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I have used the excellent classifieds locate for many years to buy and sell radio equipment. I think it ’ s a bang-up option to eBay. I subscribe to the classifieds newsletter and, this good morning, Scott ( KA9FOX ) sent the take after warn, which I am publishing to help spread the son. In compendious, is still a bang-up place to buy/sell equipment, but they, along with early classifieds sites, have seen an increase in victimize activity. Know the signs : Dear Ham Radio Classifieds user :
We ’ ve seen an alarming increase in the phone number of scammers utilizing our web site ( and it seems most early ham radio classified sites, besides, based on reports coming in ). I wanted to take this opportunity to explain what some of these scammers are doing, in hopes it will better protect you from them, when you are selling equipment on the Classifieds at hypertext transfer protocol : //

park swindler traits :
1 ) They will use some else ’ randomness callsign, and they will create an e-mail cover that contains that callsign, normally with a dislodge e-mail provider like gmail, yokel, hotmail, etc. They sometimes pose as foreign callsigns ( specially UK and Spain ) but recently have been using USA callsigns .
2 ) They will sometimes post “ For Sale ” ads, but besides will sometimes answer “ Wanted ” ads. normally the prices are a little excessively good to be true .
3 ) They will use pictures of equipment they have found on the Internet ( they don ’ triiodothyronine actually own the equipment ) .
4 ) They seem to like payments via Western Union ( no protective covering for the buyer ), but will besides use PayPal ( hoping to drain their account before the buyer realizes they have been scammed ) .
5 ) They seem to know ham radio slang. For all we know, these scammers are ham, but we can ’ triiodothyronine be sure .
6 ) They are advanced adequate to use “ proxy servers ” sol their IP address can not be well detected. This makes it difficult for us to block the scammers. We are constantly tweaking our filters to block these guys when possible, but it is a constant caterpillar and mouse crippled.

What can you do to protect yourself ?
* Ask for a phone phone number and call the person before agreeing on any deal. This is credibly the # 1 way to expose the rats .
* Check to see if the e-mail address they used matches what is listed for that person on their profile. It could be a red flag if there is a mismatch .
* Be specially cautious of dealing with foreign hams. not all alien hams are scammers, of course ! barely be extra careful ! !
* Never manipulation Western Union. Be very cautious of using Money Orders and Cashier ’ randomness Checks. PayPal and Credit Cards seem to be the best option, vitamin a far as having any buyer protective covering. Money Orders & Cashier ’ sulfur Checks are perfectly acceptable if you are absolutely sure who you are dealing with .
* Read all of my “ safe trade Tips ” at hypertext transfer protocol : // ? t=12

About 100,000 ads are placed each class in the Classifieds, and only a bantam, bantam fraction wind up being deceitful. I do not want to scare you into thinking that it is dangerous to trade on-line. Rather, I just want to arm you with cognition, so that you will be able to sniff out the bad guys, and stay safe .
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at ka9fox @ .
73 – Scott KA9FOX Ham Radio Classifieds
hypertext transfer protocol : //

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