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Designed to be automated through gull
“ The Typhoon is a about unmanned aircraft that uses a programmed flight path to seek out its target. ”
Having been arranged, decided, or agreed on in progress
Affected or influenced by something, specially mind

Functioning upon or through the medium of computers
Past tense for to arrange according to a plan or schedule
“ Harry will programme the activities for future week ‘s event. ”
Past tense for to schedule an event at a specific time or date
“ The resorts programme the event at least once a week during the school holidays. ”
Past strain for to input instructions or settings into a computer or other machine
“ Some hotels programme their canned music in 24-hour cycles. ”
Past tense for to develop software by writing code
“ I will programme a courteous little demonstration of our concept for our investors. ”

Past tense for to affect one ‘s take care, normally through the use of a questionable mind-affecting process
“ The cult would programme me into believing in the being of a godhead being from outer outer space. ”
Past tense for to sow or place in one ‘s consciousness

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(of an event or activity)

Past tense for to make arrangements or preparations for
Past tense for to determine or decide in improvement
Past tense for to equip something with machinery

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