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School district in California, United States

Downey Unified School District
11627 Brookshire Avenue
Downey, California

, 90241
United States

District information
Type Public
Grades K–12[1]
NCES District ID 0611460[1]
Students and staff
Students 22,216[1]
Teachers 903.84[1]
Staff 1,107.35[1]
Student–teacher ratio 24.58[1]
Other information

Downey Unified School District ( “ DUSD “ ) is the public school system in Downey, California, United States. It serves most of Downey and portions of Bellflower and South Gate. The registration for 2009 is 22,500 divided among thirteen elementary, four in-between, and three high schools. [ 2 ]

administration [edit ]

Downey Unified School District is governed by a 7-member Board of Education, which appoints a overseer, who runs the daily operations of the district. Members of the control panel are elected directly by voters from break districts that encompass communities that the DUSD serves. The district ‘s overseer is John A.Garcia, Jr., Ph.D. The members of the Board of Education include Tod M. Corrin, Giovanna Perez-Saab, Donald E. LaPlante, D. Mark Morris, Barbara R. Samperi, Martha E. Sodetani, and Nancy A. Swenson. Every DUSD family or residential area is zoned to an elementary school, a in-between school, and a high school. [ 2 ]

Demographics [edit ]

In 2003, there were 22,298 students. In 2004, the count of students climbed to 22,523 and then to 22,800 by 2005. In 2006, the number declined to 22,584. In 2007, the numeral of students declined further to 22,456. [ 3 ] In terms of the dropout rate, 1.8 % of Downey Unified School District ‘s students dropped out of school as opposed to 12.8 % of students in the department of state. [ 4 ] In 2003, 74.6 % of the teachers held a knight bachelor ‘s degree while 25.0 % held a master ‘s degree. merely 0.5 % held a doctor’s degree degree. [ 5 ] In 2007, the average class size for the district was 22.8 students per teacher ; this is opposed to 20.8 students per teacher for the submit. [ 6 ]

In terms of race and ethnicity in 2007, spanish american students made up the huge majority ( 79.5 % ) of the district ‘s scholar population. In addition, white students were the largest minority ; they made up 11.0 % of the district ‘s scholar population. asian and bootleg students made up 4.7 and 3.8 % of the district ‘s scholar population respectively. The remaining 1.0 % of the student population are by and large american indian students. In addition, a majority of the school district ‘s students ( 55.0 % ) were economically disadvantaged. [ 7 ]

Schools [edit ]

public schools include within the DUSD include Alameda Elementary, Carpenter Elementary, Gallatin Elementary, Gauldin Elementary, Imperial Elementary, Lewis Elementary, Old River Elementary, Price Elementary, Rio Hondo Elementary, Rio San Gabriel Elementary, Unsworth Elementary, Ward Elementary, Williams Elementary, Doty Middle, Griffiths Middle, Sussman Middle, Stauffer Middle, Downey High, Warren High, and Columbus Continuation. [ 2 ]

Protections For transgender Students [edit ]

In 2014, the district signed an agreement with the Department of Education to protect transgender students from mistreat, allow them to use their prefer public toilet and use their favored name in school. [ 8 ]

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