformly colored or have any color jazz band confront in both parent breeds. When it comes to personality, this is one of the sweetest dogs to have. The pig-headedness of the Doxie is normally balanced out by the obedience of the Rat Terrier, which means that your pooch is likely to be sweet-tempered and relatively easy to manage. They retain their leaning to bark, though, and normally don ’ t contract along with smaller animals. Their prey drive is exceptionally strong, and they ’ ll chase after cats, rodents, birds, even smaller dogs. If you have smaller pets, you might have some issues keeping everybody happy and alive .

Weight 6 – 35 pounds
Height 8 – 18 inches
Size Small to medium
Coat type
  • Medium
  • Medium-density
  • Straight to wiry
Coat color
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Isabella
  • Sable
  • Brown
  • Brindle
  • Red
  • Pied
  • White
Shedding Moderate
  • Amber
  • Brown
  • Hazel
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Isabella
  • Large
  • Floppy, sometimes erect
Temperament Willful, smart, energetic, affectionate
Life expectancy 12 – 15 years
Hypoallergenic No
Kid-friendly No
New owner friendly Yes
Breed recognition Not recognized as a breed by the AKC

How Active Is a Dachshund Rat Terrier Mix Dog ?


source : alexatheratdoxie You ’ ll necessitate to get your frump to spend their energy if you want to keep your things unchewed and un-torn apart. They’ll take their enthusiasm out on everything you hold dear if you neglect to exercise them properly. They are quite cheerful and active anyhow, and will probably spend quite a morsel of energy on following you around, pushing their snouts into your business, and barking at random things. Still, you’ll need to take about an hour every day to walk and entertain them. Split the time into two walks and one high-energy bring session, and you should be ticket ( and your shoes safe ) .

Activity level Recommended miles/day Activity minutes/day
Moderate 9 60

Health Issues Connected to the Rat Terrier Dachshund Cross

Cross-breed are normally thought to be healthier than pure breeds. unfortunately, this is true about equally frequently as it ’ randomness not. While the broader gene pool can enable your adorable little mix to escape all the hereditary diseases that can affect their parents, they can also inherit them all. There are no guarantees, so adopting a cur is in no means less or more bad than choosing a thoroughbred pup, unless you have all the documentation on the parents. There are some things you should look out for in this particular breed. Here are the most common health issues in Rat Doxies .

  1. Intervertebral disc disease. This back problem is common in Dachshunds and Dachshund mixes that inherit the elongated body shape. The discs that separate the spinal bones start pressing on the spinal nerve. For your dog, this translates into quite a bit of pain and possible paralysis. It’s highly important to take good care of the pups with the condition and thus lengthen their lifespan. If you notice that your pup shows any signs of discomfort or reluctance to use the hind legs, take them to the vet immediately.
  2. Patellar Luxation. This is a fancy term for knee dislocation. The kneecap slips from its position at the groove of the thigh bone, and your dog will carry their leg instead of using it normally. This condition is relatively painless, except for the exact moment of dislocation.
  3. Bloat. If your dog eats too fast or too much, if you feed them low-quality food, and if they have a natural predisposition for it, they may develop the condition known as bloat. In essence, the stomach of your pooch fills with gas, and can even twist on itself and cause further pain. It’s a dangerous condition and needs to be dealt with quickly. If you notice any bloating, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.
  4. Hip and elbow dysplasia. This issue happens when the joints don’t develop as they are supposed to. Instead of fitting together nicely and sliding against each other, the ball and the socket of the joint grind and rub, destroying the bone matter and causing discomfort. If you notice that your dog is limping or seems unwilling to go up or down the stairs, see your vet to check the joints. You can try to keep your dog’s joints healthy by tailoring perfect, every-day nutrition.
  5. Eye-related problems. Because both parent breeds tend to have eye-related problems, your little buddy can develop some of them as well. Make sure you visit your vet for regular checkups to notice early signs and stop them from progressing if possible.
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Some other less frequent health issues that normally come from the Doxie english are seizures and skin problems. In case your hairy companion has dry skin, think about adding healthy supplements to their diet.  Many issues can be prevented, or their progress hindered if you don’t neglect regular health checkups. responsible ownership can save you and your pooch a lot of headaches down the road .

Major concerns Minor concerns Occasional tests
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Bloat
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Eye-related problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Deafness
  • Color Dilution Alopecia
  • Cushing’s Disease
  • Legg-Calve Perthes Disease
  • Physical examination
  • Eye examination
  • X-Rays
  • Blood tests
  • Hearing tests

Diet of the Dachshund Rat Terrier Cross

Rt4 source : thedailymilo_ We are what we eat, and the same goes for our dogs. If you want a healthy dog, you’ll need to make sure you offer them some high-quality food. Check out our number of best dry pawl food for little dogs to get some ideas. even though dry food is a more practical and often healthier choice, some dogs prefer besotted food. That ’ s fine—there are dear options for that type of food as well. Take a look at our picks for the best canned frank food brands. Age of the dog matters excessively, so if your whelp is already tested, you might want to check out these best elder dry pawl food brands. For those who are at the beginning of their travel, find the best puppy food brands on the marketplace. Our favorite dry dog food options are the follow :

  • Wellness Core® Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food. Your pooch is part Doxie, which means that they are prone to bone and joint issues. Calcium and phosphorus in this food can improve joint and bone health, and thus improve the quality of your pup’s life.
  • Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Small Breed Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This food is rich in protein and amino acids. It is made of different kinds of meat, including venison, ocean fish, lamb, and duck. It’s a great option for all small dogs because the kibble is small enough not to cause any problems for their tiny mouths.
  • Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry. If your pup is still just a munchkin, you’ll need the appropriate food. This brand is great for puppies because it offers high-quality ingredients and all the nutrients your little beastie could possibly need.
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Whichever food you choose, remember to check the ingredients before you purchase. Avoid these worst dry chase food brands like the plague, and make certain your puppy receives all the nutriment they need to be happy and healthy .

Grooming Requirements of a Rat Doxie

Since this cross has a curtly coat and is not prone to shedding, they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate require a lot of brushing. once or two times a week should be adequate for your pooch. Their nails grow firm, thus create sure you clip them regularly. Rat Doxies sometimes have dental issues, so pay attention to your pooch’s dental hygiene. Brush their teeth two or three times a week, and find some tasty, high-quality alveolar consonant chews to keep their gums healthy. Check out our tilt of crown 10 best andiron dental chews to get a few ideas. If you live in an area that gets crisp in the winter, you should find some illusion dog clothe to keep your whelp courteous and warm. You ’ ll need to learn how to adapt your dog ’ sulfur life to cold weather in general if you live in an unusually cold region. Follow our best pawl grooming tips to provide your pooch with arrant wish .

Brushing frequency Brushes for Rat Terrier Dachshund Mix
  • Slicker brush
  • Deshedder
  • Nail clippers

Is a Rat Doxie Easy to Train ?

Rt5 source : jen_huizenga amazingly, yes. The Rat Terrier ’ s readiness to please counters the Doxie ’ sulfur stubbornness in the blend, which makes this breed highly trainable. Keep in mind that the Dachshund genes may overpower the Rat Terrier’s, in which case you’ll be stuck with an intelligent but not always cooperative dog. Needles to say, this can make your life much more unmanageable as Dachshund trail is challenging ! In most cases, though, you’ll be just fine with this cross, particularly if you’ve owned a dog before and know what to expect. If you ’ re a novice, barely make sure you offer enough of positive reinforcement such as treats, gifts, or praise, and keep your patience at all times. It ’ s no use yelling at the chase or punishing them, and it can even hamper their motivation. Check out these tips for training your puppy and Dachshund potty train, possibly you will find some utilitarian tips. many dogs are food motivated. Because you need to be consistent with rewarding the desired behavior while ignoring the veto, you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to use their regular food as motivation. The goal is not to starve your frump if they learn lento. You should find some healthy or natural treats to motivate your pup. That way, if they ’ re full, they get something tasty and good for them. If they ’ ra disobedient, they don ’ t get a cover, which won ’ metric ton harm them like the absence of even food. Make sure you use the highest quality treats and avoid these worst dog treat brands . besides, make sure to avoid the most park mistakes while training your dog .

Does a Rat Doxie Make a full Family Pet ?

Yes and no. Rat Doxies are affectionate and full of love for their pack, but they don’t naturally get along well with children. All hound dogs tend to be a bit crisp when challenged, and children tend to overstep the boundaries. If you leave a toddler alone with a frank, and the child starts pulling on the dog ’ s ears, pushing fingers into their mouth or eyes, pinching the skin on their neck, or whatever else can cross the mind of a little pull the leg of, whose fault is it when the dog snaps ? never leave any frank, no matter how trustworthy and well-behaved, alone with a child that doesn ’ t know how to play with a cad.

That said, your Rat Doxie can get along just fine with older children and teenagers. They can be fantastic playmates angstrom hanker as the kids know how to treat a cad. Keep in mind that this traverse comes from two highly bigmouthed rear breeds. They will bark, much and obstreperously. If you have a new baby or are planning to have one soon, this traverse might not be the best choice .

Check Out These other Cute Dachshund Mixes

If you are a Rat Terrier fan, check out our list of Rat Terrier mixes, possibly you will fall in beloved.
While a Rat Doxie is an undoubtedly impressive intersect, it might not be everyone ’ mho cup of tea. If you’re a Doxie enthusiast and determined to have it in the mix you’ll adopt, here are some other Dachshund mixes that might interest you.


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