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lucky New Years Bouvier Des Flandres puppies, born on New Years Day ! 4 males and 2 females distillery available. These beautiful and active small puppies will be BIG DOGS ! They should mature to 100 pounds average ( females ), and 110-120 pound average ( males ). They are friendly and love and make great class pets, but they are not apartment dogs. These little guys will need a problem to do so they do n’t get bored and blue, and they will need patronize training, or the shedded hair will get caught in their blockheaded coat and get matted. ma and Dad both resident grow patrols, and Moms side job is making surely the bunnies do n’t come on the place. Please research this breed before responding to the attention deficit disorder.
‘Bouviers des Flandres are intellectual, ennoble, patriotic, and protective by nature. The engender ‘s particular blend of characteristics makes them full kin pets, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as keen guard dogs. Unlike some animals bred for aggressive nature and ability, the Bouvier possesses sophisticated traits, such as complex control, intelligence, and accountability. The Bouvier des Flandres is an obedient andiron with a pleasant nature. They look intimidating, but are actually steady and gentle. They are enthusiastic, creditworthy, equable, and audacious, and are excellent guard and watchdogs that are easy to train. This breed learns commands relatively fast. however, Bouviers get bored easily and learn best when repetition is limited.

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Reading: Pets, Dogs, puppies for rehoming – British Columbia – OhMy

They require well-adjusted train that remains consistent in nature. Without being harsh, it is crucial to systematically make the cad aware that the owner will remain the boss. This engender needs an experience owner to prevent dominance and over-protectiveness problems. These dogs ill trained can become inappropriately prevailing towards humans. An un-socialized Bouvier can become awful and pose a trouble when introduced to new situations in which they do not feel comfortable.

Bouviers should be socialized well, preferably starting at an early age, to avoid shyness, suspicion, and being excessively reserved with strangers ( although the breed is naturally aloof with strangers ). protection of the syndicate when risk is present is not something that needs to be taught, nor is it something one can train out of them. The pawl will rise to the juncture if needed.

A commodity family dog, the Bouvier likes, and is excellent with, children. The Bouvier is very adaptable and goes about its business restfully and calmly. obedience discipline starts when they are young. Their behavior depends on the owner ‘s ability to communicate what is expected, and on the individual laterality level of the dog. They are normally good with early dogs if they are raised with them from puppyhood. dominant individuals can be dog-aggressive if the owners are not assertive and do not communicate to the chase that fighting is undesirable. Slow to mature both in body and take care, the Bouvier does not in full mature until the old age of 2–3 years.
delivery to the Lower Mainland is possible for cost of travel .

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